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    Okay guys! This is my fanfic on Pokemon. I'll try to update at least one or two chapters a week. It will mostly follow things that happen the way they do in the videogame but not completely exactly the way they do (like instead of battling Team Galactic in Jubilife City, they might thwart their evil plans there). I also changed Dawn's appearance a bit because I don't like the way she looks in the anime so her hair and eyes look more like they do in the game. And the romance probably won't begin until a little later on in the chapters so sit tight. And beware she...dun dun dun! Nicknames her Pokemon! Okay! Enjoy!

    Dawn of a Journey
    Chapter One
    Onward to that Dream

    “Okay, so what else do I need….” said a girl with a pensive look on her face. She was ten years old and was packing. She had long dark brown hair that went past her chest with bangs parted to the right and medium-caramel colored skin. Her gleaming brown eyes and big cheeks gave her the appearance of being eleven. She had on a long pink night-gown that looked like she stole it from the 1800s. Her room was painted pink with a bed against the northern wall, a balcony on the western wall, and a vanity with a pink footstool and a full-length mirror on the eastern wall next to a walk in closet. She was searching through and through her closet until she came upon a short pink dress that had two tiers on the skirt and was trimmed with lace and the top that resembled a camisole.

    “Yes! I found you my perfect dress!” I said gleefully as I hugged my dress and twirled around my room with it as if I were waltzing.

    “Dawn, stop fooling around! You should go to bed already since tomorrow is when you leave.” my mom shouted at me as she observed me from the doorway.

    “I know mom. But I just had to find this dress!” I held it out in front of her. “It’s what I’m gonna wear tomorrow!” I smiled at her and then she pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head at me.

    “Don’t you think that that is inappropriate attire for a beginning Pokemon Trainer?” She asked as she emphasized inappropriate attire. I don’t know what she’s talking about. I think it’s the perfect thing to wear. “You should wear something that you won’t fear will get dirty because you’ll do lots of walking and could fall. Or you could get caught in the rain! Or even worse, a snowstorm!”

    “Mom, it’s April and I don’t think there’s much snow around…”

    “But what about up north?”

    “I’ll bring winter clothes!”

    “Okay, fine. Have it your way.” she stated as she started to walk away. “And go to sleep already.” she turned her head to me and shut off the lights and closed the door. I was probably staring blankly at the door for ten minutes until I snapped out of it.

    “Sinnoh’s not that dangerous… She’s just a worry-war!” I mumbled to myself as I crossed my arms and pouted. I started towards my bed and then jumped in and covered my face with my pink satin sheets. It had been my birthday earlier today on the 22nd of April she there were still gift boxes on the floor of my messy room. My eyes started to droop and my mind began to drift off when I suddenly remembered something and sprang out of bed. I immediately started searching under my bed.

    “Where the heck is it…” I groaned as I started my own little search party under my bed. I groaned again and started to get up and bumped my head on the metal frame. My scream was low and almost inaudible as I did not want to wake up my mom. But it took that painful bump to remind me of where I had placed it. I noisily hoisted up my mattress and then paused for a moment, wondering if mom had heard me and woke up. But then I quickly dismissed it as her room was at the end of the hall. I then slipped my free hand under the open space and fumbled around until I felt something hard and flat.

    “Yes!” My whisper made a hissing noise. I then place the mattress down slowly and then sat on my bed. I flipped through the object I had recovered---my sketch pad--- until I came across a blank page. I then tiptoed to my balcony door and opened it slowly to prevent it from creaking. I then grabbed onto the roof and hoisted my body up until I had a good footing then crawled up the rest of the way until I reached the chimney and I sat so that it was supporting my back. I pulled out the pencil from the spiral part of my notebook and then I stared at the full moon. Tonight, it looked as though it glistened brighter than on any other night. I then got to work with sketching. I started with the mountains in the far distance and kept having to stop in between because my eyes kept drooping. I had promised myself long ago that the night before I went off on my journey, I would sketch the view from the roof of the house, my favorite location. Though it only felt like a couple minutes, I think I was up there for hours. I held up my finished product and compared it to the horizon. It was an exact copy. Satisfied with my work I closed the pad and put the pencil back in the spiral. I looked at the silvery moon once more before I gave in to my tired eyes and let myself drift off. “This will be… the last time…I see this view… for a long time…” I sad as my speech slurred and my mind became hazy.

