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Pirate's Cove: Entrance.

SW: Crawling from your new abode, and knowing of treasures in a nearby cove, you pull out your trusty Blastoise Tortuga making a mental note to sort your base out once finished. The tortoise giving a grunt as you hop onto his back, you make your way into the waters, searching for the entrance to the cove. It isn't long before you find it, the waters indeed showing why this was a haven for pirates in the older days: Rotten lumps of wood litter the waters, rocks designed for pummeling them around the area like the teeth of a truly vicious creature and two lapping caves in front of you. One cave is located in the water, where the rapids oddly seem to simply trickle into the mouth, while the other seems to be the complete opposite, the rushing waters seeming to condemn anything in their path to a painful and aqueous grave. As you question which to take, a low moan exudes from the peaceful entry, the voice booming over the roar of the rapids much like a tortured soul, and terminating any possibility of a safe passage through either cave. You could turn back and seach for another way in, or you could venture into the deep, taking either the rapid and dangerous path, or the safer yet eerie path. Either way, it seems this adventure was just beginning.
One path was blocked with raging rapids, while the other looked as though a bus full of nuns had crashed their bus and forever haunt the eery cove. Either way, one of these passages was going to lead him to sweet, sweet treasures. Scratching his head, the diddler didn't have the slightest clue on how to go about this dilemma they were in.

“This is quite the pickle. I wonder if your ICE BEAM would help freeze the water,” Pepper stated with a friendly smile, and Tortuga grunted in protest. Anything that required his tortoise to get psychically involved, he immediately complains. God forbid Tortuga should help out in anyway. "When something looks to good to be true it usually is,” he reminded, “But I'm sure once you've frozen what's left of the water, we'll be able to smash out way to the entrance. If you need an extra helping of frost, try using your BLIZZARD. If this works according to plan, an EARTHQUAKE will be great to finish."

He pressed the opening mechanism on the pokeball, releasing one of his favorite team members, Ganja the Bulbasaur. Pepper turned to him and patted his head, congratulating him again on his accomplishment. “You're quickly becoming a champion, so I'll need your assistance on this one.” he murmured warmly, and Ganja blushed with pleasure. “Shall we get to it then, Tortuga? Or am I going to have to get Kuchen out for you to deal with, while Ganja and I look for another passage. I suggest you cooperate?” Pepp then asked brightly of both his Pokémon, who responded together excitedly.