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Thread: The "What Attacks Should They Learn?" Thread

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    Hunter J
    Salamence:Hydro Pump
    Ariados:Signal Beam
    Drapion:Protect, Night Slash, Shadow Ball

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    Ash's Hoenn Pokemon
    Sceptile: X-Scissor, False Swipe and Absorb
    Swellow: Air Slash and U-Turn
    Torkoal: Lava Plume, Gyro Ball and Will-O-Wisp
    Corphish: Night Slash and Swords Dance
    Glalie: Ice Fang, Dark Pulse and Iron Head

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    I apologize that some of your post counts may drop dramatically, but this thread is becoming more poll-ish than anything. There are too many stickies in Anime Spoilers, and I feel like moving this to Anime Polls was the best thing to do.

    Anyways, just letting everyone know. Please don't kill me, lol. D: Back to topic.

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    Glameow: Charm, Hypnosis, Fury Cutter, Swift, Water Pulse

    Prinplup:Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Double Hit, Aqua Ring
    Alakazam:Psybeam, Miracle Eye, Recover
    Breloom:Sky Uppercut
    Machoke:Dynamic Punch, Low Kick, Counter, Ice Punch

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    Gliscor- focus punch
    Wobbuffet and his trainer.(credit:

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    Pikachu: Feint, Return.
    Grotle: Leaf Storm
    Buizel: Razor Wind, Surf.
    Staraptor: Double Team
    Monferno: Flare Blitz, Fire Blast.
    Gliscor: Aqua Tail, Focus Punch

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    These are the pokemon I feel need new attacks, they haven't gotten any in a while or ever:

    Pikachu: Hasn't learned anything since volt tackle way back in the Battle Frontier. It can't learn something in every saga though, it's moveset would just become too large and thinking with game logic and believing that pokemon forget their moves just doesn't make since. If it does then light screen or protect are the only ones I can see it learning in this generation

    Buizel: Hasn't learned an attack since water pulse way back in Maylene's gym. Icy wind would be nice. Buizel only has water and normal attacks right now and Ash doesn't have any ice attacks on his team. Buizel's arms are probably too short for ice punch to look natural. Not that in-game power matters, they could make icy wind a powerhouse move the same way they make fire spin powerful

    Gliscor: It learned an attack nearly 40 episodes ago, fire fang. Earth power since it doesn't have any ground type attacks. Stone edge could work just as nicely

    Piplup:It hasnt learned anything since whirlpool back in DP026. Brine sounds nice. Kind of a last resort, gamble move like Skitty's assist. They should really fix the way brine looks though. It's Japanese name is "salt water" so it would make since for Piplup to blast a water gun at the opponet, let it wash over the ooponet rather than pushing it back, and show the opponet suffering as aqua colored sparks surround their body.

    Buneary:It never learned a new attack. Sky uppercut/shadow ball

    Ambipom:It learned double hit when it evolved. Fire punch..if it returns (which is doubtful)

    Croagunk: It never learned an attack. Mud bomb for an advantage against Toxicroak

    Happiny: The last attack it learned was secret power. Once it evolves it will probably learn egg bomb and softboiled

    Seviper: I think it learned poison fang in Hoenn but it never uses it. Sludge bomb

    Mime Jr: It never learned an attack. It was revealed that it knew tetter dance and that's as close as it got to learning something. Confusion

    Meowth: It never learned an attack. I thought pay day was the only attack that was off limits. Night Slash

    Yanmega:It learned ancient power in the episode it was caught and evolved. Bug buzz

    Wobuffett: I think it learned safeguard back in Johto. Encore

    Grotle, Staraptor, Monferno, Mamoswine, Pachirisu, Sudowoodo,and Carnivine all learned attacks recently so they're good for the time being. By DP155-160 it might be a different story though
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    Habunake- Flamethrower, just cause it'll be useful during contests and so that the brats can reverse it and make them explode.
    Megayanmna- Pursuit and Steel Wing/Wing Attack for more physical attacking.
    Sounansu- Destiny Bond for one episode. So that he uses it right before they get sent off and the brats are given a similar fate and everyone has to find each other and work with the enemy and bond and what not.

    Maskippa- Stockpile, Swallow, Spit up.
    Manene- Trick, Encore, Trick Room... Something disruptive he can do from the side lines.

