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Thread: Novelshipping (Paul x Misty) General Discussion 2.0

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    Default Novelshipping (Paul x Misty) General Discussion 2.0

    Let's try this again shall we? :3

    ღ ღ Hallo!
    Welcome to the Novelshipping General Discussion 2.0, a place where all of us Novelshippers (supporters of Shinji/Paul & Kasumi/Misty) can relax and discuss this shipping. Anyone is free to come browse around and post as long as the rules are being followed.

    Don't be afraid to post in this thread~ We don't bite...well I don't anyway. Hehe.

    This Shipping has alternate names such as PAML (Paul And Misty Love) and ShinKasu (Shinji/Kasumi). I usually refer to it as NovelShipping or ShinKasu, but that's not the only alternatives so just refer to it with whatever you're comfortable with. Use the American or Japanese way for names, I don't care, just as long as you're having fun and comfortable.

    Novelshipping needs more love around here. <3

    Tis my Kasumi OTP after all~

    ღ ღ Why Novelshipping?
    Quote Originally Posted by Toran Frostbite View Post
    *foregoes the PMing* It's called Novelshipping because, at the time, it felt like a "novel" idea. This was before Paul/May zoomed into popularity, or at least became common throughout.
    ღ ღ the rules ...

    ►Follow all Serebii rules and the Shippings FAQ! Come on, you've heard all this by now right? Not that hard.
    ►Bashing is a no no. Respect everyone's opinion or the mods will have to deal with you.
    ►Try not to double/triple/quadruple/etc. post. Just one is needed. :3
    ►Avoid one-liners, they're considered spam and are very annoying to deal with.
    ►Want to post an image? Alright then, just do [img139*]insert-link-here[/*img139]. Although, you better remove the *'s or it won't work. Please do credit the fanartist and we may help you if you don't know who drew it.
    ►Please do stay on topic. That means Novelshipping. :3
    ►Have fun on the Novelshipping express!
        Spoiler:- ღ ღ Fanfiction:

        Spoiler:- ღ ღ Fanart:

        Spoiler:- ღ ღ Icons/Banners/Wallpapers/etc:

        Spoiler:- ღ ღ Anime Music Videos:

        Spoiler:- ღ ღ Novelshipping Family:

    ღ ღ If you have any Questions, comments or anything else, please feel free to PM me. Now go have fun~

    Why do you support Novelshipping?
    While I was searching through the Shipping list one day, I saw the name and thought about it. I thought that it could work. I drew a fanart like last year and then went out of the little fandom a bit later. Though, then I got back to it...and now here we are. I also thought it could be like Ikarishipping, but I believe that Kasumi could really straighten out Shinji. She could really back up her barks with her bites as ya know from past series (especially with her mallet).

    If they met, I'm sure they'll be in an argument since Shinji will probably call her pathetic like all the others. Kasumi wouldn't stand for that and retaliate his insults/claims until Shinji decided to walk away thinking it was a waste of time. I can see that she would want to redirect his way of thinking to training his Pokemon more instead of abandoning/trading/giving them up to others when he decided they were too weak.

    They'd meet more and more. Pester one another. Dismiss one another. Just meeting one another.
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    NOVELSHIPPING! Only other Kasumi ship I support! ShinKasu! Insert Novelshipping compliment here!

    Needless to say, I want to join this XD

    Why do you support Novelshipping?

    The first time I ever got a glimpse of Novelshipping was a one-shot I read on, during my time as a hard-core Pokeshipper. It was short, and the plot was basic, but I honestly got some enjoyment out of reading it (although the subtle Pearlshipping at the beginning kind of irked me). I think this was officially the first time I started looking at alternate possibilities for Ash and Misty; Morpheusshipping came soon afterward.

    Then, I was just watching Dragonball Z one day, and while watching the interactions between Bulma and Vegeta at the start of the Trunks saga and during the three year training period (to prepare for the androids' arrival), I thought to myself "Hey, these two act the same way as Paul and Misty do!" and the ship just clicked to me. Paul definitely has that pride that would befit him as a strong Pokemon training, thinking that he doesn't need anyone's help to become strong, and I can honestly see Misty react to his bad mouthing in the same way Bulma did. I guess you can say this is the Bulma X Vegeta of Pokemon for me. XD

    So that basically sums my emotional history with this ship. I guess I can be on the lookout for more Novelshipping propaganda wherever I look XD.

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    Cha~ <3 My first victim poster! Welcome~ Welcome! Nya~

    Welcome to the NovelShipping express! Hope you enjoy your fill of PaulMist-ness~!

    I think I read that fanfic before...I forget. xD

    Wow. That's very interesting~ :O Never thought of the two as Bulma & Vegeta, but now that I do. I can so see it! Vegeta is as cold and has the desire to become even stronger like Shinji. Bulma's strong and feisty like Kasumi. They both can put up a fight and intimidate other people.

    Awesome! <3

        Spoiler:- big pic size:

    <3 I actually found some fanart on them! Thanks to someone on MSN~

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    Can i join? this couple is so cute. Misty and Paul both have siblings that are older than them and i'm sure Misty would have much to say to him about sibling rivalry
    plus it would be funny if they joined up and beat up Ash (just kidding)*hugs Ash*

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    OOOOOOH!!! NOVELSHIPPING!!!! YEAH!!!!! May I join?

    Why do you support Novelshipping?

    I kinda found out about it reading a PearlShipping fanfic where NovelShipping came in at the end. I was like "OOOOH! Cool!" Then I forgot about it (xD) then remembered it. I went to look for some AMVs with it and more fics with it xP

    Wait, I'm not answering the question xD

    I guess I just like it cuz I think PearlShipping and ContestShipping is gonna happen so Paul and Misty need someone to be with so why not each other? xD Also cuz NovelShipping is so cute!!! 8D Misty could really teach Paul a thing or two =P

    Yay Mew!! =D

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