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Thread: How good you thin Greninja really is?

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    Default How good you think Greninja really is?

    Debate and speculation about our ninja frog. Including comparisons with Ash's other top pokemon.

    This thread isn't only for strength, but also development and character.

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    It's undeniable that Greninja is highly developed, but for me, it is as much as Charizard and Infernape.

    The thing is that it is too much emphasis to the point that we almost forget that Ash has other Pokémon (at the same time, if you think about it, you will realize that the Ash team of Kalos is unbalanced despite being cool).

    Good afternoon, I've to be honest, if I liked Greninja, maybe I will not pay attention to negative points. Because I dislike this Pokémon (Not Ash Greninja, but the Pokémon in general, of course, it's personal).
    I'm French, so I apologize in advance for my writing's mistakes in English. ^^

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    It is a strong pokemon but it is not as strong as Mega Charizard X that Alain has. Greninja has been overhyped when it comes to facing Mega Charizard X. It had good development though.
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    It's a pretty good battler,it has a lot of potential to be in Ash's top 6 but I'll have to see how well it performs at the league.

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    Well it nearly beat Diantha's best Pokemon, and that was before it mastered its new form. I'd say it rivals Charizard as his best Pokemon.

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    I'd say that he's currently in the top 3 or 4. He did nearly beat Diantha's Mega Gardevoir, though I did get the impression that Diantha isn't on the same level as Champions like Steven or Cynthia. In addition, Ash-Greninja has been beaten by non-Mega Evolved Pokémon, though he has taken down a Mega too, as of this post. Still, I'll have to see how he does in the League before I make by final judgment on his power in relation to confirmed Legendary beaters like Charizard and Sceptile.
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    Definitely one of Ash's top 5 in terms of power.. though I'd say Charizard still trumps it, if only due to the sheer amount of battle experience that Charizard possesses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red and Blue View Post
    Well it nearly beat Diantha's best Pokemon, and that was before it mastered its new form.
    I dunno. Greninja may've landed some hits and injured it, but I think mega Gardevoir would've won any ways if the battle hadn't been interrupted given that Diantha's a champion. ^^

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