    * * *
    Everything felt strange. I couldn’t feel anything below my waist. Not my legs… not my feet. It almost felt like I was floating. I then felt something land on my head. It felt like someone with sharp nails. I then felt something on my nose. I opened my eyes to see that it was morning and that the one responsible for the claws on my head was a Starly, with its beak inches from my nose, about to peck it. And the reason why I had not felt anything below my waist was because I had slept on the roof and lost the feeling of it.

    “Good morning…” I said with a yawn and then the little assaulter pecked my nose so hard I though it broke.


    * * *
    “This is what happens to little girls who don’t do as they are told and sleep.” My mom said as she placed a Glameow band aid across my nose. I winced in pain and sobbed out breathes as my eyes welled with more tears of pain.

    “I told you so many times Dawn Lords. You can not go on the roof! What if you fell?” I thought for a moment how that would happen. Me snoring on the roof and then tipping over to the side and fall flat on my face on the ground below. I shuddered at the thought.

    “Now take a bath..” She commanded me as she left me alone in the bathroom and closed the door. I looked at the damage in the mirror over the sink and touched it. I winced again. I hopped in the shower and made sure to wash my hair thoroughly. As I entered my room I eyes the pink dress. It was missing something… After slipping it on, I went to my closet. I got out a white sweater vest that was a bit form fitting for a sweater and pulled it over the dress. The neckline plunged below my chest so you could see the top of my dress. The bottom of it went a little below my hips. I tied a thin, long red scarf around my neck. I slipped on my white over the knee socks and rushed downstairs in my slippers with my white hat with a pink Pokeball symbol on it.

    “So have you thought of which one you’ll pick?” Mom said as she caught site of me as I entered the kitchen.

    “Which what?” I asked curiously.

    “Pokemon.” she responded.

    “Hmm. Well, Turtwig is really cute. But Chimchar is so lively looking. And Piplup is so sweet and adorable looking as though its an innocent child. I just can’t choose!” I answered in defeat of my own mind. I sat down at the table and began munching on my breakfast with incredible speed.

    “Slow down Dawn. Your food isn’t going to run away from you.” She assured me.

    “I know but I am just too excited!” I said as I jumped from my chair after finishing.

    “That reminds me, did you pack just the necessities?”

    “Yup!” I said as I ran upstairs to get my huge suitcase from my room. I dragged it down to the kitchen and opened it in front of my mom and pulled out one of my many dresses. She looked at me with a worried look on her face.

    “Honey, I don’t think you know what I mean by necesities. She then picked out a couple items from my suitcase: my magenta coat with white buttons, my pink sandals, a shorter and thick white scarf, a long-sleeved cream sweater, a pink and white halter dress, a white camisole, a light pink ruffled mini skirt, and my pink night gown. She then exited the kitchen and came back with a big purse-like brown backpack and placed it on the table.

    “Aww! Only this much?” I protested in a whiny voice.

    “Dawn, you have to understand that being a trainer does not mean dragging along a bunch of things that are useless. You have to pack light as it makes it easier to travel.”

    “Fine…” I gave in with an undermining tone.

    “Now, make sure you go directly too Professor Rowan’s lab as soon as you get to Sandgem Town. We’re in Twinleaf Town right now, so its not so far away. I made sure to pack you a map and your wallet with a credit card incase you run into trouble.” She said as she walked me to the door and handed me my bag. I slipped on my pink boots that had red ribbon tied on them and put on my white hat.

    “Good luck sweetie.” she gave me a kiss on the forehead and followed me out of the house as I went to get my pink bike with a little basket. I put my bag in the basket and waved good-bye to my mom as I rode off.

