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Thread: Tis the season to be.. (Valentines Day 2009)

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    Default Tis the season to be.. (Valentines Day 2009)


    *Cough* Thats right, the birds and the bees are having a jolly good time, you could say...the bird is getting it's sweet honey *wink* It would be rather painful though if you think about it, poor birdy =(

    But the day of lovers, the day of "fun" =p and the day all the single people are lonley and frustrated, BUT Fear not you singletons for your Day is TODAY, be shocked and amazed while I bring forth to you this:

    Fatal Attraction (Dark/Psychic)
    The user emits a dark pheromone into the air. When it hits the opponent, if they are of the opposite gender, this will cause them to go into a state of attraction, causing infatuation making them less likley to attack. Once the pheromone hits the blood stream the opponent receives damage over time effect occurs,
    causing damage equivalent to toxic, IF the opponent is broken from the infatuation the damage subsides and all is normal.
    Catagory: Smart
    Effect: Makes the first to appeal, go last next round and the user first.
    Appeal Points: <3
    Jam Points: <3 <3 <3

    And a Super Pass for lots of Goodiewoodies

    and yes...thats about it, MWHAHAHAHAHA
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