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    Default Shamouti Island ♪♫♪

    ►Status: CLOSED~

    Sapphire cries when you don't read everything. Please, read it all. IT'S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!1!

    ♪♫Welcome to Shamouti Island! Yes, my shop is named after the island Pokemon 2000 takes place at. Here I will put my two years of spriting knowledge to the test when I make stuff for you, the loyal customer. Just follow the rules and make sure to read everything. ♫♪

    + R U L E S+

    1. All SPPf rules apply (this includes double posting, spamming, etc...)

    2. Only 2 requests at a time, and 6 people can request at once. Requests posted while the shop is closed will be ignored.

    3. Don’t waste what I make. Please only request stuff you actually plan on using. I hate it when my stuff is wasted D:<

    4. Give credit or you will be reported for stealing, and prema-banned at the shop.

    5. Use the forms exactly as they are, and also copy the name of the thing you want so I know instantly what your requesting. Failure to do so will result in me ignoring your request.

    6. Please be patient. I have a life outside of the forums, and I have other things to do on the internet. So it will take two or more days for me to do requests.

    7. You cannot link to my shop and count that as giving credit. If you must have a link for credit, link to my profile.

    8. At the top of your post you must put Disturb not the Harmony… (exactly as it is here, and with the …) so I know you read the rules. Failure to do so will result in me ignoring your requests.

    9. Get my name straight. It's Sapphire Phoenix, not 'Sappphire', 'Saphire Pheonix', or whatever. My name isn't that hard to spell.

    10. Post back here when ‘picking’ up your request, so I know you got it. I don’t tell you when your request is done. Just subscribe to the thread and you will be ok.

    11. Enjoy and request! I don’t bite

    3 day rejection is three days after I post stating you are rejected, not when you posted.

    ~ W O R K E R S ~

    When requesting for a worker, you do not need the secret phrase, BUT YOU NEED TO SAY WHO YOU WANT TO MAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT (if you are requesting for me, you do not have to put my name, but you do need the secret phrase).

    No more workers...

        Spoiler:- Workers:

    -- B A N N E D --
        Spoiler:- ...:

    ► N O T E S ◄

    -Read the rules, please.

    -Platinum 1st frame Male sprites are default, so say if they are not the sprites you want.

    -Bold the name of any Pok&#233;mon if it is shiny. And tell me the forme if it has multiple formes.

    -Provide if it’s a custom sprite.

    -If something says my idea, don’t steal it or make it in your shop without my permission… I'm going to say no anyways, so don't ask.

    ♦ S T U F F ♦
    By Sapphire Phoenix

    Took everything off since the shop is closed for good.
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    "Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon.
    That is only the selfish perception of people.
    Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites."

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