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Thread: The Flame Pokémon-athon! (033)

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    Two things about this episode bugged me.
    One,in the episode Meowth Rules Meowth said the he had never learned how to use Pay Day,so what was the move he used in this episode?Sure looked like Pay Day to me.
    And two,Team Rocket made a big mistake helping Dario cheat,because they would have had a perfect chance to steal all of those Pokemon from the ranch since they were all left unguarded,and i'll bet Giovanni would have been happy to have some Laramie Pokemon.

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    (After just getting pecked by Dodrio)
    "Hey! That was a cheap shot!"

    ...and evolving the Pokemon you're riding isn't, not even more so, Ash?

    I wonder just what it feels like to have another Pokemon evolve right from under you, while riding it?
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