Ampere Beach: Fishers' Cove.

Shadow: Intrigued by Staryu's sudden psychic powers, and with the starfish incapacitated as it were, you opt to pick on its apparent psychic strength as Mastermind complies with its orders, its lower body spinning at a surprising rate to generate a wind which it laces with silver particles of bug energy, the breeze slamming into the starshape pokemon as it waters its opposing dandelion plant with a gun in befuddlement. The strike, however, doesn't seem to improve the Porygon's abilities any, and upon the assault the Staryu turns around and launches a barrage of swift at Mastermind, the virtual duck's body being pelted with the assault as he fires another silver wind its way, the bolstered strike sending the starfish onto its back as you watch, considering its defeat, just before it rises once more, wobbly on its feet as Mastermind opts to finish it off by unleashing his own swift. As the stars fly towards it, Staryu makes a final effort to survive by blasting a water gun at the projectiles, but the torrential number of the objects is simply too much as Staryu's gem stops glowing and the fish simply plops over. Level up for Mastermind.

The battle over, you take the time to look around and notice in the shack Jason watching with bemusement at your tactical prowess, before heading back inside, likely to sort paperwork out or something. Turning back towards the triumphant duck, your hand hovering over the supplied Lure Ball, it seems you have but one option left: To capture the Staryul, or not to capture the Staryu?


Ampere Beach: The Ruby Chatot.

Rakurai: Diam's stunned expression at his turnaround of luck, and Hugh's preparation for resistance against Kiba, Mirror and Flandre, your confidence waning reversed with allies, you decide to be conservative with the Charmander, the female vocally protesting yet accepting the point of staying back, you give orders for Kiba to finish Hugh off, to which the canine barks vigorously at. Using his naturally high speed, Kiba charges several hundred volts of electricity as Hugh makes a move for Mirror, the Ludicolo's hand pulsing with cryogenic energy as Flandre takes a breath, before spitting a stream of embers at the Machoke's feet, the superpower pokemon hopping suddenly as he is smacked in the face with the ice punch Mirror prepared, the Carefree pokemon not living up to its name in the least considering the situation, and as Hugh staggers, his view turns to Kiba, releasing the beam of electricity and adding to the elemental barrage, the Machoke roaring in pain before finally realising that he's not going to come out on top, keeling over like a tree onto the deck. Level up for Flandre.

"SQUARK! SQUARK! HUGH!" Diam screeches as he realises just what the situation is as a heavy thump behind him of Drake's powerhouse pokemon, one Salamence, reminds you of the other battle as you survey the Ruby Chatot's deck to see the Elite Four member and his dragons tying up the defeated pirates, the groggy curs swearing in defeat. Turning, Diam simply glares daggers at the dragon before looking back to address you, his furious face suddenly turning to one of utter fear as he realises what is behind him, much to your amusement as the dragon roars, causing Diam to topple from his perch to the deck, in front of your faces, shock paralyzing him as Kiba growls menacingly. The parrot was responsible for ruining your visit here, and being at your mercy, it seems all is lost for him.

"Hugh, at arms, ye knucklehead!"

To your surprise, Diam suddenly pops in a cloud of smoke as you realise that it was a substitute! Searching for the source, you gaze up at the masts to notice up in the crow's nest, Hook, with the captain himself perched on the shoulder, both beings less than amused as the peg-legged human procures a blue and red ball. Looking back at Hugh, you notice that against all odds, the Machoke stands once more, though in major pain as Kiba starts charging for an attack, until a familiar voice from behind grabs your attention as the one-armed ranger emerges, his styler primed and aimed at the Machoke.

A few seconds later, Hugh's attempt to stop Andrew's styler from capturing him is unsuccessful as the coastguard catches the top-shaped machine before giving a hard look up at Diam, whose stony expression suddenly gives way to a devious smirk. Looking at the right-hand man's left hand, you notice a small device, while in his right hand is what seems to be a radio transmitter, as Andrew frowns.

"Black market stylers...I should've known."

"Ye're not as dumb as ye look, sailor, I'll give ye that. This plan took me the thinking of a lifetime, but shiver me timbers, it's worked a treat. That bilge rat Hugh was simply the test subject o' me styler, designed with jewels enchanted by what legends say was the beast of the seas, Kyogre." Diam continues as his human fidgets with the device delicately balanced in his hook-hand. "Said device be a modified styler to control pokemon much like yer classic pokeballs, and e'er since we saw Hugh's work back when he were a Machop, we thought we's might as well run 'im for a test."