    * * *
    “Yay! I’m almost there!” I shouted as I read a sign in the road that said “Welcome to Sandgem Town.” As I road into town, I made sure to read what all the buildings said. After riding for what seemed like half an hour, I came upon a huge building that seemed out of place in the forest. I stopped my bike and leaned it against the building on its brake and walked in.

    “Whoa!” I looked around me in disbelief. Everything was so vast and technical local. It all looked so complicated that I thought I would break one of the machines if I were to touch it. Then one of the people working noticed me.

    “Hey, you’re Dawn Lords. Professor Rowan told me that you would be coming today. He’s waiting for you. Let me escort you.” This guy seemed very polite. We walked through many hallways until we came across an elevator and he had us go to the third floor. Professor Rowan was there standing next to the three Pokemon eating on the examination table and he held a clip board in his hand.

    “Ah! Miss Lords. You’re here. Your mother called a while ago telling me that you were on your way, so I came up to feed these three before you came.” I walked toward the table to look at the three Pokemon.

    “So have you decided which one to choose?”

    “Yup! This little one!” I said as I picked up the cute Piplup from the table and held her up. “Hi there little cutie!” I said and she pecked my nose really hard. I dropped her and covered my nose with both hands. “Why you little…” I said as I glared at the evil little thing.

    “Piplup! Piplup!” She said as she stuck her tongue out at me.

    “Grrr!” I growled at her.

    “Well, it looks as though you’ve got a little rascal on your hands!” He said as he chuckled. “But remember, she’s still young and very weary of humans. It make take time before she can trust you.”

    “Oh…” I said profoundly.

    “Now please, take this Dawn.” he handed me a pink electronic device.

    “Cool! Which videogame is this?” I asked as I turned over and over in my hands.

    “It’s no videogame. It’s a Pokedex. You see, as much as I myself would love to travel I cannot as I have to look after the lab and the Pokemon here. So whenever trainers starting there journey come here, I give them a Pokedex so that they can help me with my research on Pokemon as new species tend to appear. And from this supper computer,” He said pointing to a huge computer with all sorts of blinking lights. “I can see the data on every Pokedex I have ever given to a trainer. So it is up to you and Piplup to help me with my research. You think you can do that?”

    “You can count on me!” I said pointing to myself.

    “That’s what I like to hear! And before I forget, take these Pokeballs.” He said as he handed five small unlocked Pokeballs. I put them away into my bag and he then handed me Piplup’s Pokeball.

    “Piplup, return.” I commanded as I pointed the Pokeball at her. The beam came out and she dodged it. “I said return!” I began to get aggravated. She jumped up this time. “Return already!” Piplup then shot a Bubble attack at me. “Grrrr!” I growled in annoyance.

    “What did I say you two?” He asked and we both looked up. “Sorry…”

    “You have to know that at the age of ten you must become more mature in order to handle your Pokemon correctly.” He said as he waggled his index finger at me as if he were scolding me.

    “Anyways, you should get going if you want to get to the next town before nightfall.”

    “Okay then! Thanks Professor Rowan! Let’s go Piplup!” I said and she hopped from the table and followed me.
    * * *
    “So Piplup, I should give you a name.” I sad as we sat under an oak tree together, resting from riding.

    “Piplup Pip!” She shouted happily.

    “How about… Cutie?”

    “Pipluuuup!” She growled.

    “Okay okay! But it has to be a cute name!” I became very pensive.

    “What about… Splashdrop?”

    “Piplup!” She said with excitement.

    “So then, let’s go Splashdrop!” I picked her up and put her in the basket of my bike and put on my backpack and we rode off together.

    “It looks like we’re gonna end up being friends, huh?” I said happily.

    “Piplup pip.” She responded. “I’ll take that as a yes.” We arrived in Jubilife City as the sun began to set. I think we got there faster because I was pedaling as fast as my legs could. As I pedaled, I spotted the Pokemon Centre and hopped of my bike and went to put it in one of the bike racks. Splashdrop and I had already developed a friendship bound and she got on my head and rode there. As we entered the Centre, I was so dazed by how big it was that I walked right into someone

    “Oh, I’m sorry!” I said as I looked up. It was a blonde boy of about 5’9.

