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Thread: Chikorita Rescue! (128)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannyphantomhott View Post
    Another favoirte Jhoto episode of mine. Favorite moments were;

    . Ash imatating Team Rockets Motto {I loved it when they did that, I wonder why the writers stoped. I mean you never see May/Max/Brock doing it these days, sadly}

    . Ash being traped by Team Rocked and running away from them

    . The jokes {A lot of the jokes were pretty funny}

    So yes, over all I enjoyed the episode.
    I love those, and when Chikorita kisses Ash ^_^

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    We got to see snow and that was nice. My favorite scene was Chikorita fighting Charizard and managing to trip his feet + I liked Meowth's snowball machine.

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