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    Just one of the oneshots i make when I'm bored.

    I had never wrote i oneshot that ends like it does in this one. I want to tell you guy but i will just spoil it.

    Please R&R and enjoy.

    __________________________________________________ ____________

    Too late to say

    (An Advanceshipping oneshot)

    “Do you think I should tell her?”

    “Pika pi” Pikachu replied with a nod.

    “What if she says no?” Ash asked.

    “Pikachu.” Pikachu replied.

    “You sure?” Ash asked again.

    “Pikachu.” Pikachu replied with a smile on his face.

    “Okay then.” Ash replied. “Now we just have to wait.”

    Ash was in his room, staring at the white ceiling above him. Today was the day when May was going to visit him in Pallet. The young pokemon trainer laid on his back looking on the white ceiling above him waiting for time to go past without noticing.

    But it wasn’t working. It made Ash felt like he was waiting even longer.

    Next to Ash was his starter pokemon Pikachu. The two of them had been though everything together. Since the day they met until now. Pikachu was right next to him in a curled ball position sleeping next to his trainer.

    The young pokemon trainer felt his heart beat hard and fast that it felt like it was ripping out of his chest. He had never done this before yet alone to say it.

    Then a door bell went, telling Ash that she was here. There was no holding back this time.

    “Ash!” his mother called him. “May is here and she has somebody with her!”

    “Somebody with her?” Ash asked in a confused tone. “She brought somebody with her? She never told me that when we talked over the phone. Well better find out who that person is.” Ash said as he pushed himself off his bed. “Coming Pikachu?”

    “Pikachu.” Pikachu replied with a nod as he jumped onto his pokemon trainer’s shoulder.

    Both friends ran down the stairs to greet Ash’s old friend he traveled with in Hoenn and the Kanto battle frontier. Ash raced down and when he got to the bottom he was surprise to the guest May had brought to his house.

    “May?” Ash asked in a surprise tone of voice. “Why did you bring Drew with you?”

    “Oi hi Ash!” May greeted with a wave and a warm smile. “I brought Drew because we have something to tell you.”

    “We?” Ash thought. “Why did she mention we and not herself?”

    “Well then I will leave you three alone now.” Delia interrupted and walked back into the kitchen.

    When Delia had left the room May begin the conversation she was saving until now.

    “Ash.” May started “I…I mean Drew and I wanted to tell you something.” May said as she grabbed Drew’s hand and held it tight. “My boyfriend is Drew now.”

    All Ash could hear after that sentence was scattered glass or more like his heart. Ash gripped his hand to put all his angry into as on his face he tried to smile. Pretending he was happy for them.

    But he wasn’t.

    “Nice to hear that.” Ash replied with a fake smile on his face. “Now I’m going outside now.” Ash said as he walked past May and Drew without looking back.

    May just stared at Ash. She was worried. Ash never acted like this before. Never. Not even on their journeys.

    “Look May.” Drew said. “We are going to have a bad storm soon.”

    ‘And Ash is out there!” May added. “Drew I will be back. I have to get Ash back inside before the storm comes.” May replied as she bolted out the house and chased after Ash.

    As the young brunette ran the storm soon begun. May could feel the lactic acid building up in her legs. Soon May soon gave up the chase. Then the dull grey clouds above her starter to pour down buckets of rain onto her shoulders. Making her completely wet all over. Then May looked towards the ground she was standing on. She looked in front of her and saw a figure. She knew who it was. May had enough energy to run towards the black figure. When the young brunette got there she was surprise to find who it was.

    “Ash?” May gasped. “What is the matter with you?”

    “I…I don’t know.” Ash replied as he still had his back facing May.

    “What do you mean you don’t know?” May asked as she walked herself directly in front of Ash.

    “I shouldn’t have let you go before. I should have told you earlier.” Ash muttered.

    “What do you mean?” asked a very confused brunette.

    “What I mean is that I…” Ash started as he blushed bright red and slowly moved his hand to hold hands with May. “I love you.” Ash said as he locked lips with May.

    May just froze with the unexpected move Ash did to her. Soon May close her eyes and wrapped her arms around Ash and Ash did the same. Soon May realized what she had done and pushed Ash off of her.

    “This isn’t right Ash.” May replied. “I already have a boyfriend!”

    “I’m sorry.” Ash replied. “I didn’t know what came over me.”

    Both of the friends just stood each other with silence. The only thing they could hear was the raindrops falling onto them. May was avoiding his auburns eyes while he started into her sapphire eyes. Ash grabbed Mays hand and in return May replied with a slap and started to walk away until Ash grabbed her by the hand and dragged May towards his body.

    “Look I deserved that but all I wanted to say that I love you. That’s all May. I know that it’s too late but I’m glad that I was able to spend my time with you back when we were young.” Ash explained. “I’m sorry about that kiss.”

    “Ash.” May muttered. “You were just too late to say it. I waited but I couldn’t wait any longer. I’m sorry too Ash.” May replied as she released herself from Ash’s grip. “I use to love you too.” May replied as she gave her last kiss on Ash’s lips and walked back to the house.

    Soon Ash just stood there in the rain looking as May walked further and further from him. Ash looked at her for one last time. Knowing it was all too late to show.

    That he loved her.

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    Awww, as much as I hate Advanceshipping and love Contestshipping, poor Ash, having his heart broken like that. DX But don't cry, Ash. Misty is waiting for you xD

    Anyways, I think you caught Drew in character, through the little lines he had :')

    Anyways, all in all, I'll give it a 5/6.
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    i will give it 3/6

    MY CAR!!!! Pika pika

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