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Thread: The Light Fantastic! (187)

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    This was an Okay episode. I liked the scene where Nurse Joy called Ash Pikachu cute, The looks on Brock and Misty's faces were priceless. usual, was trying to impress Nurse Joy in this episode. Team Rocket were annoying as always.
    It was interesting how the light of the remoraid lake looks like the Aurora produced by Deoxys.
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    When I thought it was Ash that Nurse Joy was calling cute, I actually thought "Um, he's only ten, you know!"
    But she was calling Pikachu cute.
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    I was always a fan of Remoraid, so I appreciated the episode even if it was a standard Johto filler. I liked how the artist man had colors for every Pokemon around back in Gen 2, and Meowth's mummy disguise made me cackle. I was happy that Misty at least tried to catch a Remoraid even if she failed, and the aurora at the end was pretty.

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