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    Hi guys. i don't know if anybody is going to review this but this is a songfic/oneshot i made recently. i don't do many coz there arn't many songs you can write a fic about. anyway please enjoy. ^^


    Song: Can't stop loving you
    Artist: Phil Collins

    So you’re leaving
    In the morning
    On the early train
    But I could say everything’s alright
    And I could pretend and say goodbye

    “Guys.” May started. “I have something to announce.”
    “What is it?” I asked.
    “I’m leaving to Johto to compete over there.”
    “Really?” I replied. “But why?” I asked.
    “Well I have been thinking. If I travelled with you guys I will be too dependent on you. I need to be able to go on my own.” May explained.
    “I see.” Brock replied.
    “Hope you will do great there.”

    I didn’t knew back then what that feeling was called. I felt sad that she was leaving me for good. We sure had good times back then. I still remember when I taught her to catch a pokemon and her and torchic. The way she smiles, the way she acts. I didn’t notice it back then but for some reason I can feel it now.

    Got your ticket
    Got your suitcase
    Got your leaving smile
    Oh, I could say that’s the way it goes
    And I could pretend and you won’t know
    That I was lying

    “Well this is it.” May said at the edge of the port with Max by her side.
    “This is really it.” I replied. “I can’t believe that we would have to do this again.”
    “Yeah.” May replied.

    Then the horn of the boat rang, telling us all that this was it. It was time to say our goodbyes. We all looked at the sunset slowing falling behind the hills of Kanto. Still i had a feeling that I didn’t understand. But now I do.

    “Come on May!” Max called out to May. “Let’s go.” He added as he started to pull he shirt.
    “Don’t do that!” May replied as she took Max’s hand from her shirt. “You might make it bigger.
    “Well at least it will fit you.” Max teased as he ran into the boat.
    “Come back here!” May yelled as she ran onto the boat, still enraged by Max’s actions.

    I couldn’t help to smile and laugh at the two. The scene reminded the way they acted when I first met Max. I couldn’t remember how many times those two fought, Even though their fights gave us problems though out our journeys. It made them memorable.

    “Bye!” May and Max waved was they got onto the boat. “Until next time!”

    Because I can’t stop loving you
    No, I can’t stop loving you
    No, I won’t stop loving you
    Why should I

    As I waved from the port with Pikachu and Brock by my side something went through my mind.
    “Will I ever see you again?”

    We took a taxi
    To the station
    Not a word was said
    And I saw you walk across the road
    For maybe the last time, I don’t know

    When I was going through my Sinnoh journey, I heard some good news from you; that you were coming down to enter into the Wallace Cup. This was the first time I was going to see you since our farewell back in Kanto.

    “Really?” I asked in surprise. “You’re coming over?”
    “Yeah.” May replied with one of her happy smiles.

    Finally I was able to see you again, after our long wait.

    Feeling humble
    Heard a rumble
    On the railway track
    And when I hear the whistle blow
    I walk away and you won’t know
    That I’ll be crying

    Back then, before she left to Johto I could see how happy and determine she really wanted to go. I could see the excitement of seeing a new region. She had the excitement I have each time I go to a new region, a region of new pokemon and meeting new friends and battling new gym leaders. The feeling never changes.

    When the boat started to fade from my sight I never knew that one day I would have to do that. But I really can’t control destiny. Then a horn blew me out of my thinking world and into reality. I looked up and it was her, it was May. She had finally come. She still hasn’t changed. She still had her hairstyle. She still had her sapphire eyes which I never notice often. She might have new clothes but I can tell, she is the same May I first met back in Hoenn.

    Because I can’t stop loving you
    No, I cant stop loving you
    No, I won’t stop loving you
    Why should I

    “Hey guys.” May greeted as she left the boat. “I got a few gifts for you from Johto.” May said as she gave Brock and I a few cookies.
    “Thanks.” We both replied. I gave half to Pikachu which Pikachu enjoyed.
    “And this is for you.” May replied as she gave a gift to Dawn, one of my new friends here in the Sinnoh region.
    “So when are you entering in the Wallace Cup?” I asked.
    “Soon but first we have to eat.” May replied as she smiled at me.

    I was right. Even we were at different regions nothing has changed. Especially her taste with food. One of the few things I have common with her.

    Even try
    I’ll always be here by your side (why why why)
    I never wanted to say goodbye
    I’m always here if you change, change your mind

    May didn’t stay long, only for a few days. When I was by her side it felt like good old days. But then came a day when we had to say goodbye. When I saw you getting smaller and smaller a felt regret growing in me. I didn’t know what that was, until now.

    So your leaving
    In the morning
    On the early train
    But I could say everything’s alright
    And I could pretend and say goodbye
    But that would be lying, no

    Now here you are. Back at Pallet once more, saying our goodbyes once again. Since we last saw each other in Wallace I haven’t been the same. I never knew what it was until now.

    “Ash?” May asked?
    “Yeah.” I replied.
    “I’m going back to Petalburg now.” she told me. “Until next time Ash.” May replied as she started to wave at everybody. I just stood there staring at her until she was out of my sight.

    I couldn’t help it anymore. I didn’t want to lose this second chance again.

    “May wait!” I yelled as I chased after her.

    Because I can’t stop loving you
    (can’t stop loving you)
    No, I can’t stop loving you
    (I won’t stop loving you)
    No, I won’t stop loving you
    Why should I even try
    Because I can’t stop loving you
    (can’t stop loving you)
    No, I can’t stop loving you
    (that’s all I can do)
    No, I won’t stop loving you
    Why should I
    (why should I)
    Why should I
    (tell me why)
    Why should I even try

    May looked back as I finally caught up with her. I was quite far from home but it didn’t matter. I had to tell her. I couldn’t help but to say it to her.

    “What is it Ash?” She asked. “Did I forget something again?”
    “No you didn’t.” I replied. “I came to tell you something.”
    “What is it?” May asked me once again.
    “It’s umm….” I blushed. “I ummm….”

    May giggled, knowing that I had a hard time talking to her.

    “You never had talent in telling a girl you like her now do you?” May giggled.
    “But how did you know?” I replied in shock that she knew how I felt for her.
    “I could tell.” She laughed.
    “Anyway May I forgot to give you something.” I said. I could feel butterflies on my stomach. I wasn’t sure if I could do this.
    “What is it?” She asked as she step a few steps closer to me.

    I quickly moved my face and locked lips on her. I closed my eyes when I kissed her so I wouldn’t have to see her reaction on her face. I opened my eyes and found a shocked reaction on May’s face. Soon her face started to turn into a smile. Then she threw her arms over at me. I was now the shocked one by May’s unusual actions.

    “Ash.” May replied. “I never thought that you would feel the same way I feel for you.” May replied as she broke her hug.
    “Wait?!” I asked in surprise. “You…you like me too?”
    “Of course.” May smiled. “thing is I never thought you would have the guts to kiss me like that.”

    I just smiled back at her and May smile back. I never knew that I would fall in love, especially to a girl like May. May took my hand and held it in her own.

    “Ash.” May started. “ I like you.” She smiled.
    “I…I like you too.” I replied with a blush on my face.


    I hope you liked it. ^^ anyway plz R&R
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