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Who says he mistook it for a Ho-oh. Unless this stated as a true fact in the show, I'm confident that Ash saw a Ho-oh. Besides, in Johto when Ash finds the Ho-oh in Ekruteak(sp) city he remembers it as being whta he saw on the way to Viridian City. So, unless you give proof that it's a Moltres,

Legendary Bird Ash saw=Ho-oh
Legendary Bird Ash saw=/=Moltres

Just because it wasn't a known Pokemon at the time doesn't mean that's not what it was. Remember how Prof. Oak told Ash something about how there are many Pokemon that are still unknown? At that time, Ho-oh was the unknown Pokemon.
He mistook the Articuno/Moltres (For reference purposes, it was a Articuno.) on the PICTURE IN THE POKEMON CENTRE for the Pokemon he had seen. (Ho-Oh.) -_-