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    Default Whale Island's Recorded History

    Laguna Peninsula
    The Hydro-Electric Zone

    A tourist magnet, Laguna Peninsula is a large region of land that was formed from volcanic activity millenia ago, and while the mountains around this area are relatively barren, the coastal regions are a haven for water pokemon and many people often visit on their vacations, taking residence in Seaside City's many hotels and inns, and having a good time. The city itself is situated around the delta of the river, which flows from a valley upstream and is sourced at the Hydro-Electric dam, a massive construct that has created a reservoir of water several dozen million cubic feet in volume. Nearby people can find the banks of the river to be a beautiful area for fishing and the sort, although the high number of electric pokemon in the area may make this a daunting prospect.

    Laguna Estersands
    The eastern shores of the peninsula, as well as the waters of it, are postcard-standard beauty, with their azure waters, silver sands and conceivable square inch of it in pristine beauty. As a result the Pokémon of the vicinity are equally tame and relaxed.

    ~Ampere Beach
    The largest stretch of coastal sand in all of Fizzy Bubbles, Ampere Beach is famed for its sand, which contains a mild electrical current that soothes the body. This charge is the result of the high salinity content, combined with the naturally high electricity from the central regions, providing an earthing ground for the static. As a result, the beach is often used in therapeutics, evident by the resort known as Pieli Harbour.

    ~Pieli Harbour
    Both a large harbour and resort, Pieli Harbour is famous for the best ice cream in the land, as well as its massive shipping stations, with boats as small as canoes to colossal ferries. The resort itself is archetypical of a seaside funfair, with several small rides as well as a roller coaster and ferris wheel, though the promenade at night is a sight for sore eyes to drown their sorrows on.

    ~S.S Lanturn Wreck
    The S.S Lanturn, once a majestic cruise liner, was struck with tragedy when terrorists snuck on board and held the ship hostage for weeks until it ran aground a coral reef. Although the terrorists are long gone, the ship has became a deserted vessel, seldom visited due to the Pokémon residing within the reef, and the ship itself is reputed haunted, the souls of those who lost their lives in the terror attack seeking eternal rest.

    ~Pirate's Cove
    A sizable gulf set in some cliffs, with torrential waters at the entrance preventing proper investigation. So called for the fact that pirates frequented the cove for their plunder, the rapids have resulted in the area being less cordoned as a tourist spot. Though several people have managed to brave the waters, using their powerful Surfing Pokémon to break through, none have emerged from the hallowed cliffs, rumoured to contain vast swathes of booty.

    Southern Plains
    The southern regions of Laguna Peninsula are known to be beautiful grassland, with rolling hills and grazing Mareep by the thousand, as well as vast forests protected by the Laguna Peninsula Conservation Society. While the prominent Seaside City stands near the delta, the increased pollution has concerned the wildlife, prompting higher hostility to trainers and picnickers alike.

    ~Seaside City
    Landmark capital of Laguna Peninsula, and although officially called Valacia, few are the people who actually call it by that. A sprawling city with all the trimmings, including shopping malls and parks, as well as an industrial sector responsible for 72% of the pollution in the city, attracting poisonous Pokémon to it. With plenty to do and places to visit, you’d be hard-pressed for a lazy time.

    ~Blitz River
    The longest river in the peninsula, and up there as one of the longest in the world, the Blitz is a crystalline river whose source, among others, is the Ohm Reservoir located in the westersands. While the water seems pure, there have been reports that the local Pokémon in the region use it for all their cleaning duties, making it rather impure for the body. The fishing at the riverside, however, is unparalleled.

    ~Blitz Delta
    Rivers widen at the mouth, forming deltas, and the Blitz is famous for the lightning-style delta it possesses, which has resulted in the ground becoming a slightly marshy region. Although being beside the ocean has removed the stench, the delta is nevertheless an excellent farming area, and a few successful farmers have their fields within the marshlands. Lately, however, there have been complaints of pests damaging the ecosystem and crops, and many jobs have been put on offer at the farmsteads, leading to an influx in cash-strapped trainers into the region.

    ~Spacial Hill
    An unusual hill with a statue of the Spacial Pokémon Palkia atop, forming a natural sundial on the waters that run round it below. According to legend, tribes of old would offer gifts to the statue at night, before returning the next day to find the gifts missing, even the human ones. While unusual, there have been studies that strange things happen at midnight atop the hill, though none have ever been found to report the strange goings-on.

    Central Wastelands
    Unlike the rest of the peninsula, the central regions are a mighty wasteland of dead trees, ruined vegetation and heavily adapted Pokémon living it rough. Due to the manner of the wastes, few tourists ever venture in, though many are the trainers that have entered for rare Pokémon and few that return, with some unlucky souls shattered like the ground when the tremendous lightning strikes.

    ~Thunder Plains
    A far cry from the plains around Seaside City, the Thunder Plains are consistently lashed with vicious thunderstorms, making travel for unprepared trainers a dance with death, almost literally as the ferocity of the bolts cracks the hardened stony ground with every strike, and a Pokémon designed for attracting lightning is nigh-on requisite for travelling through the plains without being smote. Indeed, such are the conditions that only the hardiest Pokémon reside here, calling the place home.

