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    Default DESTRUCTIVE LOVE ; Comashipping General Discussion


    Welcome there shippers to the magical land of what is Comashipping-land! COMALAND! -bricked-


    Anywho, this is the place were Comashippers (a.k.a. Ash/Satoshi x Paul/Shinji fans) can fangirl/boy talk over the two rivals' relationship between each other. The old one sadly died so I was given permission to restart it. Let's make this post epic so:

    (a.k.a. the bittersweet lovers - written by me)

    Ash / Satoshi / サトシ
    A Pokemon Trainer who started his journey after leaving his home in Pallet Town. Upon defeating a couple of regions, he chose to go after Shinou's Pokemon League. The boy is known to be selfless to a lot of people, even to villians to an extent. He is also known to be really determined in competition but also devoted to his Pokemon and believes that hard work and a lot of Pokemon training will pay off. However because of his fidelity towards this, he has become oblivious to almost every thing else.

    Paul / Shinji / シンジ
    Ash's rival whom became interested in his Pikachu's power. Paul is quite opposite of what Ash is; an impassive, introverted kid who shows almost no respect to anyone except his elders. Unlike training Pokemon to get stronger, he only catches Pokemon he believes have a good strength and can last in a battle. Upon catching a Pokemon, he checks their stats via his Pokedex to see if he should keep them. He believes that training Pokemon is a waste of time and are considered useless (or pathetic as used in the dub) if they cannot stay on the battlefield or have strong attacks that meet his criteria.


    (and it's explanation)

    Well it can be supported in any way you wish. Let me just introduce to you how their chemistry is.

    Upon arriving to the Shinou Region, Ash was locating his Pikachu who was captured but lost by Team Rocket. As soon as Ash was close to finding his friend, he meets Paul and even from the beginning, their differences in Pokemon training has caused them to dispute over who is better in terms of raising Pokemon. Ash is trying to prove to Paul that practicing with your Pokemon and supporting them, even at a lost is the best way to go. Paul, on the other hand is stalking watching Ash from afar in seeing if his method is really indeed worth it. However he still goes with the idea that having the strongest Pokemon is better and sees Ash, along with his Pokemon as useless (pathetic) for opposing it. Still, the two have had a couple of battles to affirm their training customs. Whether this shipping will become canon or not is up to you!

    (Read or Satoshi will be upset and Shinji will... kill you?)
    1. All SPPF Rules and Shippers Community Rules apply.
    2. Do not bash any character or shipping. It will result in a warning and then a ban if it's consistant.
    3. Any fanart must be provided with a source link.
    4. Don't stray too much from the purpose of the thread.
    5. Please use the SPOILER tag if you're going to share information of the anime that has not been shown outside of Japan.
    6. If you want to make a new topic, go ahead but don't create one every other minute. Let a number of people answer the current topic before moving on!
    6. Have fun posting and let's all be a lovely group of happy shippers, yes!


    Comashipping Day -- October 25
    Let's celebrate with many gifts, yush?

    Activity Daily
    Sunday is Caption Sunday
    Monday is FanArt Monday
    Tuesday is AMV Tuesday
    Wednesday is Drabble Wednesday
    Thursday is Fanfiction Thursday
    Friday is Crack Friday
    Saturday is Episode Review Saturday

    It is not mandatory to participate in these activities but go ahead if you wish to! If you want to add an activity, PM me with your ideas!

    Important / Useful / Lovely Links
    Bulbapedia's Article On Comashipping
    Spirited: a shrine to Satoshi's blurb on the Relationship Between Satoshi and Shinji
    LJ's coma_shipping community
    Comashipping Relay: A community with many Comashipping fics
    Wanna add one? PM me or post with your links!

    Comashipping FanArt Sites




    Wanna add one? PM me or post with your links!

