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    This has got to be one of my most memorable episodes. Even though it brought up a couple of plotholes (such as Jun mentioning levels) it was very entertaining. I mean, it was a nice concept of an alternate way of getting into the Pokemon League. I really liked the beginning of the episode, where Satoshi was sipping tea, interrupting Kasumi's romantic daydream. XD

    But what I remembered mostly from the episode was Seiyo, and how I wanted to do very very bad stuff to her.....Okay, now enough with the pervertedness. ^_^; Satoshi [teh main character of the show, absolutely not me. 8D] going goo goo over Seiyo was actually the first and last time he did that with an actual girl. lol

    The battles, I didn't really care for in this ep. But the episode's substance makes up for that.

    I give the episode a 8/10 overall, since it was one of those most classic episode you could remember. I give the dub a 7/10 just because of the paint edits at the beginning at the episode. Otherwise it was perfect.
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