I've really neglected to even bother with this episode for almost a year now. I saw this thread and thought I'd never give my opinion since I would have most likely bashed this episode in the past, but I've learned to give it a decent chance. It was a boring mid-Johto Filler, but with an added twist. I mean, how can you see this image, and not laugh your pants off? While the character of the day was as boring as can be (except while he has that Wooper mask), the Natu in this episode sort of redeems the Fillerness of this one. I believe it's because it's protrayed as being cuter in the anime than in the games for some reason. Add to that, it's nickname (Naughty) and you get a decent episode like this. Nothing much happens that's worth mentioning, but I think I like Natu a whole lot more now. 4.5/10.