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Thread: The "What Attacks Should They Learn?" Thread

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    Let's see...
    Charizard-DRAGON PULSE,Air Slash(I don't like this move's BW portrayal though),Ancientpower
    Squirtle-Evolve and learn Dark Pulse,Aura Sphere,Dragon Pulse/Dragon Tail,Ice Beam
    Bulbasaur-Evolve and learn Sleep Powder,Sludge Bomb,Leaf Storm
    Muk-Poison Jab,Shadow Punch,elemental punches,Shadow Sneak
    Tauros-Wild Charge,Zen Headbutt,Stone Edge
    Primeape-I don't care
    Totodile-evolve and learn Ice Punch,Aqua Jet,Crunch,Superpower,Dragon Claw
    Bayleef-Leech Seed,Ancientpower,Wring Out,Energy Ball
    Noctowl-I don't care
    Kingler-X-Scissor,Superpower,Rock Slide
    Quilava-Evolve and learn Wild Charge,Low Kick,Shadow Claw
    Donphan-Fire Fang and Thunder Fang
    Snorlax-Crunch,Fire Punch,Superpower
    Sceptile-DRAGON PULSE,Thunderpunch,Crunch,Low Kick
    Corphish-Evolve and learn Crunch,Superpower,X-Scissor
    Swellow-Brave Bird,Steel Wing,FACADE
    Glalie-I don't care
    Torkoal-Eruption,Sludge Bomb,Earth Power
    Heracross-CLOSE COMBAT,Nignt Slash,Bulk Up,Stone Edge
    Infernape-CLOSE COMBAT,Thunderpunch,Grass Knot,Shadow Claw
    Torterra-WOOD HAMMER,Crunch,Leech Seed,Stone Edge,Body Slam
    Staraptor-It is already great
    Gliscor-Aerial Ace,Earthquake,Night Slash
    Buizel-EVOLVE and learn Crunch and Low Kick
    Gible-EVOLVE and learn Crunch,Iron Head(to hit Fairies),Fire Fang,Outrage
    Boldore-I don't care
    Unfezant-I don't care
    Krookodile-Thunder Fang and Fire Fang
    Leavanny-LEAF BLADE,Shadow Claw,Steel Wing
    Palpitoad-I don't care
    Snivy-Evolve and learn Dragon Pulse,Glare,Leech Seed,Wring Out
    Pignite-Evolve and learn Hammer Arm,Wild Charge,Flare Blitz
    Oshawott-Evolve and learn Ice Beam,Grass Knot,Dragon Tail,Air Slash,Night Slash,Superpower,Megahorn
    PIKACHU-Signal Beam,Grass Knot,Reversal and get Volt Tackle back

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    Pikachu dumping Quick Attack for ExtremeSpeed would be nice.

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    Froakie - Ice Beam, Bounce, Smack Down
    Fletchling - Flame Charge

    Fennekin - Fire Spin, Light Screen, Psyshock, Will-O-Wisp

    [Chespin - Seed Bomb, Body Slam

    Dedenne - Hidden Power
    Y Wonderlocke (Champions) - Pancake the Gooda, Lopunny, Mapleleaf the Serperior and Espeon.

    Ruby Wonderlocke (Champions) - Electrode, Pidgeot, Cacturne, Glaceon, Dustox and Thumper the Steelix.

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    Oshawott: Ice Beam, Water Pledge.
    Snivy: Giga Drain, Grass Pledge.
    Pignite: Focus punch.
    Leavanny: Heal bell, Synthesis, Hidden power.
    Pikachu: Hidden Power.
    Boldore: Explosion.
    Palpitoad: Surf.
    Scraggy: Pay back.
    Unfezant: Hypnosis.
    Krookodile: Earthquake and Mud Slap.

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    I'll go over some moves I think the Pokémon on the XY main cast should have during the course of the XY series.

    Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Iron Tail & Electro Ball (possibly replace with Parabolic Charge)

    Learns as a Froakie: Bubble, Water Pulse, Pound, Double Team, Quick Attack & Acrobatics
    Learns as a Frogadier: Scald, Power-Up Punch & Aerial Ace
    Learns as a Greninja: Water Shuriken, Bounce & Night Slash

    Learns as a Fletchling: Double Team, Peck, Razor Wind, Steel Wing & Roost
    Learns as a Fletchinder: Flame Charge
    Learns as a Talonflame: Flare Blitz & Brave Bird

    Learns as a Fennekin: Ember, Fire Spin & Lucky Chant
    Learns as a Braixen: Psyshock, Will-O-Wisp & Flamethrower

