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Thread: StellarWind's Sprites and Such

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    Default StellarWind's Sprites and Such

    Figured, might as well...

    Almost all of these sprites were made with at least some involvement of D/P or R/S/E bases.


    Top Row: The cast of RPE: Gad, Katie, Ryna, Cori and Erin McRade.
    Second Row: Gad Sylvanhart (this was my first time using the DP templates, so it's kinda b0rked), Emily Sylvanhart, Raven (Miato Gym Leader) and a guy who really, really, REALLY lieks mudkipz.


    Tiermes and Mari (a Lanturn and an Electabuzz both belonging to Gad Sylvanhart) and a Colibreon (Miato PokéMon)


    Top Row: Characters from other Video Games - Chaz, Rika, Wren and Rune from Phantasy Star IV, Rudy Roughnight from Wild ARMs, Ashley Winchester from Wild ARMs 2.
    Second Row: Dragon Cave style egg-hatchling-adult cycle for a creature I designed, the Freedom Dragon.

    Old Works, using RSE Bases

    First Row: The real mastermind behind Team Aqua (ARRR Matey), Prof. Redwood of Miato, Edward Elric of FMA, my Anthro Form.
    Second Row: Ennulithe, Sunkyd and Jawsea, Miato Region Starters (mostly scratched and therefore fail).
    Third Row: Misc splices and gags - Treekco/Charmander line hybrids, Omnivorous bird thing, Skulture (Ghost/Flying), Munchik (Spawn of a typo, represents the lollypop guild.)
    Fourth Row: Continuing the theme: Reginja (The One True Untrainable), Blaziken in Team Aqua Uniform (I can't help it, they had the same frigging pose), Zanbuzz, Mudchamp (or in other words, MIZU-GORO), Pikadon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle.
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    Other than the Lanturn change, I think you should really stick to the trainers, especially the guy who liekz Mudkipz!

    Do the Robot!

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    Lime green and yellow is a bad combination. It hurts my eyes.... Otherwise the rest of this could do with some minor edits on shading, but it is a great start!

    Looks like I might be here to stay...

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