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    I was able to get the whole episode in English, apart the James bikini which was unfortunatley edited out lol.

    I think it was good to see the whole Pallet possé again (including Gary ), which is good because there aren't too many episodes featuring them all, certainly not until the start of the Indigo league.

    Oh by the way who knicked the boat? Misty blamed Ash, Ash then blamed Brock saying "guess he has some pretty rich friends" and claimed he went on it because Brock went on it, and then Brock flat out denied it and said "I was only following Pikachu!" Then they ended up colliding with Team Rocket's subarine. Hmm interesting.

    Another question: When exactly was this aired? it seems it was dubbed at time 4kids were at the later stages of the Indigo tournament, I say that because couldn't help but notice the background theme to "We all live in a Pokémon world" from the Orange Islands saga, and Ash's voice doesn't exactly seem to fit in with the rest of the episodes around that time it either.

    Typical ending I guess, Ash is ultamitley the hero of the show, telling everybody the Gyarados coming from the sea was actually Team Rocket's submarine, and then was amazingly able to re-direct an incoming missile using Pidgeotto and Charmander, making Gary look a bit sh*t.

    Very good episode though, a solid 9/10 for me.
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