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Thread: Who Gets To Keep Togepi? (050)

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    So Ash got his Pokedex upgraded just in time to discover Togepi. I liked how Brock and Misty imagined what the egg would hatch into, and I was glad that Misty ended up with Togepi even tho she lost hee hee. :3

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    My favorite scene from this episode was Meowth sleeping with the egg + James making egg references at breakfast to tease Meowth.

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    Was pretty funny on what the group thought on what the egg would be, I mean really, a Tentacruel or a Golem? xD Meowth's interactions with the egg was funny too. And like everyone else who said that Ash should have had Togepi and not Misty, I think it would've been better that way. Ash DID find it and not Misty, and Togepi didn't even do much of anything under Misty's care, and when it evolved it just left to guard other Togepis at that Kingdom in the Advanced season.. nothing more.


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