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    Yanmega actually knows steel wing already I believe

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderblade12 View Post
    Yanmega actually knows steel wing already I believe
    Yeah, you're right. It knows Steel Wing already....
    I can see Yanmega learning Roost and/or Bug Buzz. It should be useful for her Contests...

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    To defend they'reself, Ash's pokemon must learn some defense moves.
    Ash's pokemon;

    Staraptor - Defog
    Buizel - Facade
    Monferno - Flare Blitz
    Grotle - Withdraw
    Gliscor - Hyper Beam
    Pikachu - Flash
    Wobbuffet and his trainer.(credit:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash-kid View Post
    Gliscor - Hyper Beam
    Yeah, hyper beam, one of the most powerful attacks, is a defensive move now? Geez...


    Buizel needs to upgrade his low-power attacks imo.
    Water Gun -> Hydro Pump
    Sonicboom -> Razorwind

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    Now that I think about it, return would actually be a good attack for Pikachu.

    But yeah..if they can make weak moves from the games into powerful moves in the anime then I don't think it matters what moves a pokemon has. Buizel's water pulse and sonic boom can be portrayed as powerful moves just like fire spin and whirlpool are in the anime.

    Also, I don't think defog would do Staraptor any good. It would probably only be used when Jessie's Seviper used haze and in the anime gust/whirlwind has the same effect. If Staraptor learns a defensive move I think it'll be roost.

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    Time for a new round I'd guess

    Currently using 4 main attacks, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Volt Tackle and Iron Tail. I would like to see a supportive move like Wish.
    The flyer:
    Quick Attack, Brave Bird, Aerial Ace and Close Combat as main moves. All close range moves, perhaps a bit more ranged move could be interesting. So a move like Heat Wave, Omnious Wind or Twister would fit. But also Hyper Beam or Giga Impact would look nice and show off his raw power.
    Grassy Beast:
    Interesting move set so far, Energy Ball, Razor Leaf, Rock Climb and Synthesis as main moves. Haven't seen Rock Climb in action so I'm just assuming it isn't really a power move. More like a speed up chasing move. So why not combine it with some sort of a tackling move? I was thinking about either way Body Slam or Rock Smash.
    The monkey:
    Recently used moves are Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, Dig and the new Mach Punch. Two fire move. Three physical moves. And to me it seems Flamethrower is slowly losing to Flame Wheel :P So.. I think the addition of Fire Blast would serve him some good.
    Our old loner, yeah. Water Gun, Water Pulse, Aqua Jet and Sonic Boom. Kinda lame set. An Ice move would do great for covering types, but how it would look concerns me more. A move like Swift would work more, with it tales just like Ambipon! (Well not exactly but you know)
    Emo bat:
    According to Bulbapedia only 2 moves are used recently. What a shame! X-Scissor and Fire Fang. X-Scissor is a perfect move for him and looks nice! Fire Fang looks lame imo but a cool addition anyways. The other moves, Sand-Attack, Screech and Steel Wing are odd choices! Sand-Attack has an obvious effect but kinda lame. Screech has anime-wise not much effect but if a little bit altered it could be really cool. And Steel Wing is obvious. But now, how to complete his move-set? Earth Power ofcourse. The long waited for STAB move, and right away a good one that can be really cool.


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    I think they should learn to EVOLVE

    Corphish never evolved





    certain pokemon should stay how they are (Squirtle and Bulbasaur) but Totodile should be Feraligatr and Corphish had the perfect episode to evolve.

    That episode where Ash versed that guy with a Crawdaunt. Corphish coulda been getting it's as s kicked then evolves and rapes that Crawdaunt

    and I thought he woulda got Sceptile much earlier... remember that episode where he versed the guy with a Sceptile and I coulda sworn a Meowth in boots? I thought Grovile and Sceptile would have fought eachother and then evolve there, but the episode he evolved in was fine

    If Grotle and Monerno never evolve I will be severely disappointed....he needs to evolve Pokemon with the great potential and would like to be evolved....

    Bulbasuar has potential but shouldn't, along with Squirtle....

