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Thread: Mr. Mudkip's stuff that he makes.

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    Default Mr. Mudkip's stuff that he makes.

    Yeah, bare minimum is that you've been here 3 months.
    So anway, if you're being lame, or just are annoying and pestering, I won't make you something.

    What I make:
    Crappy pictures on paint!

        Spoiler:- samus:
        Spoiler:- Ness:
        Spoiler:- Shoop da Jynx:

    Recolors of somewhat simple pictures!

        Spoiler:- Purple Toon Link:

    Pencil Pictures and Banners!

        Spoiler:- Ness:

        Spoiler:- Mr. Mudkip Banner:

    No forms, just give me a general idea of what you want, try not to be too specific. I'm not going to be bothered with making sure it's the proper size for a signiature. If I'm feeling generous or if you're cool I'll maybe split the image for you or something.

    Requests anyone?
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