    ~Maelstrom Towers
    Two mighty towers that stand in the wastelands, the corpses of a great battle litter what was once a great castle, destroyed in a war between a small group and a much larger one. Legend states that a great Pokémon lie atop both towers, though the keys to the tower doors are hidden within the plains. Many have searched, but none have succeeded.

    ~Ruptured Monolith
    A massive natural tower with a great cleft in the centre, created when the death roar of the legendary beast of lightning was struck a fatal blow by a jealous rival. The monolith itself is located over a massive ravine, and a small error in step would result in a minute-long freefall to the rocky depths below, in a naturally fatal impact. The monolith itself supposedly contains ancient artefacts.

    ~Temple of the Shattered Light
    An unusual temple deep at the pit of the Ruptured Monolith, its colossal doors opening only on the count of a massive surge of lightning. Named for the broken lightning sigils adorning the walls, the temple is rumoured to be home to a Pokémon of unmatched power, though the puzzles and death traps within have so far eluded anyone from proving the theory.

    Laguna Westersands
    Unlike the estersands, the shoreline of the Laguna Westersands is of rocky origin, far from picture perfect. The massive mountain ranges to the west of Laguna help provide for the beautiful weather to the east, and due to this heavy rain it brings, many industrial sectors are located here. Travellers should be warned, however, that the weather can turn for the worse suddenly, and reports have went out for missing persons.

    ~Ohm Reservoir
    Supplying energy for Seaside City and the major tributary for the Blitz, the Ohm Reservoir was formed after the construction of the Surge Dam, and consists of twenty million cubic metres of water, enough to drown the city if it were to burst out. The reservoir itself contains ancient submerged ruins beneath it, and in spite of explorations little headway has been met.

    ~Energos Quarry
    A large quarry seemingly full of a magnetic ore, all electrical equipment fails in the area, including Pokédexes and watches. Electric Pokémon also seem to act oddly in the quarry, and after a few years of work it was abandoned due to accidents. There are still chambers with gemstones within the tunnels, but those seeking financial gain are warned that the native Pokémon within will be reluctant to part with them.

    ~Surge Dam
    Constructed by Volcanity Inc to power Seaside City, the dam itself has been the site of several events, such as its opening and the riot from the LPCS over the loss of the ruins. The dam itself holds back an enormous volume of water, and routine checks are made daily to ensure weak spots aren’t left alone. The Laguna branch of Volcanity Inc is also located here, if people wish for jobs to do.

    ~The Tumulus Pharos
    Specifically a natural monument so heavily charged with electricity it glows with the brightness of a sun at night, the Tumulus light source is debated due to lack of study. What can be said is that it is a godsend to sailors lost at sea as a sign of liberty, and the Tumulus itself consists of an empty hollow spire, with no apparent means of entry save the very peak. None have ventured into the pharos, however.

    Areas of Interest
    Possible tourist attractions for Laguna Peninsula are located all over the island, and sometimes in the surrounding waters at sections that cannot be classed as part of the official segments.

    ~Cascade Isle
    A small island on the verge of a cataract, Cascade Isle is famed for its massive waterfall preventing entry from anywhere but the air. The isle itself is reported to contain species of Pokémon not found on mainland Laguna, and several visitors have returned with bags of treasure, yet the isle itself is an untamed forest with no visible entry point save the waterfall source...

    ~Spark Castle
    Located within Seaside City, Spark Castle is home to the ruling family of Laguna Peninsula, the Watts, and much of the castle grounds are open to the public. The family itself is fond of battling and trainers are free to try and defeat the members of the family, though very few have ever succeeded.

    ~Orcain Catacombs
    Within the Laguna Cataract, a sunken hole in the waters much like a trench, lies an odd and mighty statue of the legendary Pokémon of the sea, Kyogre. The statue itself if the entrance to the Orcain Catacombs, a labyrinth of tunnels and caves located underneath the peninsula. It is very easy to become lost in the catacombs, and the reports of the cries of the lost emerging from the catacombs have deterred many from visiting what could be the most dangerous place in the peninsula.

    ~Laguna Ruins
    The remnants of the last great empire in Laguna, the ruins have became a massive museum in the northern section of the peninsula. Surrounded in grassland, the ruins themselves are host to a local exploration contest held consistently in the land, with prizes on offer for the groups of plucky adventurers who choose to explore the ruins.

    Rules for the Laguna Ruins Exploration Contest.
    ~You may bring only TWO Pokémon with you into the ruins.
    ~At the start, you are appointed a partner with two Pokémon as well, who you must work alongside with. This partner will be a trainer, though not an actual FB member.
    ~You are both given ONE special Poké ball for capturing any Pokémon you may encounter, as well as a small exploration kit including a rope, harness, torch and a few planks of wood, which you may use to explore with.
    ~You have up to FIFTEEN updates to capture a Pokémon, and afterwards your ball will be teleported away.
    ~You will also be supplied with one Pokémon Ranger Styler, for use on wild Pokémon ONLY. The styler will only have enough energy to capture three Pokémon temporarily, after which it will need recharging. The Styler can only be recharged at the explorer’s station outside the ruins, and you cannot capture an electric type and ask to recharge the styler. An RNG roll will determine whether you are successful at capturing a Pokémon with the styler.

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