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Thread: Navel Maneuvers! (095)

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    Arriving on Navel Island, Ash meets the Gym Leader Danny who Misty has a crush on.
    Gee, I don't remember Misty crushing on Danny in the episode XP
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    This episode was full of Pokeshipping and Iceraceshipping (Misty x Danny). I found it weird that Misty fell for someone who's too old for her. Just a few words of Danny made Misty fall for him?! -_- .The way danny told Misty " I've seen lots of beautiful things on this island but nothing as beautiful as you " was flirty and weird, I wonder what would he say if he meets May or Dawn someday ? I guess Ash got ticked off because Misty wasn't supporting him and was paying too much attention to Danny. She seemed upset when Ash won and Danny lost.

    Danny's " You always hurt the ones you love." line was stupid, Hurting someone you love is not good. I'm glad Ash got the Sea Ruby badge.
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    For a tropical island archipelago, I'm surprised one of these islands get's cold enough to have snow on it.
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    I really disliked the way that Misty and Tracey basically snubbed Ash throughout the episode, especially the former. I also didn't like Danny; he was too perfect as a character and it was strange watching Ash's determination to win while Danny didn't seem to have much passion in return in my view.

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