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Thread: The Totodile Duel (153)

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    That what I mean that Totodile wouldn't be able to be able to do as much if it was with Misty.

    Also When I mean Misty didn't caught anything after season 5 I mean in the region of Johto not the whole series

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    Quote Originally Posted by phanpycross View Post
    Excuse me, but were you not the one talking about how totodile was actually a good pokemon in the "-Strongest-Traveling-Companions" thread.
    Being good and having bad battle record, not as many noteworthy achievements are two entirely different things though. Totodile as wild pokemon already showed to have big potential when Pikachu thunder didnt fazed it all that much not being enough for Ash to catch this pokemon.

    And his remarkable agility and pertinacity revealed he alredy had grest predispositions to become powerhuse.

    But under Ash guidance that potential was never really unlocked,. Ever since Ash caught it, Totodile was used just in one gym, against few and far between trainers and had more loses than wins never being used again after Johto.

    Besides, OS had little to no training anyways, so it's not like totodile would have a huge change in growth in the switch from Ash to Misty, truth be told, the only diffrence would be it getting even less to do.
    Original series had very little on screen training, but that doesnt mean there wasnt happening of screen training.

    Otherwise how to explain references to Misty traning her pokemon like Staryu in episodes such as battling watere trainer Marina with quick defeat of Tentacruel reinforcing that? Misty directly admitting in episodes afterwards how thanks to intense training her Corsola was able to do so well in Whirl Cup?

    This are examples from top of my head, but im sure there existed others where references to Ash and Misty training their pokemon in OS existed.

    Also i already mentioned through Corsola and Poliwhirl use who did more on average than Totodile really did in Johto , how chances of aligator pokemon having better chance for growth under Misty were larger.

    Poliwhirl evolved in same episode where Totodile was caught and Corsola was caught much later(62 episodes later to be exact). Yet they had better battle records, were used more often not just in TR battles but vs other trainers, wild pokemon etc too and had more achivements as mentioned in previous message.

    With Poliwhirl win over Totodile in Whirl Cup showing better preparation than Ash pokemon had.

    And if chronicles were something to go by that use and positive wining streak didnt stopped as Corsola example showed defeating likes of Butch and Cassidy, Georgio and his Delcatty etc. As well references to Misty pokemon continuing to be trained at gym like Gyarados example showed.

    So i still have reason to believe how under water specialist like Misty water pokemon had better predispositions for faster growth both when she was in show and later at gym or possible solo travels compared to alternative at Oaks ranch.
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    Ash deserved Totodile way more than Misty did anyway, so I'm glad that he won. Lol at Togepi battling, though...

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