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Thread: Princess VS Princess (052)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gillachu View Post
    Misty wanting her own doll set to spite her sisters was selfish and she acted like a stuck up princess here, so I think Jessie deserved them instead...
    Jessie had my sympathy at least, but I didn't think that Misty acted selfishly. She grew up with hand-me-down dolls, so I understood why she wanted a new set for herself. ^^;

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    My favorite scene was when Psyduck's psychic powers were awakened and I was bemused by why Ash and Brock lent Misty Pokemon.

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    If Showcases get flak for being a girls only thing then shouldn't this episode in general get the same criticism? The plot of this episode is basically a girls only event that males couldn't participate in and are forced to be slaves lol.
    With that said I did enjoy this episode. The only thing I didn't like about it is Misty should have used her own Pokemon instead of borrowing Brock's and Ash's.
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