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Thread: Femme - OysterShipping (MistyxDawn) (NC-17)

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    Default Femme - OysterShipping (MistyxDawn) (NC-17)

    *Chapter 2 & 3 Now Available for Reading in separate posts* Topic title finally changed thanks to Chelc <3

    Ship: OysterShipping (Misty x Dawn)
    Rating: NC-17 for use of explicit words and very strong sexual description.

    It's set currently set in future Sinnoh, when the characters are a little bit older then they are portrayed in the anime.

    Misty x Dawn -Couple - Claimed by me, DryBones. Fan Banner by me (want one similar? PM me and I'd be happy to make one)

    Note to Mods: Although I have clearly stated that this includes mature content, if there's a problem with some of my wording (i've tried to keep it as professional as possible) please let me know and I will try to re-word.
        Spoiler:- OysterShipping Banner:

        Spoiler:- Chapter 1 - The Beginning:
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