    “Watch where you’re going, little girl.” He said smugly.

    “Who are you calling ‘little girl‘?” He truly offended me by making fun of my height, something that makes me touchy.

    “The shrimp in front of me. Little girls shouldn’t be off on their own without their mommies.” He was teasing me, that stupid jerk!

    “What are you saying? Girls can’t be good trainers!?”

    “Actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

    “How low. You’re trying to start a fight with a girl.” I was so mad I could kill him.

    “I would fight you, but I’d be scared of hurting you.” He said as he pointed to the band aid on my nose. I instantly covered my nose and blushed a little.

    “That’s it. Cut it out.” Said a boy with black hair, a Pikachu on his shoulder. “You act tough but here you are, trying to pick a fight with a small girl.”

    “So you wanna battle?” asked the black haired boy?”
    * * *
    Outside the two stood face to face.

    “This’ll be a one on one battle with no substitutions.” said the blonde boy.

    “Sounds good.” Said the black haired boy cockily. They started to walk away from each other.

    “Umm, hey. Don’t you think you’re underestimating him a bit. You might lose by being so over-confident.

    “Don’t worry. Losing is not an option for me.” He’s not getting it. “Wanna be the referee?” he asked as he took his place.

    “Okay.” I said as I went to take my place away from the both of them.

    “On the right,” I said pointing to the blonde boy, “Neal, from Littleroot Town.” he answered. “And on the left,” I pointed to the black haired boy, “Ash of Pallete Town.”

    “Now let the battle commence!”

    “Go, Pikachu!” shouted Ash and the little yellow mouse jumped from his shoulder and onto the battle field. Its red cheeks started to spark with electricity.

    “This is gonna be a walk in the park.” said the blonde boy smugly as he pulled out his Pokeball. “Go, Swampert!” he shouted. He’s going to lose. Electricity has no effect on ground and ground is super effective on electric.

    “Now Pikachu! Quick Attack!” And with that, the little Yellow mouse shot out like a bullet.

    “Swampert! Muddy Water!” The giant fish like monster began to gather brown water into a ball between its hands and shot it straight toward Pikachu. The agile little mouse dodged it without a sweat and it crashed to the ground creating a dust cloud.

    “Use Iron Tail!” I could hear Ash shout through the dust. I kept breathing in dust and coughed my lungs out. The dust started to clear a bit and I could now see. Swampert was hit directly on the head with Iron Tail and fell.

    “Finish it with Earthquake!” And with that, the fish monster got up and smashed the ground apart with its bare….hands….fins…..whatever you call them. It was a direct hit at Pikachu and sent him flying high into the air.

    “Pikachu! Volt Tackle, full power!” The airborne Pikachu then shot open his eyes and began to glow yellow. As he began a full nose dive at Swampert, a field of electricity surrounded him. There’s no way he can win. Pikachu was hit directly with Earthquake and now he is using Volt Tackle, an attack that gives damage to Pikachu and is useless against ground types. As Pikachu crashed into Swampert, an explosion occurred and more dust went flying and I could see a bolt of electricity stray off in another direction. As it all began to clear, I could see Pikachu was out of breathe and electricity was Sparking from his cheeks. And then I was amazed as I saw Swampert face down on the ground, paralyzed.

    “Whoa! He’s…paralyzed.” I said in disbelief. Was his attack so strong that not only did it do serious damage to Swampert, but paralyzed him as well. I saw Swampert struggle to just lift up its head and saw all the electricity surging through him. He then let his head crash to the floor in defeat.

    “And the winner is Ash of Pallete Town.” I said pointing to him as he sprang towards his Pokemon happily.

    “Alright buddy! We won!” He shouted in victory as his Pokemon just shook off the pain and seemed to be normal now, seeing as though he jumped onto his trainer’s shoulder.

    “How did I lose?” Said Neal with anger in his eyes as he returned Swampert. He then proceeded to walk away, embarrassed at is loss.

