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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparkleo View Post
    I liked it when Dawn was imitating Meowth.
    I did too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Linkdarkside View Post
    dont be a webo pokemon have multi cultural city,houses and stuff since the begining.
    Liking the Japanese culture does not mean he/she is trying to be Japanese. Besides, I'm sure they wanted it to look Japanese to fit Froslass. Froslass looks extremely Japanese

    Quote Originally Posted by ash_forever View Post
    I really liked today's epsiode! Some folks may call it a filler, but I was quite content with it, except one scene which I'm going to mention later.

    So do I! To be honest, this Twerp-Team Rocket-cooperation accounted for the episode being especially good and entertaining!

    7 out of 10 points
    Same. Team Rocket-Ash's group cooperating is always good.

    The battle:

    Wow...the villains really are overpowered. And I thought Saturn, Mars, and J's pokemon were powerful. It took 5 pokemon to defeat this Glalie. Carnivine, Yanmega, Chimchar, Buneary, and Froslass.

    One thing I never understood, if these villains are so strong why don't they enter leagues? If the rest of their pokemon are this strong they should have no trouble winning. It's almost to Elite 4 standards.
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