Eh, IMO this was the weaker episode out of the 2-parter. Even though I know it wasn't, the MooMoo farm stuff just felt like useless filler to me -_-. Also I personally didn't count the match FOR the gym rematch AS a gym rematch. Let's face it, although Ash's strategy was extremely clever he couldn't use the "digging ditches" strategy during the rematch at the gym on a concrete floor. He could only really utilize that strategy at the MooMoo farm (or any outside area with dirt & grass in general), and NOT indoors at the gym. Without the advantage of the environment on his side Ash most likely would've lost the rematch at the gym, so technically even though he won this match fair & square I kinda consider this badge in a way a "pity badge".

Don't get me wrong though, as despite it's faults I still love this 2-parter as a whole. It's definitely one of my favorite Johto League gym badge episodes, because let's face it - who DIDN'T have trouble facing Whitney their first time around playing GSC . Also another interesting plot point to this episode was the idea of Whitney being such a hard & tough Gym Leader for Ash to beat that he might just throw in the towel in his Pokemon career, and go all the way back home to Pallet Town. This IMHO was officially the last good episode of the Johto saga before the never-ending fillers start to kick into high gear during this season. The Johto saga won't become good again 'till the start of the Master Quest season.