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    Considering Ash's pokemon almost definitely train in his absence here is what I'd like to see. For the released ones it's obvious that this is hypothetical on the off chance that we eventually see them again:

    Return: Ash always preaches friendship right? Return on his most trusted pokemon would be a powerful normal attack. A big step up from quick attack
    Light screen: He should take a note from Paul's Electabuzz. It worked great when Paul used it and no, it wouldn't prevent Pikachu from being speedy. Watch DP131 and 132

    Psybeam: A powerful psychic attack for one of Ash's pokemon
    Silver wind: Butterfree would probably know this attack if it ever returned

    Twister: Something new that none of Ash's birds know
    Mirror move: It's like Pidgeot's signature move
    Roost: It would actually make Pidgeot a formidable force

    Seed bomb: Remember Torterra's in Movie 10? Like that. Bulbasaur should get a powerful move that it doesn't have to wait for (solar beam)

    Dragon rush: Instead of flare blitz it should get dragon rush. I think it has enough fire attacks.

    Gyro ball: It seems to be a popular move. Squirtle already has enough water power with hydro pump.

    Mud shot: It would be something new for Ash's water pokemon
    X-scissor: Again, something new
    Brine(salt water): Blasts water out of it's claws that wash over the opponet and harm it(which is what brine should look like)

    Cross chop: Powerhouse fighting attack
    Thrash: Fits Primeape
    Close combat: Just imagine Primeape literally going ape **** on it's opponet with close combat
    Focus energy: Just for something defensive

    Gunk shot: Muk doesn't really have a powerhouse move
    Protect:The way attacks just bounce off Muk is sorta like protect already, let's just make it official
    Focus punch: Something different for Muk

    Giga impact: The ultimate ramming attack
    Double team: LOL if all 30 used it at the same time

    Ice shard: Yep
    Mist: Something new to Ash's pokemon. Used to cloak Lapras
    Surf: Should be able to use it in battle as well

    Sleep talk: An interesing gamble move
    Focus blast: A new powerhouse attack for Snorlax

    Rock smash: It's battles are all boring. It only has attacks involving it's horn
    Vacuum wave: A special attack (so? This is not the games)
    Night slash: A dark move for Ash
    Sword dance

    Giga drain: None of Ash's grass types have ever had a draining move
    Leaf storm: An ultimate finishing move for Bayleef

    Lava plume: Blows firey smoke at the opponet
    Eruption: Cyndaquil's ultimate finishing move. The fire on it's back and start shooting fire in all directions

    Aqua tail
    Ice fang
    Superpower: I can see Feraliagtr being like Paul's Ursaring
    Hydro cannon: Powerhouse move

    Sky attack: Turning the Johto pokemon into beasts
    Dream eater: It already has hypnosis
    Zen headbutt

    Thunder fang: Something besides Pikachu should have an electric attack.
    Earthquake: If he forgot it or something it wshould return

    Air slash: It's the last move it learns
    U-turn:Unique typing
    (Guts should activate. If it's anything like Ursaring's then it should be powerful)

    Frenzy plant: Powerhouse move
    Detect: Can you see Sceptile quickly dodging attacks? I can

    Crunch: Claw glows in a dark color and Corphish clamps an opponet

    Rock tomb
    Substitute: Just random

    Iron head: Yep
    Shadow ball: None of Ash's pokemon have a ghost type move
    Dark pulse: More type coverage for Glalie

    Roost: I can heal from the damage it takes from brave bird

    Leech seed: Extra healing. Defesive move
    Stealth rock: Defesive move

    Brick break: Can come in handy against Paul
    Flare blitz: The most powerful move it can learn by leveling up
    Focus blast: Special fighting move
    Blast burn: Infernape's finishing move.

    Rain dance: To activate it's ability and make it's attacks stronger
    Blizzard: A powerful ice attack

    Earth power: Just so it has a ground attack
    Stone edge: Powerful move, the one I want it to learn the most

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    Protect, Secret Power, Return

    Grotle: SolarBeam

    Sceptile: Leaf Storm

    Charizard: Dragon Pulse

    Monferno: Overheat

    Corphish: Guillotine

    Torkoal: Lava Plume

    Donphan: Magnitude, AncientPower

    Bayleef: Giga Drain, Grass Knot, Aromatherapy

    Swellow: Giga Impact

    Noctowl: Aerial Ace, Reflect


    Buneary: Shadow Ball, Drain Punch

    Piplup: Hydro Pump

    Pachirisu: Iron Tail

    Croagunk: Revenge

    Happiny: Refresh

    Glameow: Hypnosis, Dig

    Misdreavus/Mismagius: Magical Leaf, Wiil-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball


