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Yeah, that's him. The subtitled one I saw a while back had him as 'Ken'. Which is like... no. He's in the Intro, I think, along with Eusine. Makes you wonder why they were hanging around with eachother... (Of course, they *could* just have been talking about Suicune, or something. Or Eusine's recent breakup with Morty/Falkner/Jirarudan/Bugsy/Will/Every Good Looking Pokemon Guy Ever. )

I *so* want a Jun'ichi Hoso. Even if it *didn't* have Backshippy stuff. I'd even settle for a cameo, or something. (I think it would be great if Ash was watching TV and to be watching a 'Champion Takes On All Challengers' Match between Lance and Jun'ichi.) :3
XD! Eusine's such a ****. But in the good way. >3 I still think Will and Eusine are brothers, but that's just my creepy logic coming into play. O_o

Ken? Ewww. I never really liked that name anywhere except Weiss Kreuz.

Jun'ichi DOES deserve his own Hoso, yes. Maybe with Hazuki in there too.... >3 THEN MY PAIR CAN BE JUSTIFIED. I mean.......because Hazuki needs a story too. XD!