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    My second fic! My first didn't go so well but, this is better... trust me.

        Spoiler:- Chapter List:

    The Phoenix King’s Reign


    I, Avatar Aang, have finally come to the moment of truth. My destiny is about to be completed as I stand atop a pillar in the Earth Kingdom.

    This area of the Earth Kingdom is in great danger. Fire Lord, or should I say, Phoenix King Ozai is planning to burn the Earth Kingdom to the ground. It all starts here. Pillars tower above the ground in an unpredictable pattern. They scatter around a large radius. Ahead of me is a fleet of airships which are flying above a sea. My friends, Sokka, Zuko, Katara, Suki, and Toph are going to help me finish this war once and for all. They will find a way to stop the airships… I know they will.

    The ships are growing closer and closer until finally, the Phoenix King fires a jet of fire down at the ground. This jet is so large, so menacing, so powerful that it is beyond words. I can feel the intense heat as the ships grow closer and each one sends another powerful blast, imitating the first.

    I know that the fight starts now. The quicker I attack, the faster the fight ends, and the faster the world is saved. But, I am still on the fence on whether I should kill the Phoenix King. Is it the right thing to do?

    The airships grow even closer and I know that it is now or never. I fire my first shot. I gather up energy and fire an intense jet of fire at Ozai’s airship. The attack connects with the side of the ship and it begins to tip a bit. I can tell that it will soon fall.

    Though I’m only twelve years old, I still have faith. I jumped up to a pillar that the ship has begun to pass. I then shoot another jet of fire at its side. Ozai, who definitely looks displeased, jumped off onto a pillar while the ship sunk down onto the ground. It exploded, fortunately. I began to feel doubt while watching that. How could I have done that to the poor people that were still inside?

    Ozai gave off a laugh. “Do you really think that you can defeat me?” He chuckled at the thought. “A mere child doesn’t have the strength!”

    I answered in a dull, serious tone. “I wouldn’t underestimate my strength. I may be young, but, I still have willpower.”

    Ozai laughed once again. “Your words are meaningless. You’re weak, just like the rest of your people. Prepare to join them.” He said. He then breathed fire out of his mouth into the air to demonstrate his power. I wasn’t intimidated.

    I don’t want to fire the first blow. If there’s anything that I’ve learned from Avatar training, it is that you have to wait and listen for the moment to strike.

    Ozai stopped breathing fire and began the fight. He shoots a jet of fire right at me. I knew what to do. Dodging would be the best strategy. I’ll dodge the attack and fire the next before he has enough time to react.

    I jumped high up into the air. The jet blew right under me and into a pillar behind me, a piece got blown off. I then sunk my hands down into the pillar when I fell onto the ground. I picked up a rock and fired it towards Ozai.

    He charged up some electricity and blew the rock into bits and pieces. “Just give in. Be with your fellow airbenders!” Ozai yelled to me after charging another bolt of electricity and firing lightning towards me.

    I am starting to remember what Zuko told me. He taught me how to redirect lighting. I assumed a stance and the lighting hit me! All of the energy filled up my body. I felt so powerful beyond believe. It was exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. I looked at Ozai and felt doubt. There must be a way to stop him without killing him. I fired the bolt into the air.

    Ozai laughed. “I knew that you’re weak!” He grinned after sending bolt after bolt which I dodged by jumping from pillar to pillar.

    After a while of dodging, Ozai finally decided to end this. “That does it!” He yelled. He jumped towards my pillar and fired a jet of fire out of his fist which headed straight towards me. I jumped back but, the jet hit the ground and exploded, sending me flying backwards. Luckily, I landed onto another pillar.

    “I see no need for you in my world.” Ozai said as he jumped onto my pillar. “Out of the ashes of the Earth Kingdom, a new world will be born… a world where I rule all.” He explained. I looked up, wearily. He was above me about to deliver the final blow. Then, there’s an explosion. The airships plummeted into the sea. “What?! That can’t be!!” He yelled, shocked.

    It must’ve been my friends. I knew that they’d help me. But, what can they do now? I took a deep breath, ready for anything that came my way. “Prepare to die!” Ozai yelled as he sent a breath of fire at me. I winced but, just before the fire hit me, my eyes and tattoos started to glow.

    Ozai snickered, thinking that it was the end. But, the fire vanished and I stood up. At the climax of our final battle, I have mastered the Avatar State. “Now,” I said with a deep voice echoing me, “it is the end for you.” I said. I was in complete control if the Avatar State. I can’t lose!

    Ozai looked at me. “That’s not possible! Well…. either way… this is my world!” He yelled. He fired a jet of fire towards me out of his fist which I deflected to the side.

    “This war is over.” I said. I then flew up in an air bubble. There’s no way Ozai can stop me now! I flew onto another pillar and gathered enough strength to bend the entire pillar! I shot it at Ozai, only to be disappointed. He had charged up some lightening and exposed of the rock.

    I reacted by sending another attack. I bended a large amount of water from the sea a good distance away. I blasted it towards Ozai and it connected! He flew backwards onto another pillar.

    As I snickered from the outcome, I flew towards Ozai. I could finish this once and for all! The smoke was about to clear when, out of the smoke, a jet of fire collided with the air bubble around me. I flew backwards onto another pillar. The air bubble disappeared but, I remained in the Avatar State.

    Ozai jumped over to me. “You are weak. Just like the rest of your people… Avatar or not.” He snickered. “I’m sure that you’d like to see the rest of your people. Well, here’s your chance.” He charged up electricity. “This war is over.” He sent the lighting at me.

    There was a large bang and a bright flash of light. Then… darkness.
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