    Electabuzz/Electivire: Dynamic Punch

    Magormtar: Fire Blast

    Honchkrow: Confuse Ray, Faint Attack

    Urasring: Metal Claw, Focus Punch

    Torterra: Body Slam, Sand Tomb, SolarBeam
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    Pikachu: Feint, Charge Beam
    Staraptor: Twister
    Grotle: Stealth Rock, Superpower
    Monferno/Infernape: Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Blast Burn
    Buizel/Floatzel: Ice Fang, Brick Break
    Gliscor: Aqua Tail, Dark Pulse, Earth Power

    Piplup: Brine, Drill Peck
    Buneary/Lopunny: Return, Magic Coat
    Pachirisu: Swift, Last Resort
    Mamoswine: Earthquake

    Sudowoodo: Wood Hammer, Low Kick
    Croagunk: Sludge Bomb, Cross Chop
    Happiny: Egg Bomb
    3DS Friend Code: 1435-3681-3604. Add me if you'd like, and send me a PM if you'd like to battle or trade. : )

    Friend Safari Type: Electric. Contains Electrode, Electabuzz, and Luxio.

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    Pikachu:Feint, Mud Slap, Charge Beam, Rollout
    Staraptor:Steel Wing, Air Cutter, Defog
    Monferno/Infernape:Focus Punch, Fire Punch, Iron Tail, Counter, Flare Blitz
    Grotle:Mega Drain, Leaf Strom, Protect, Stealth Rock
    Buizel:Water Sport, Razor Wind, Rain Dance, Surf, Ice Punch
    Gliscor:Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Poison Jab

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    Light Screem : Like Thunderblade says maybe learns it during gf while training,
    Charge Beam : Good Attack It would be cool to see pikachu firing lazrs
    Feint : To Counter pauls electabuzz,s protect.

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    Am I the only one who thinks that Pikachu should learn Surf? I mean, Surf is Pikachu's weird attack and almost all special Pikachu have it (including the one from PBR). Ash's Pikachu already knows Volt Tackle, and your Pikachu could learn Surf in Pokémon Yellow. I dunno, but after seeing a random Raichu using Volt Tackle, I think that Pikachu should learn something more unique.

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    Pikachu- Surf and Fly through events!
    But seriously, Focus Punch(if it works like before, if not, then Brick Break), Light Screen, Grass Knot(a more acceptable way to down ground Pokemon), and Charge Beam( I'm a firin' ma lasor! BLAAARGH!)

    Buizel- I'd like for it to learn Brine... but only if it learns something more than just water attacks soon. Other than that, Dig and Ice Punch- wide effectiveness range. Brick Break would be sweet too I guess.

    Monferno- Shadow Claw, Thunderpunch, Grass Knot, Aerial Ace
    With the attacks it already has, adding these attacks gives it super effectiveness to all but dragons.

    Gliscor- Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Earth Power, Aqua Tail
    Wide range, and since it already has fire fang, it can now deal with both weaknesses(water and ice)

    Grotle- I hope it evolves, and then learns Stone Edge. It would give an advantage against Honchkrow, and a super effective attack against all it's weaknesses.
    Also, Outrage and Earth Power.

    Staraptor- Heat Wave, Steel Wing, and Ominous Wind. :P And Hyper Beam, just for kicks(I know Giga impact is technically better).

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    I know charge beam raises SP. Attack power, but with thunderbolt it becomes pointless to have.

    Pikachu with signal beam would be better because it gives Pikachu and advantage over Grass, Psychic, and Dark. What does charge beam have to offer other than a new electric move?

    My opinions:
    Don't forget that Torterra also knows Leaf Storm, which easily covers its upper body.

    Signal Beam- because of the reason above
    Brick Break- would be a nice move to have for certain moves.
    Dig- Would help extremely with Pokemon like Steelix, which right now Pikachu has no chance to ever beat.


    Heat Wave- While Staraptor's move set is fine for the time being, if Staraptor starts to get stale, I'd like to see heat wave, as it would give it an advantage against ice and steel types, since I'm having a little trouble believing close combat would do the deed.


