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----------< TWO DAYS BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS >----------

Two days before school starts again. After a whole day spent on registering on the prestigious Alkia University, it was finally over for the day. So many upcoming freshmen were also trying to register there, that explains every long line of people waiting for their turn. Good thing the line moved every half minute or he could have fallen asleep.

With all the necessary personal data written on his registration form, special thanks to the notes Mom had given him to make sure he won’t mess anything up. He was given a long brown, sturdy-looking envelope containing his I.D., Pokedex, PokeNav, Poketch, library card, his dormitory I.D. which he begged Mom to let him stay at one so he doesn’t have to go back and forth, saving time but still promised to visit once and a while, and lastly some important papers like the school policy and such.

He went back to the special Alkia University Bullet Train station that connected all the four regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh to this big island where the university was built. It was pretty much cool technology is, and how they built very long state-of-the-art railroads connecting from each of the regions to this single island.

Only thinking of reuniting with his older friends back in high school, along with some new faces he would like to make friends with. He was pretty much excited for the school to start, without paying attention to his surroundings, he unconsciously moved along with the crowd until he reached a bullet train and stood by the door as it closed, giving him a good view back at the station before it moved.

The Bullet train sure was fast, but amazing in fact that the speed wasn’t affecting anyone inside the train that they couldn’t feel that the train was moving. But even though there were plenty of trains going back and forth, the train was sure packed when he first entered it.

“Ding, ding, ding, ding”

“Good afternoon to everyone. This is the Hoenn-Alkia Bullet Train you’re riding. We will be arriving in Petalburg City in about fifteen minutes. Thank you for using our services and have a pleasant day.”

There was a moment of silence in his mind as he recalled what the announcer had said.

“This is the Hoenn-Alkia Bullet Train you’re riding.”

“Hoenn-Alkia Bullet Train”



Oh man, he rode on the wrong train, he was supposed to ride on the Kanto-Alkia train but how the hell did he end up in here? He probably didn’t pay any attention again. Dammit, how could he be so dumb!
Wait, there shouldn’t worry, he’ll just go back and hopefully get on the correct train this time. This will be a long day for him indeed.

The ride was pretty much boring and silent, with the exception of groups of people talking to each other, the rest were pretty much strangers. He observed the ocean, quiet and serene. He now observed the crowd to kill some time until his eyes suddenly looked at something or someone.

He was staring at a girl’s back who was about his age and little shorter in height than him. She had brunette hair hanging to her sides, she was wearing a red bandana with a white pokeball-symbol on it, red-black shirt that hugged her upper body entirely, giving her a hourglass appearance.

He looked below to her thighs, her white mini-skirt that along with black shorts that covered above her knees with sneakers matching to her outfit. The girl turned her head slightly to his side as he got a good view to the side of her face, especially to her eyes.

He was stunned upon seeing her deep sapphire blue eyes and on her arms; she was holding a familiar envelope he was holding as well as the school logo could be seen.

‘So she’s also an upcoming freshman here…’ He thought to himself.

He continued to stare at the girl until something really unusual quickly caught his eyes. On her thighs, he could see a hand slowly approaching.

‘What the… a molester?’ His heart began to pound faster as the hand now touched the girl’s butt as she was surprised and gave a silent shriek. Her body was shaking wildly as she stared around the crowd around her but didn’t see anyone suspicious, but the hand was still there touching her. She covered her butt with the envelope, but only to make the situation worse.

‘Dammit, I have to do something!’ He was sweating hard, on the brink of panicking. But finally he thought of an idea and with a deep breath, he made his way through the crowd.

“Excuse me please… I’m just coming through…” He said while trying he passed through until he reached her as he saw the culprit, a tall man with glasses grinning widely at his disgusting, shameless act. He purposely moved and stopped between the two, breaking the contact while acting sheepishly.

“Whew, finally, some room and fresh air… I can finally breathe…” He said to himself, trying to act like a clueless guy but didn’t stare at neither of them as not to blow his cover. The culprit was clearly annoyed by the look on his face, but couldn’t do anything at all.

The girl was really relieved and safe by that man. Although he cluelessly went between them, she clearly knew he was faking it, probably due to his poor acting skills. She slowly stared to his face to get a look on her hero.

He had black hair standing wildly to the sides while his red-black cap with a green half-pokeball symbol kept them from standing out too much, his face was flawless until he noticed at her looking at him. Their two eyes met, but quickly they looked at the other direction while blushing lightly, as they spent the remaining minutes of their ride in silence.

“Good afternoon to everyone. This is the Hoenn-Alkia Bullet Train you’re riding. We have now arrived in Petalburg City safely, please make sure that you have all your belongings with you before you leave the train. Thank you for using our services and have a pleasant day.”

The train reached Petalburg City as the doors automatically opened and passengers moved out along with the girl. Only a handful of people stayed inside the train, probably in the same situation as him, who knows. As every other passenger went inside the train, he quickly moved to his usual position but suddenly, his eyes caught sight at the same girl who was also looking at him.

Now he got a good look on her entire face and was completely stunned. She was indeed a beautiful young lady that he felt his heart pound faster than before while light blushes formed on his face. The girl gave him a cute smile and bowed down to him lightly before the door shut in front of him as the train moved back to Alkia.

“Good afternoon to everyone. This is the Hoenn-Alkia Bullet Train you’re riding. We will be arriving in Alkia University in about fifteen minutes. Thank you for using our services and have a pleasant day.”

‘Man, wasted thirty minutes already, I should have been home by now. Oh well, at least I did something good today. She is kinda cute.’

He suddenly began thinking of the girl, he wasn’t interested in girls before, but she was different from the others she usually meet everyday. His thoughts were interrupted by something more important than anything else in his system: His stomach grumbling.

‘Hmm, wonder what will Mom cook today?’


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