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Thread: Bad To The Bone! (075)

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    Now THIS is a good example of a great filler episode, right here.

    I think the highlight of the episode comedy-wise was James saying, "Eurgh...well, you see, I like to look at myself in my spare time! Eh."

    Absolutely priceless! XD.

    In all seriousness, Ash shows how far he's come by his willingness to help Otoshi despite the chance he may miss out on entering the league.

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    This episode was good, it's cool to see a Marowak. The way Otoshi was trying to take Ash's badges was wrong, I'm glad Ash won battle.
    It's nice that Otoshi got his badges back at the end.
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    I wonder what cities and gyms those other badges were from

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    James had POGS! I used to have some of those things a long time ago!
    When Jessie was trying to steal those badges from that one guy, those were some different badges he had. How many gyms dose Kanto truly have?

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    Even though I thought Otoshi was bland as a COTD, I liked seeing that flashback of his Gym battles; it was just cool to see Gym battles from another perspective. Anyway, Jessie stole the episode in my opinion. It was neat to see her snatch Otoshi's badges and try to go solo, only to be stopped by James and Meowth. :P

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