    “How did you win? Did you train your Pikachu to be able to affect its weakness?” I asked with awe and amazement in my eyes.

    “Nope! I Just hoped that it would work!” He admitted. So it was just a stroke of luck?

    “Idiot!” I yelled which scared him. “So you were just hoping that it would work! What would you have done if it didn’t?! You would have lost, that’s what!”

    “Okay okay. Calm down.” he said as I was flaming. Then a tall dark skinned boy with spiked brown hair ran toward us.

    “Ash, I heard all the commotion. Are you alright?” he asked.

    “Of course! It was just some punk picking on this girl. I just couldn’t stand him so I battled him and won.” He added smugly. That’s what I hate most. Boys who are smug, cocky, and over confident.

    “Brock, this is…uh…um. I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch your name.”

    “Dawn Lords.” I said insulted that he did not know me.

    “That sounds more like the name of a princess than a Pokemon Trainer to be honest…” He said as he thought.

    “Well soon, its gonna be because I’m gonna be a Pokemon Master with the help of Splashdrop!”

    “Uh… Splashdrop? Is that a new species of Pokemon?” asked Ash.

    “No! She’s my Piplup! By the way, where is she?” I asked as I looked around me. I then saw her at the bike rack poking at a burned bike that was in the place of my own. I ran over to investigate and my mouth dropped as I realized what happened. Brock and Ash followed to see what happened.

    “Dawn? What’s the matter?” asked Ash.

    “You…You barbequed my bike you stupid twerp!” I shouted at him.

    “Hey! It’s not my fault that your bike is like that! I didn’t mean for Pikachu’s Volt Tackle to go out of control and shoot it!”

    “Oh yeah? Well you’re gonna replace my bike!”

    “I told you it’s not my fault!” He yelled at me which made Splashdrop startled and shoot out a Bubble at him.

    “That’s it! Pikachu! Use Thunderbolt on that Waterdrop!”

    “It’s Splashdrop!”

    “Piplup pip Piplup piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!” Wailed Splashdrop at Pikachu.

    “Pika pi pi pika!” Said the Pikachu trying to understand Splashdrop’s anger.

    “Calm down you two. No need to fight.” Brock tried calming us down and we both kept glaring at each other. Then our stomachs started grumbling.
    * * *
    “So Dawn, how come you started your journey so late?” Asked Brock. I guess every friendship starts off with a good game of twenty questions.

    “Well, it was mostly because of my mom. She didn’t think I was mature enough to leave at ten. Actually, at fourteen I had to beg her to let me go. She gave in eventually.” I replied with a smile. We had all finished eating but Pikachu and Splashdrop were still munching on their food.

    “Hey, it looks like your Piplup is like my Pikachu. He doesn’t like being in his Pokeball either.”

    “Oh yeah. Splashdrop attacked me because she didn’t wanna be in hers.” I explained.

    “Yeah. I have an Aipom that used to be like that. But once I showed him who’s boss, he stayed in his Pokeball.” He admitted proudly.

    “Really?” I asked impressed by his skills. “That’s so cool how your Pokemon respect you so much!” I said in an over exited tone. At that moment, a bright light came from Ash’s backpack and out came his playful Aipom.

    “Looks like Aipom still doesn’t listen to you Ash.” Pointed out Brock.

    “We’re working on it…” He replied.

    “So you’re training to be a Pokemon Master, right Dawn?” Asked Brock.

    “Yup! Are you trying to be a Pokemon Master as well Brock?”

    “Nope. I want to become a Pokemon Breeder. Because then, all the ladies will come to me!” He shouted gleefully as he let his imagination runaway with him. We were all silent. “Well you guys don’t have to be so mean about it…” He said sadly.

    “Well, unlike Brock, I am trying to be a Pokemon Master. I’ve collected badges from Kanto, Johto, the Orange League, Hoenn, the Battle Frontier, and have been have competed in the Pokemon League three times.” He admitted proudly.

    “Wooow…” I was awe stricken by his pure skills. Suddenly he didn’t seem like a stupid kid that relied only on luck rather than skills.

