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GREAT episode.Magmar and Charizard's battle was great!! I loved Onix, Geodude, Pikachu, Togepi, Magmar, and Charizard working together to put out the magma with the boulders. I liked seeing Misty's Pokemon here. Misty should have been able to star here with her Water Pokemon. Epsecially Horsea!!! It would have been better if this were the episode where Charizard started to obey Ash instead of a sad emotional episode. Even Misty said that she thought Charizard was gonna start obeying him here. I loved the gag at the end about Pikachu burning Misty's bike. XD
I know, amazed some found it boring when in both episodes there was real peril and pikachu could have been severly hurt, even more amazing is that others are saying it was a little OTT yet some people didn't enjoy it or find it exciting?

I can actually see the point about it being OTT but for those who said they were bored with it, or the guy who moaned about sismic toss (which is a powerful attack anyway) or the numerous people who couldnt understand how a fully evolved poke's fire attack managed to overcome type disadvantages, or how pikachu used rhyorns metal to conduct electricity I think it was great, it was exciting and made perfect sense. I like the element of danger in battles. He would not of died though ash would have used the pokeball to stop it falling into the lava.