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Thread: Pokeball Peril! (085)

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    I enjoyed this Orange Island episode. In this episode Ash, Misty and Brock finally arrived at Valencia Island and Met Professor Ivy ( She was very hot ) , who gave them the GS ball. I liked the different Pokemon in Valencia island, It was interesting to see many different colours of the same Pokemon exist in thd Pokemon world. It's sad to see Brock leave the group, but it's reasonable since he wanted to stay with Professor Ivy. The best Part of the episode was when Team Rocket captured Ash and Misty in cage and called them "lovebirds". Ash & Misty turned away blushing and Team Rocket teased them more by saying " But you're blushing! "," Kissy Kissy!" their reaction was funny xD. I liked the clifhanger at the end.
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    The scene in the blimp where Team Rocket were calling Ash and Misty 'lovebirds' was hilarious!
    Sad to see Brock leave the group (even though it's only temporary).
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