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Thread: The Legend of Dratini! (035)

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    For the sake of Arceus, after 34 episodes using Pokemons as weapons, why did Team Rocket used a gun in this episode? This disturbs me a lot.

    It took me years (yes, years) until I find the episode which Ash caught his herd of Tauros.
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    I saw this epsiode a week ago for the first time. I liked it and it explained the tauros. Also had the misty lure part
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    Quote Originally Posted by AhTreyYou View Post
    Ash catching 30 Tauros made me lol
    I appreciate the irony of the situation; Ash found and caught 30 Tauros easily in the anime while in the games, they're some of the rarest and hardest Pokemon to catch.

    Anyway, after watching this episode again, I gotta say that it was just as amazing as I remembered it. I especially loved the Team Rocket scenes; James's parachute was interesting and clever even if it didn't work as well as he had hoped lol. I also liked that Jessie tried to flirt with the Safari Zone warden and I noticed that she was dressed in ganguro fashion again. I also noticed that Ash spoke to Staryu telepathically, which I found strange. Anyway, I thought the episode was great. Classic Kanto.

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    I loved this episode. I saw it for the first time only a few years ago and even though I prefer the dub, it's one of my favourites. Dragon Valley is incredibly beautiful, I love the colour scheme and landscape. The part where the Warden realises that his friend has evolved and had children always brings me to tears, it's so beautiful! That and Dragonair is one of my all time favourite pokemon.

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    It's a shame that this episode is banned, but I can see why this is banned, Kaiser pointing a gun at Ash is one of the reason, but guns were pointed at Ash in the Squirtle squade episode too.

    But scenes like Mewoth putting hitler mustaches, Kaiser firing gun at Team Rocket is a good reason for 4kids to ban this episode.

    But still, this violent episode is important because in this episode, Ash caugth 30
    Tauros. So the banning of this episode left a plot-hole in the english version of the Kanto saga episodes.
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    This episode is one of my favorites and one of the most hilarious episodes imo. I also thought it had some beautiful moments with Dragonair near the end as well.

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