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Lyanazia (between areas)

Arc Angel: As you glance through the anomalous opening, you notice several exotic plants basking in the humid atmosphere. Hued in several colours, you fret to notice a few oversized flowers expelling puffs of miasma. Coupled with the fact the opening is merely inhabited by a single poisonous toad and the oxygen feels ever thinner, you take a backward step from the clammy opening. The menacing scowl on Croagunk’s mug made a scuffle seem unavoidable, but with impending violence drawing ever nearer you find yourself lacking a suitable ally. Reaper gawks dauntingly into the noxious abyss, completely immobile at the hush of the poison draped vines swaying from the towering foliage. Perhaps the forbidden Pokémon was frightened; perhaps the poisonous fumes summoned some discouraging memoirs from one of his original entities. Both seemed unlikely scenarios, but lo and behold Reaper wouldn’t move a budge. You couldn’t help feeling unsafe in this division of the tropical atoll, thus you pace backwards with a red-white sphere in hand. Tapping the release button, the ball flails open with a white radiance, dimming with a shy of stars to reveal a cyan Koffing sporting a rather formal waistcoat. This bag of gas was particularly conceited, causing the mysterious toad to release a vicious war-cry in response to Jericho’s cheap insults. Chuckling with glee, he assures you the situation is under control before hovering into the Croagunk’s territory. Bobbing in confirmation of your orders, Jericho takes a deep inhale of fresh monoxide before situating himself roughly a foot away from Croagunk. The odd toad glances at Jericho rather crossly, the poisonous sack returning the gesture with a smug grin of coolness. Still crouched at the hub of the purple morass, Croagunk’s pale cheeks inflated to twice there size as he emitted a horrible drone. Preoccupied with his taunting motions, Jericho’s jaw drops in disgust as the fighting frog begins to churn up a mound of purple gunk. Before the gaseous sack can evade, Croagunk hocks up the hoard of sticky sludge, whacking Jericho point-blank in the torso. Tumbling over from the vicious attack, Jericho is sickened to notice his stylish attire caked in the muddy mess, releasing a deafening screech in sheer protest. Dropping any further attacks, Croagunk hastily clamps a hold of its ears, shuddering as the high-pitched squeal shatters his receptors. The clearly alarmed bullfrog bows down in defense, allowing Jericho to haughtily bob above him with a carpet-bomb of Psybeams. Gazing from afar, you notice the dazzling multihued rays crash straight into the Croagunk’s rear, reverting into a high pitched wail of agony. Leaving no time for upturn, the sly Jericho tackles the toad in his bruised behind, causing him to plunge into the stack of vines snaking the entire opening. Rolling away in retreat, the Croagunk hastily bounds to his feet before clambering up a staggering tree situated on the rim of the battlefield. The frog seamlessly disappears from the skirmish, until a myriad of poison stings begin emerging from all corners of the forestry. Despite Jericho’s resistance from the toxic needles, he soon starts to quiver as they begin to burst through his saggy hide. Leaving the poor Koffing looking like a porcupine, the hardy Croagunk is showing no signs of surrender, what will you do?
With Reaper immobilised for reasons unknown and a rather vicious looking Croagunk in front of her she needed to act fast before she was injured or worse. Releasing her rather young poisonous bag of a Pokemon she watched as he took in the pretty environment with a disinterested look. He looked quite odd dressed in a silver waistcoat along with matching silver chain and his name in red gemstones down one side but his smile stayed put. He rather loved his look and though that the little frog before him was the ugliest excuse for a poison Pokemon he had ever seen. He would be doing the world a favour by removing this *** clown from it. Croagunk didn’t seem amused by Jericho’s insults and gave a loud croaking war cry that didn’t shift the smile on the shiny Koffing’s face. Stacey gave him his orders and he nonchalantly nodded his head informing the trainer that he had this all under control which didn’t assure Stacey in the slightest, why did she choose him to battle again?

Jericho floated grinning smugly at Crogunk but his smile soon shifted as the fighting frog swirled a glob of Sludge in its mouth and spat it at the Koffing hitting him right on his nice clean waistcoat. Jericho winces in pain and as he recovers he looks horrified at the messy state his beautiful attire was in. Expanding in size as he inhaled in anger he gave a ear-piercing screech making Croagunk clamp its fists over its ears trying to dull the sound, Stacey following suit as the noise gave her a pounding headache. Jericho still angry floats over his foe and blasts its from behind with a dazzling Psybeam making Croagunk cry out in pain and fall forward moving its hands to its back where the sharp pain had originated. Jericho wasn’t through yet and charged forward hitting the unsuspecting frog from behind with a Tackle knocking it into a stack of vines that seemed to almost move in acknowledgement of the victim in their midst. Croagunk rolls away hastily and bounds up a tree and into the branches swathed in leaves that obscured it from view. Jericho peered through the leaves trying to keep tabs on where the shifty frog had hidden itself when multiple poisonous barbs shot forth from behind the leaves and pierced Jericho’s thin skin all over making him cry out in pain and look rather annoyed at his state of appearance.

Jericho shook trying to dislodge the barbs from his precious skin whilst muttering angrily.

“Damn toad, I’ll make it pay for ever ruining this perfect skin and my perfect waistcoat. You’ll be lucky if you can walk when I’m done with you,” he yelled out through the trees puffing angrily.

“Calm down Jericho, you’ll get your revenge; shouting at him won’t help this. Get him to leave the trees by blasting it with a barrage of Egg Bombs then when you have a clear sight of him unleash a Will-O-Wisp and strike it with your Assurance.”