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    It's Drabble Wednesday!

    Phone Call

    Ash, Dawn and Brock limped towards a nearby Pokecenter. They had just been attacked by a group of rabid Magikarp. When they reached the Pokecenter, they all slumped down to the floor unceremoniously. The trio leaned on each other's back an moaned in harmony unaware of the looks they were given and the comments being thrown around about "rape" and "a threesome"

    "Owwww....I never want to see another Magikarp again in my life!" Ash whined.
    "SAME HERE!!!" replied Dawn and Brock in unison.

    Just then Nurse Joy walked over to the group. After standing there for a few seconds, puzzled by the bruises covering the kids, Nurse Joy spoke.

    "Um...excuse me? Are you Ash Ketchum?" She questioned.
    "Uh..oww..yea. I am." Ash said.
    "You have a phone call."
    "I do?"
    "Yes and the young man is very impatient...please see him now"
    "You know" Brock chimed in with an unsually squeaky voice "If I wasn't so bruised up in certain places, I'd ask you out to a romantic dinner"

    Nurse Joy ignored Brock's antics and walked away. This left Ash and Co. to get up and walk over to the phones by themselves. After about five minutes, the group had managed to get to the phone. No sooner had they got there, did the screen light up to reveal the caller--Paul.

    "P-Paul!" Ash exclaimed. He tried (and failed) to hide the blush creeping up on his face.
    "What took you so long? And what the hell is with all those bruises?" Paul asked. He was concerned but wouldn't show it.
    "We got attacked by rabid Magikarp Paul!" Dawn chirped "They flew out the river and smacked us around!
    "............................And who are you?" Paul said nonchalantly.

    Before Dawn could react Brock had grabbed her by the waist and led her away from the screen. Ash watched his friends disappear from sight before he turned back to Paul.

    "You got attacked by Magikarp" Paul asked.
    "Yea." Ash responded.
    "HAHAHAHAHA!!" Paul roared while doubling over in laughter, "You are so pathetic it kills me! HAHAHAHA!"
    "It's not funny Paul. It hurt. Really bad too. I got boo-boos" Ash complained now red-faced from blushing.
    "Boo-boos! HA!"
    "PAAAAAUUUULLL! Shut up! It stings and burns"
    "Ah...suck it up loser. Be a man" Paul said instantly returning to his usual cold demeanor.
    "But I can't suck it up Paul" Ash stated while he began to moan like the damned.
    "......Whatever Ashley"

    With that Paul hung up the phone. Ash was now fuming at the insult and tried desperately to call Paul back to retort. Unfortunately he couldn't get through. He stormed away from the phones to go meet up with a fuming Dawn and a squeaky Brock. Paul however, was enjoying the new pet name he had given his rival.

    "Ashley, Has a nice ring to it." He chuckled "My little Ashley"

    With that Paul left the phone booth and headed down the road to the Sunnyshore Gym.

    ~Yea I know that's not a drabble....and it was spur of the moment so it isn't all that good.
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