After seeing the BW premiere episode I have to say that I've grown a much stronger appreciation for this episode! I'm sick and tired of the 1st episode of every new region being: Ash ditches his entire team (minus Pikachu), something horrible happens to Pikachu, Pikachu's power level gets reset, Ash meets a new girl, Pikachu fries the new girl's bike, etc. This particular episode is unique in the sense that it just simply goes onward with Ash's journey from the previous episode/saga, and I really like it alot that it just continues on with Ash's journey with respect for the audience who had followed his journey from the previous saga/regions !

The new premiere episodes of new regions just reboot it to the point where it just simply insults the audience's intelligence by showing Ash making really n00bish mistakes despite his experience from the previous sagas/regions, and by also pretending that the previous sagas/regions had never ever happened period.