    Comashipping Stamp -- Made by Katsu Koneko
    Lovesick Sato-chan -- Made by Katsu Koneko
    Prince Tutu -- Made by Katsu Koneko
    Endless' linearts -COLO -- Made by Zinoman
    Comashipping- hug -- Made by Endless-Summer181
    pokemon - stalker -- Made by galacta
    Coma - No battling -- Made by Endless-Summer181
    Comashippyness -- Made by Endless-Summer181
    Coma - Just... being there. -- Made by Endless-Summer181
    Pokemon Company -- Made by Vulpixi-misa
    Pokemon Monochrome -- Made by Vulpixi-misa
    Comashipping scrap 001 -- Made by Vulpixi-misa
    Welcome to My World -- Made by Vulpixi_Misa
    Cotton Candy / 100posts -- Made by Sweet May
    Brotherly Love -- Made by Vulpixi-Misa
    Coma Kittens -- Made by Vulpixi_Misa
    Coma Kittens II -- Made by Vulpixi_Misa
    Wanna add one? PM me or post with your links!

    FanFiction / Drabble
    Worthy of my Recognition -- [FF.NET] Written by Kurai
    The Dynamics Of Our Relationship -- [FF.NET] Written by Kurai
    Our Nights -- [FF.NET] Written by Kurai]Be Mine -- [FF.NET] Written by Kurai
    Hate You -- [FF.NET] Written by Kurai
    Totally Pokemon Shippings -- [FF.NET] Written by Kurai (multi-ship warning!)
    I Don't Like You -- [FF.NET] Written by Kurai
    Lasting Impression: You're Pathetic -- [FF.NET] Written by Kurai
    Minor Annoyance -- [LJ] Written by Kurai
    Oh Really -- [LJ] Written by Kurai
    Ignited -- [LJ] Written by Kurai (NC-17 warning!)
    Priority -- [LJ] Written by Kurai
    Untitled -- [SPPF] Drabble by Katsu Koneko
    Sex on the Beach -- [SPPF] Drabble by Tadashi
    Dresses -- [SPPF] Drabble by C.Gholy
    Nothing to Worry About -- [FF.NET] Written by Night Rain Illusion
    Untitled - 2 -- [SPPF] Drabbly by Dragonphantom
    Only You -- [FF.NET] Written by NeoNix
    I Don't Understand You -- [FF.NET] Written by Takachu
    Ice Cream -- [SPPF] Drabble by Takachu
    Fantasies -- [FF.NET] Written by Jyun Hwa
    The Apricorn Tree -- [SPPF] Drabble by catzeye
    Busted -- [FF.NET] Written by biank-the-raven
    Kiss Me Thru The Phone -- [FF.NET] Written by animelover2day
    Ash's Reality -- [FF.NET] Written by M.33 Atris
    Liking and Loving -- [FF.NET] Written by Zino
    At the Beginning -- [FF.NET] Written by AnimeWolfGurl115
    Sins -- [FF.NET] Written by biank-the-raven
    Full Moon -- [FF.NET] Written by biank-the-raven
    Phone Call -- [SPPF] Drabble by catzeye
    Wanna add one? PM me or post with your links!

    Banners / Icons / Wallpapers / Other

    Wanna add one? PM me or post with your links!

    AMVs / Other Media

    Comashipping - Where'd You Go? - Fort Minor -- by AnimeWolfGurl115
    Comashipping AMV- Dirty Little Secret -- by gazeshippygyrl4533
    I Hate Everything ABout You -- by Nani4587
    Hey You Boy -- by SatoshiErika3
    ComaShipping - F.*.N. S*ng -- by SatoshiHyuga
    ComaShipping (AshXPaul) - Comatose -- by Kinkocat
    Comashipping AMV - All the Wrong Reasons -- by Vulpixi_Misa
    *♥~Comashipping~♥* -- by xXpokelonyXx
    ♥*COMASHIPPING*♥ -"Why can't I?" -- by shinyangel09
    Dawn, Paul, Ash - You belong with me [Audition] -- by xRieJ
    Comashipping - Love Game - Lady Gaga -- by AnimeWolfGurl115
    Comashipping - Hot N Cold MEP Part -- by AnimeWolfGurl115
    Coming Clean ♀comashipping♀ -- by XxPoisonedCookiexX
    ☆•°¤*Comashipping--You*¤°•☆ -- by xxplasticbarbiexx
    comashipping~M*C**S* -- by xXpokelonyXx
    Paul Makes The Good Girls(and Ash) go Bad -- by XxPoisonedCookiexX
    [Comashipping] ~ Sparky Stars MEP -- by summiitz
    Comashipping: Kannazuki no Miko Ending Parody -- by CommanderPigg
    .x.ѕнιηʝι.x.ѕαтσѕнι.x.αηιмαℓ ι'νє вє˘σмє.x -- by xXxshinjistarxXx
    (動く版)シンジは大変なモンスターボール以下略 -- by nicovideo
    Wanna add one? PM me or post with your links!