"In other words," Andrew interjects as you listen to the charade with some confusion as Drake joins you with Flygon and Altaria, "it's a sort of handheld Gigaremo I've heard about from my pal in Almia. Clever, Diam. Very clever. But since Katsu here clobbered Hugh and I captured him, your little test's over, you're surrounded, and you've pissed me off. Surrender now, and we'll see if we can waive execution."

Watching the situation, you question the other device as Hugh stares around in confusion, the handheld anti-styler possibly keeping his mind enslaved since his Machop years, just as Kiba's sensitive ears pick up some word as he barks nervously.

"What was that?"

"Andrew...are ye really such a fool t' think I'd throw in the towel without me having a backup plan?" Diam crows back before nodding to his pirate ally, the man pressing a button on the radio as the ship intercom system burst to life, playing a badly-butchered rendition of 'Drunken Sailor' as a large Mantine suddenly appears from the Great Ball as the bird and pirate hop aboard, Drake immediately pointing his Salamence to stop them.

"This ship be an old rig, that it be, and whatever treasures it holds will surely be a thrill for fellow divers in years to come. That goes the same for ye, meddling kid! By the end o' the song, ye'll know exactly why! FAREWELL! AWK!"

As the Mantine makes a dive for the waters, a burst of wind from the dragon's wings sends the manta pokemon in a reel as Diam gives a screech of horror as his hard-worked device lands in the drink, immediately bursting in a watery pop just as your ears perk to the end of the intercom song, all jubilant victory drained from all on board as the unmistakable sound of Diam's voice on the intercom plays.

"Ten minutes until the bombs go boom, yo ho ho!"

As you gaze around the ship, Andrew gives a classic case of Sailor Talk as he kicks the ground in irritation, your realisation that the bombs could be anywhere on the ship, and while it would be easy for you to escape, there is still the matter of the welfare of Andrew and his pokemon...

[i]The pokemon in the hold.[/b] The thought of abandoning them to their fate, and the risk to your life by searching for the bombs leaves an agonising choice as Drake climbs on board his Flygon, gazing in your direction as though questioning your choice of action: Stay and risk your life to save the pokemon, or escape, but doom the captives to a watery grave...


Blitz River: Falcon Bluff.

Firewater: Your obligations considering the safety of the girl, as well as the potential lining of your pockets makes your decision clear as you give your identity to Martin, the bounty hunter nodding as he looks at the key, scanning it with his device. Unusually, the device clicks much slower, registering around fifteen clicks in ten seconds as you stare at the machine.

"Geiger tube, measures the radioactivity of objects. Pretty expensive pieces of gear these, they're used often in labs but work well in detecting land mines and other hazards as well, due to the materials used in thei construction."

Pocketing the key and replacing the geiger tube, Martin heads past the dead Beedrill as you follow suit, entering the deeper parts of the woods. The odd tweet of bird pokemon, is replaced with stark silence, only your footsteps and the hum of Spike's wings your audial allies in these situations, and after a while you find yourself at a rather large tree, one which stands out from others in that its bark, instead of being a crusty brown, is a smooth white, as if it was the tree of Death Himself. Pointing up it, Martin nods to his Ninjask before the bug zips up the tree to its crest before coming down again as fast as he went up, giving a shake of his head. Removing the tube once more and scanning the tree, the rapid clicking of the tube causes the man to remove and stub his cigar on the tree, leaving a black mark as you notice the several knot holes the dead tree possesses.

"This tree seems to be part of his scheme, as it's packing surprisingly high levels of radiation compared to most trees..." Martin mumbles before rustling behind you causes both of you to turn to face the pair of Spinarak that scuttle around, just before stopping and heading round an odd patch of ground you never noticed before. Upon closer inspection, it reveals itself to be a sturdy trapdoor!

"Not very often you find these here...but there's no sign of any keyholes on the door, and it seems too heavy to smash...we could have a problem here."

Looking at the door, and towards the tree, it seems a bit of searching could be in order, but with the dead tree, the trapdoor, the bushes and the other trees to check, where would you best start?