    Seed Bomb- It would be Grotle's physical energy ball, in fact I believe it is in fact a physical version of Energy ball (at least in regards to power). Now maybe Ash's Bulbasaur deserves this move better, but I think Bulbasaur would be better off with energy ball. Bulbasaur using energy ball would be look better in my opinion than seed bomb. Plus seed bomb gets past the light screen issue.

        Spoiler:- Darn thread location change:

    Buizel- Dear no, please no, no, no, no more water type moves (Totodile, Squirtle, Corphish, and Kingler deserve it far more than Buizel), and get rid of that weak move called Sonic boom. Has Ash's Buizel ever pulled off an impressive sonic boom? The times I remember it, it was always being resisted and had no effect on anything (Quagsire, Ursaring). Jessie's Yanmega's Sonic Boom is far more impressive.

    Ice Attacks- At this point in time, while there is Buneary, and Weavile, and then Glalie I say no to ice beam, maybe in the Battle Frontier, and even then wait until the next arc afterwards. Yes to Blizzard, Yes to Ice Punch, Eh to icy wind, and if Buizel evolves, yes to ice fang.

    Razor Wind- Best normal replacement for Sonic Boom, as it's much stronger, as for a non normal replacement for Sonic Boom:

    Rock Tomb: Apparently Razor Wind was the best replacement for Sonic Boom, but this while physical would be neat to see. The fact Magmortar used Rock Tomb and the fact Buizel can apparently learn it would be nice. It might not be useful in regards to types, but I could see some decent combinations.

    Fury Cutter- I don't know Ash commanding Buizel to use fury cutter, just seems to be a likable choice for me, but is the least likely to happen.

    Gliscor- Last but not least, Gliscor has three to four decent attacks, depending on your opinion. X-scissor, Steel Wing, Fire Fang and Sand attack. Sand Attack would be the only one I'd replace.

    Mud Slap- While not nearly as effective (realistically) in terms of lowering the opponent's accuracy in comparison to sand attack it is still a much better replacement, because it deal damage, is a ground type like sand attack, and reduces accuracy 100% of the time, rather than some moves having their effect only work 20-30% of the time. It being able to damage the opponent is key to why I chose it. It's like Sand Attack that deals damage. I say Sand attack is realistically more effective with Accuracy Lowering, it's because Sand attack covers more area while mud slap would no doubt be portrayed as specific accuracy lowering move, and it depends on if you mud slap the opponents' eyes. Though I could see Mud slap being used like a sludge bomb attack move in animation, it's kind hard to imagine "Mud" "Slap" as being a special move.

    Aqua Tail- It's my favorite most random move to give Gliscor, while Aqua Tail and Buizel/Floatzel's hypothetical ice fang would both be better suited with Ash's Totodile, Gliscor with Aqua Tail would be pretty unique, even if Totodile were to learn it at a later time.

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    Since stat boosting moves are so strong in the anime Ash should get some

    - Light screen: It's not like Pikachu would have to stand still for this to work. Watch how Paul used it, it blocked Honchkrow from damage even when it was moving
    - Return: This would be the perfect move for Pikachu

    - Curse: It would give it a power up like the one it got in the previous episode and would no doubt allow it to block powerful attacks with it's added defense.
    - Solarbeam: A powerhouse grass move that Paul's Torterra doesn't know. It would go well with synthesis

    Monferno/Infernape (blaze will be it's power up)
    - Flare blitz: Powerful physical move
    - Focus blast: a beam fighting attack
    - Blast burn: Ultimate move for Infernape and it would be godly with blaze activated

    - Rain dance: It would activate swift swim and make it faster and it would power up it's water attacks
    - Blizzard: For type variety and to activate ice-aqua jet

    - Roost: A way to recover after using brave bird

    - Swords dance: All of Gliscor's attacks are physical so...
    - Poison jab: Type variety
    - Eath power: STAB

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    In HGSS Chimchar has a new egg move I think is really cool. It can know Assist.

    That would be awesome if Ash's Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape later learned Assist, being able to use the moves of his companions. We can see a lot of nifty combinations there. Energy Ball, electric attacks, Brave Bird, the possibilities are endless.

    I know it's not going to happen but Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape learning assist what be pretty cool.
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