Pokemon Sunday showed it yesterday! Such an awesome episode this was. Obviously it was a filler, but it was these kinds of filler that made Kanto what it was, and it's obvious as why people feel nostalgia for it as they are so very different then the fillers we got from AG till the present.

I hope they show the episode with the Tentacruel next week.. or maybe they already did that one.. That was another Kanto classic, along with Tower of Terror, Sabrina, The Saint Anne episode, Island of Giant pokemon, etc. But if they follow the episodes as they did, we'll be seeing Butterfree's release episode.. And that's ALSO a classic, which was even remade when Dustox got released. Then we get the first Sabrina episode! :P

Lol.. So many memorable episodes in such a short span.. Actually there's not an episode in Kanto that didn't stand out, most of them are memorable. Like for example 'The Path to the Pokemon League', I forgot what it was about when looking at the title, but when I say AJ and Sandshrew, most of the people here would probably know what I'm talking about and the specific events that go down in this episode.