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Thread: ~ Rules of the Platinum WiFi Center ~ [[READ BEFORE POSTING OR ELSE]]

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    The Rules of the Platinum WiFi Section

    by Erik Destler

    :: Introduction :: ~ Welcome to the Platinum WiFi section ~!
    This section is for requesting WiFi Minigames/Battles in the Battle Frontier. :]
    Now that Platinum is out in the United States, we felt the need to make these rules+section instead of my poor topic alone and loveless in the main WiFi center.

    Please, be sure to follow the rules and have a great day
    - Erik Destler


    Rules of SPPf. Read them. Know them.


    The first things you should do are...

    A. Look at the stickies/official threads first.

    To play the Swalot Plop feeding-frenzy Game, use the Swalot Plop Thread
    To play the Wobbufet Pop game, use the Wobbuffet Pop Thread
    To play the Mime. Jr Top balance game, use the Mime Jr. Top Thread
    To create various poffins, use the Poffin Creation Thread

    B. Be sure you're in the right section.


    On making topics...

    A. You cannot have more than one Frontier Battle request topic. The only exception is if it's not on the first two pages of threads. If your topic is on the third page (based on 22 threads per page...), you have permission to post a new thread.
    The first time, you'll get a warning. If you break this rule twice, you will receive a Disobeying the Rules of a Specfic Subforum infraction and your threads will be merged.
    If you break it again, you will receive a Continuously Disobeying the Rules of a specific subforum infraction, your threads will be merged, again, and you will receive a 3 day ban on topic of that.

    B. The only topics you're allowed to make are requesting WiFi Battles in the Frontier [such as a WiFi Roulette/Tower/Stage battle]. Otherwise, post in the appropriate sticky!


    When you’re posting...

    A. Be sure you stay on topic—no random crap/spam. DO NOT GO OFF TOPIC. THERE. ARE. NO. EXCEPTIONS. :|

    If you go off topic once, you'll be warned with the Disobeying the Rules of a Specific Subforum Warning-Infraction (Yellow Card - 0 Points)
    If you go off topic twice, you'll be infracted for Disobeying the Rules of a Specific Subforum (3 points).
    If you go off topic again, you will be banned for Three Days and infracted for Continuously disobeying the Rules of a Specific Subforum (6 points). So, be sure to not do so!

    So, what exactly is spam?
    It's going off topic/etc. :\
    Yes, asking what a thread is counts as spam. :/

    B. Make sure you follow the basic rules of SPPf, and any rules that may or may not be specified in the first post of a thread.

    C. Show respect. No flaming/trolling/et cetera.

    D. If you know it's a spam post, don't reply. If you know it's a troll, don't acknowledge it. The report button exists for a reason. ()

    E. IMPORTANT: In the Poffin/Minigame threads, post only requests. All other details should be worked out via pm. You may post once per page (Standard page being 20 posts).



    If there's a problem in one of the threads...

    A. Use the report button. ()

    . Do not minimod.


    If you have any questions, please PM me,Erik Destler+, Volteon, Torkoal Greg, Profesco, Shining Mew or Ellie ~
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