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Thread: The Wayward Wobbuffet! (194)

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    An epic filler I think and very funny! It is also the first time they use a Sonans balloon for transportation. The group will still get the key anyway even if Nyarth was the one to hold the key. Critical mistake is that Sonans suddenly appeared such that Satoshi and his friends discovered. I think they should have success stealing Pikachu in the first place, then reunite immediately in the next episode just similar to what they did in the early DP. They quarrel then suddenly the balloon exploded and dropped somewhere that can be found by Yorunozuku.

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    Funny how much trouble everyone was having getting that key from Wobuffett.

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    Default A good blend of humour and Pikashipping but with a dark theme overshadowing.

    This is one of my favourite episodes. It's both a great Team Rocket episode and a Pikashipping episode. Those two elements were quite well blended making it very funny, tense and quite sweet. Wobberfett was funny when he was floating down the river saluting at the Jessie like cloud and then seining through the branches. Falling into the truck with Goneff was unfortunate before being blown away on that Golem balloon. The speed boat was funny. Goneff was an interesting character. He acted more or less like a cartoonish supervillan with the worst outfit and plans ever. But given that he was supposed to add a humorous element to the episode it worked quite well. How exactly did he steal a police motorbike. Is officer Jenny a moron. Put him in handcuffs and have an officer watch over him. It's not rocket science.

    I liked the way the episode brought out the way that despite her constant complaints about how useless he is, Jessie actually really cares for Wobberfett as shown in the scene where she keeps saying his name sadly while Meowth and James are trying to work out what to do. It was a good episode to showcase Wobberfett as well. Previously he hadn't been much more than comic relief and an occasional battler (with varying results). Here we get to see him as a the main focus of the episode and managed to easily beat a Golem with his counter. Jessie should use him more.

    My favourite part of the episode were the Pikashipping moments, particularly the way Ash was so determined to get that key back to save Pikachu. Poor Pikachu. I can't imagine how the poor thing must have felt trapped in that cage, especially as Pikachu doesn't like being in his Pokéball. It's funny nobody picks up on the quite dark, cruel and even sinister element to the plot of this episode. If they hadn't got the key back Pikachu would have starved or dehydrated to death in there and Ash would only have been able to watch his best friend die. I can't imagine how stressful that must have been for poor Ash. It makes you wonder about Team Rocket, particularly giving him that almost Sophie's choice - Give us your best friend or watch him die. That's a very cruel and incredibly sinister thing for Team Rocket to do especially given they are supposedly comic relief. To some extent this rather dark and cruel element detracts a lot from the humous and adventure driven plot to the point where it sours it. I'm surprised more fans haven't noted that. In the end though Pikachu was rescued so I guess no harm was done and it was nice when Ash and Pikachu were able to hug each other at the end. Team Rocket got their comeuppance and Pikachu blasted them off as usual.
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