    Dig, Double Slap, Mud Shot, Double Team, Double Kick & Super Fang

    Learns as a Chespin: Pin Missile, Tackle, Vine Whip, Rollout & Take Down
    Learns as a Quilladin: Needle Arm, Body Slam & Brick Break

    Thunder Shock, Tackle, Nuzzle & Play Rough

    Not sure if I want Chespin & Fennekin to fully evolve, but definitely at least once each. I don't want Bunnelby to evolve, but if it did I can see it learning moves like Hammer Arm upon evolution. A lot of the moves I listed would "replace" previous moves, such as Frogadier's Scald replacing Bubble & Water Pulse.
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    Froxy/Froakie (Ash's) - Substitute, Smokescreen, Bounce, Taunt, Dig, Thief, Fling so it can be more ninja like.
    Dartiri/Fletchling (Ash's) - Tailwind, Agility, Me First, Roost, Taunt (the last one is taught by Froxy)
    Pikachu (Ash's) - Return (to show the bond between Ash and Pikachu. They talk about it, why not show it?)

    Dedenne (Heureka/Bonnie) - Snore OR Sleep Talk so it can be useful when sleeping.

    Igamaro/Chespin (Citro/Clemont) - Rollout, Leech Seed
    Scoppel/Bunnelby (Citro's) - Odor Sleuth, Bounce, Defense Curl, Spikes, Rollout
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    Ash’s Pokemon
    -Pikachu: drop Quick Attack for Return or Extreemespeed. Also, drop Electroball for Grass Knot or get back Volt Tackle.
    -Bulbasaur: Power Whip, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb.
    -Squirtle: Ice Beam and Aura Sphere.
    -Charizard: Dragon Pulse, Air Slash, and either get back Seismic Toss or learn Blast Burn.
    -Kingler: Brick Break, X-Scissor, and Agility.
    -Muk: Gunk Shot, Poison Jab, Shadow Punch.
    -Tauros: Wild Charge, Rock Climb (I think Tauros could make better use of this move than Torterra) and Zen Headbutt.
    -Snorlax: Fire Punch
    -Heracross: Arm Thrust, Rock Blast, Pin Missile.
    -Bayleef: Magical Leaf, Ancientpower
    -Totodile: Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, Crunch, Ice Fang.
    -Quilava: Evolve and get Focus Blast
    -Donphan: Bulldoze (since Earthquake is banned from the anime).
    -Noctowl: Shadow Ball, Heat Wave.
    -Swellow: Brave Bird, Façade, U-Turn.
    -Sceptile: Thunderpunch and Dragon Pulse
    -Torkoal: Earth Power
    -Glalie: Water Pulse, Crunch, Ice Shard
    -Corpish: evolve into Crawdaunt and learn Crunch and Swords Dance
    -Staraptor: its moveset is fine the way it is.
    -Torterra: Seed Bomb, Bulldoze, Stone Edge.
    -Buizel: Aqua Tail and Razor Wind
    -Infernape: Thunderpunch and Close Combat
    -Gliscor: Acrobatics.
    -Gible: evolve into Gabite and learn Dragon Rush
    -Unfezant: drop Gust for Night Slash
    -Oshawott: Ice beam, Retaliate, Water Pledge
    -Pignite: Wild Charge
    -Snivy: Grass Pledge, Aerial Ace, and Aqua Tail.
    -Scraggy: evolve and learn Faint Attack and Head Smash
    -Leavanny: Shadow Claw
    -Palpitoad: Hyper Voice
    -Krookodile: Aerial Ace should be dropped so that Crunch is retrieved.
    -Boldore: evolve and learn Heavy Slam and Superpower
    -Froakie: Bounce and Substitute. If it evolves all the way to Greninja it should learn Water Shuriken and Dark Pulse.
    -Fletchling: Flame Charge and Aerial Ace. If it evolves all the way upgrade to Flare Blitz and Acrobatics (I chose Acrobatics instead of Brave Bird because that move is too similar to Flare Blitz in both looks and effects, and I want Ash’s Talonflame to have some versatility)

    Now for Ash’s XY companions

    -Bunnelby: Super Fang. And if it evolves into Diggersby, Hammer Arm.
    -Chespin: Seed Bomb, Bite, Mud Shot. And if it evolves, Brick Break; if it reaches its final stage, Spiky Shield and Wood Hammer.

    -Fennekin: Psybeam and Fire Spin. If it evolves all the way into Delphox it should get Mystical Fire, Psyshock and Shadow Ball.

