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Thread: Princess VS Princess (052)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gillachu View Post
    Misty wanting her own doll set to spite her sisters was selfish and she acted like a stuck up princess here, so I think Jessie deserved them instead...
    Jessie had my sympathy at least, but I didn't think that Misty acted selfishly. She grew up with hand-me-down dolls, so I understood why she wanted a new set for herself. ^^;

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    My favorite scene was when Psyduck's psychic powers were awakened and I was bemused by why Ash and Brock lent Misty Pokemon.

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    If Showcases get flak for being a girls only thing then shouldn't this episode in general get the same criticism? The plot of this episode is basically a girls only event that males couldn't participate in and are forced to be slaves lol.
    With that said I did enjoy this episode. The only thing I didn't like about it is Misty should have used her own Pokemon instead of borrowing Brock's and Ash's.
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    This was a good episode. That bit where Musashi captured the wild Beroringa who ate her new clothes caught me off guard, because I didn't think Musashi was going to keep it. Kasumi entering that contest to win her own set of Hinamatsuri dolls was great since we got to see her competitive side come out.

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    I loved this episode because it was focused on Jessie and Misty equally. I enjoyed Misty's shopping spree with Ash and Brock having to carry her bags and it was also nice to see how her hair looked down.

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