I just thought up an idea of a better storyline in this episode (in my opinion). Imagine if when Chikorita starts crying, Ash still doesn't believe her and instead says stuff along the lines of "Quit pretending! Those sausages were were clearly wrapped around you so we know that you ate it.", which causes Chikorita to run away (like in "Chikorita's Big Upset"). Next, Ash would say that he would wait there until Chikorita is ready to return to "admit her mistake". Later on in the episode, Brock would wonder where is Chikorita and realise that something is wrong and then they would try to find Chikorita. At this point Teddiursa would realise it's mistakes and admit that it was the one who stole the sausages and not Chikorita, and would promise to help them find Chikorita. Eventually, they would find Chikorita, Teddiursa would apologise to her and everyone would be happy (except for Team Rocket, who would immediately come in and try to "steal" Teddiursa, who would make them blast off like in the actual episode). I honestly think this storyline would be better since it would be more emotional since it would be more centered around Chikorita's "emotionalness", rather than a random 30 second Chikorita crying scene which doesn't really contribute much to the plot.