    -Dedenne: Play Rough, Grass Knot and Parabolic Charge.
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    What I think Ash's Pokemon should learn:

    Pikachu (If Iron Tail isn't a move tutor move in future games, axe it with something else, like Brick Break)
    Bulbasaur (fine as it is)
    Charizard (Sky Drop = Seismic Toss 2.0, new Dragon-type move (Dragon Pulse/Claw), Blast Burn)
    Squirtle (fine as it is)
    Kingler (Metal Claw? I don't know, something that could make Kingler better)
    Muk (Gunk Shot)
    Tauros (Giga Impact)
    Snorlax (Heavy Slam)
    Heracross (get rid of Sleep Talk (doesn't need it anymore) and Hyper Beam (it doesn't make it on equal terms with legendaries!), Close Combat, Stone Edge)
    Bayleef (Magical Leaf)
    Quilava (fine)
    Totodile (Aqua Tail (best water type move for Totodile since G4), Ice Fang (upgraded biting move)
    Noctowl (no idea)
    Donphan (Bulldoze)
    Swellow (Air Slash or Steel Wing)
    Sceptile (if a move tutor move in future games: Seed Bomb (upgraded Bullet Seed)
    Corphish (nothing unless it evolves, if it does: Dark Pulse (replaces Bubblebeam) and Protect (replaces Harden)
    Torkoal (Gyro Ball)
    Glalie (just Blizzard)
    Staraptor (nothing new)
    Torterra (Wood Hammer over Rock Climb, AND GET A GODDAMN WIN!)
    Infernape (Thunderpunch, it no longer needs Dig)
    Buizel (Hydro Pump, Razor Wind)
    Gliscor (nothing I can think of)
    Gible (Dragon Claw?)
    Unfezant (Sky Attack)
    Oshawott (Ice Beam)
    Pignite (fine, only if the other 2 starters learn the other Pledge moves)
    Sinvy (Grass Pledge)
    Scraggy (Head Smash)
    Leavanny (fine)
    Palpitoad (fine)
    Boldore (fine)
    Krookodile (fine)
    Froakie (by the time it (hopefully) becomes Greninja its moveset will be this: Water Shuriken, Water Pulse, Double Team, Quick Attack/Night Slash)
    Fletchling/Fletchinder (learns Ember upon evolving (eventually upgrades into Flamethrower), Flare Blitz when it becomes Talonflame)
    Hawlaucha (confirmed to get one soon) (Flying Press, Aerial Ace, and 2 other moves that I have no clue it can learn that are useful)

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    One pokemon that was in dire need of a niche was Unfeazent so in order to give it one I'd have it learn Taunt or Tailwind. Either would give it something very different from Ash's other pokemon that it could use in single battle.

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    Ash's Muk

    Poison Gas, Sludge Bomb, Body Slam, Fire Blast, Giga Drain

    Ash's Bulbasaur

    Vine whip, Tackle, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf, Solarbeam, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Sludge Bomb

    Ash's Infernape

    Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, Scratch, Dig, Ember, Fire Spin, Mach Punch, Flare Blitz, Thunder Punch

    Ash's Torterra

    Tackle, Razor Leaf, Bite, Synthesis, Energy Ball, Rock Climb, Leafstorm, Earthquake

    Ash's Glalie

    Icy Wind, Double Team, Headbutt, Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Sheer Cold

    Ash's Goodra

    Rain Dance, Bide, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb or Sludge Wave

    Brock's Geodude

    Seismic Toss, Tackle, Dig, Mega Punch, Sandstorm, Rock Throw, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Fire Blast

    Dawn's Mamoswine

    Take Down, Dig, Ice Shard, Ancient Power, Hidden Power, Ice Fang, Earthquake

    Jessie's Arbok

    Dig, Bite, Wrap, Acid, Glare, Poison Sting, Toxic, Double-Edge, Headbutt, Take Down, Poison Jab, Earthquake, Giga Drain

    Jessie's Seviper

    Haze, Poison Tail, Wrap, Bite, Flamethrower, Iron Tail

    James's Weezing

    Smog, Smokescreen, Sludge, Poison Gas, Haze, Tackle, Thunderbolt, Fire Blast, Explosion

    Iris' Axew

    Scratch, Dragon Rage, Outrage, Giga Impact, Poison Jab
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    Charge beam and grass knot for Pikachu..

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    Pikachu should learn Light Screen Dischange Feint Dig Brick Break Double Team Grass Knot Change Beam Surf Focus Punch Magnet Rise Protect Signal Beam and Surf

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    Ash's Charizard should learn Blast Burn and Replace dragon tail with Dragon rush or Dragon claw.
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