    Topic List - you are free to make one if we really need one!
    1. Introduce your shippy self and explain why you're interested in Comashipping!
    2. What do you like most about ComaShipping?
    3. What is the strangest thing you've seen in Comashipping?
    4. What kind of music do you think Satoshi and Shinji listen to? Would they be able to stand each other's music? If yes then great! If not, why so?
    5. Who's the dominant one?
    6. Considering the characters in Pokemon have birthdays annually, if it was Shinji's birthday, what would Satoshi give him? If it was Satoshi's birthday, what would Shinji give him?
    7. Haiku weekend! Think you Comashippers can make a shippy haiku?
    8. Since today is Mother's Day, what do you think Paul and Ash will buy for their moms? Will they tell their moms about their relationship?
    9. How old do you think Shinji and Satoshi are? Would that affect their relationship?
    10. Would Satoshi and/or Shinji make good parents?
    11. If Ash and Paul were both girls (as in, they started out as females, not randomly gender bended) would you still support this pairing?
    12.What would Paul and as do after the big battle in DP 131/132 if Ash Loses? What would they do if Paul loses? What would they do if it was a draw?
    13.If Shinji where to confess to Satoshi that he likes him how would he do it? How would Satoshi react?
    14. What would Paul and Ash do for summer vacation?
    15. What would Satoshi want to do for his honeymoon? Where would he want to go? What would Shinji want to do and where would want to go?
    16. Shinji and Satoshi are getting married; what would it be like? What arguments would happen over the coarse of this event? Will Satoshi wear a dress?
    17. If you could think of a perfect scenario for Shinji to cry/go psycho on Satoshi, what would it be?
    18. Satoshi and Shinji are dared to sing a duet at karaoke. What song do they choose? How do they decide? Do they fight over it? (Or does someone else choose it for them?) What's the turnout?
    19. Its Halloween, what do Shinji and Satoshi do? Do they dress up, stay home? What would they dress up as?
    20. What pairings in other fandoms remind you of Comashipping?
    21. What do you think would happen if Barry met Ash and Paul at Pokemon Center? How would Ash react to Barry's fanboying? How would Paul react?
    22. When do you think the next time Shinji would appear? What would it be like and how will Satoshi react?
    23. If Hikari or *gasp* Takeshi confessed their love for Shinji to Satoshi, what do you think Satoshi would do? Would he flat out tell them off, unwilling help them with Shinji 'cuz thats just the way he is, or push them off a cliff even? What do you think Shinji would do if he found out? Ignore the affections, flat out tell them off, etc?
    24. Have you ever had a ComaDream? If so, tell about it!
    25. If Paul was framed for a murder and was arrested by Officer Jenny. How do you think Ash would react and what do you think Paul would do to prove his innocence?
    26. What kind of drunks do you think Shinji and Satoshi are?

    Shippers List
    ♥ Sweet May
    ♥ Kurai
    ♥ Katsu Koneko
    ♥ The Reowned Obscurity
    ♥ MyCurrentObsession
    ♥ S-Unit
    ♥ Tadashi
    ♥ Emerald_Infectiion
    ♥ riolulu
    ♥ Legerdemain
    ♥ Yuitheeevee
    ♥ Dragonphantom
    ♥ Swampert_trainer
    ♥ Comashipping Girl
    ♥ Takachu
    ♥ catzeye
    ♥ Fuji 2.0
    ♥ WGCV23
    ♥ pokefan#493
    ♥ Neko The Umemployed Ninja
    ♥ Insanitized
    ♥ 5ilVer
    ♥ Awaibou

    Okay let's have a blast!
    Credit to images (c)
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