    “But you see, there can be only one Pokemon Master. And that’s gonna be me!” I said proudly as I stood and slammed both my hands on the table.

    “Oh yeah?” He asked, mimicking my movement.

    “Yeah!” I replied with the fire of rivalry in my eyes.

    “Hey, a little rivalry never hurt anyone, right Pikachu?” asked Brock to the yellow mouse.

    “Cha!” It squealed in agreement.

    “Well, then it’s getting late. I will go and get a room.” I said as walked to the front desk of the Centre, Splashdrop on my head. Ash, Brock, Pikachu, and Aipom followed behind. I suspected that they had not gotten a room yet as well.

    “Hello! I would like a room please.” I asked Nurse Joy politely.

    “You’re just in luck. We have one room left.”

    “Wait, what?” asked Ash in disbelief.

    “That’s right. I’m sorry young man but there is only one left and she got it.” Nurse Joy admitted sadly. And then I thought.

    “Hey, there are two bunk beds right?” I asked Nurse Joy.

    “Well yes.” She replied curtly.

    “Then you guys can stay with me!” I said pounding a fist into my palm.

    “Alright! Thanks Dawn! I owe you one!” Ash said happily as he grabbed both my hands.

    “Actually,” I replied as I closed my eyes and loosened my hands from his grip. “You owe me double.” I told him with my eyes still closed, my eyebrows furrowed, and holding up two fingers.

    “What do you mean, ‘double’?” He asked. He was obviously confused, not to mention forgetful.

    “Does my Kazan-style bike ring any bells?” I asked him with an angry look in my eyes as I pointed at the offender.

    “Hey, I told you I’m sorry.” He nervously wailed his hands in front of him as if to shake away the blame.

    “Well ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t give me a new bike does it?” I asked angrily as I poked him in the chest.

    “You’re never ever gonna forget this are you?” He asked in defeat.

    “Nope! Never!” I said happily with a smile.

    “Piluup!” Agreed Splashdrop with a nod.
    * * *
    “So what are you gonna wish for guys?” I asked curiously as we stared at the sky outside in our pajamas and we all made a wish on a shooting star. We were not the only ones outside.

    “I want to able to become an experienced Pokemon Breeder so that I can better understand Pokemon and be able to help them.”

    “I’m wishing to become a Pokemon Master!” Said Ash as he flashed victory sign at the sky. Both him and Brock were in tee shirts and shorts.

    “Well I wish that Ash would get strep throat.” I lied. Ash just glared at me. My real dream is to become the best trainer I can be and go on a cool journey, even if it may be filled with danger. I stared at the sky excitedly.

    “Onward to that dream!” I shouted. Brock, Ash, Pikachu, and Piplup all stared at me as if I had lost it. We all continued to watch the sky together.

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    Whoops! I ment to put "younger" rather than eleven in the third or first sentence in the first paragraph. Sorry for my mistake.

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    Also, there is a whole part I want to omit. The part where Brock and Dawn talk about why she started her journey "late". I'm so sorry.

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    Whoops! Looks like I forgot to sign my friend out and sign myself back in. She was reading the story on my computer while signed on and told me I made a mistake so I fixed it without thinking.

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    I liked this fic Kiki! (idk how you get those wierd stars and music notes in your name.) I also liked the way you modified Dawn and her outfit. And Splashdrop is such a cute name for it that I went "Awww!" everytime you used it. Hope you keep writing and I'll stalk you if you don't.

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    Good story, can't wait to read more!

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    “So you wanna battle?” asked the black haired boy.
    There were small mistakes like that, I did like the nickname and it was a read. Just go over the first chapter and correct all mistakes you find. Though I do like this as its sight to see through
    A fanfic set in a magical region far away from Nippon. where a boy faces a mass of Shadow Pokemon and typical travel!
    Check it out!

    I am a proud AmberDawnshipper, Pokeshipper, AmberMistshipper, Sunnyshipper, Sparksshipper...etc!

    PM me if your curious about what the hell are those shippings!

    Post this into your Sig. if you think the beast of Dartmoor is a Luxray!

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