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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey
    *Casey tackles Phantom Bugsy* Shoo shoo XD *Bugsy runs away*
    *Casey hugs Alfonso*

    Yes, its weird. I think, they should do that. "Mewtwo Returns" has dub version, so why Raikou thing doesn`t? Hmmm....

    Yes, I agree with you ^_^ Juni`chi is adorable *she hugs Juni`chi* I love episodes with him and I`m glad, he is in "Raikou Special". Well, I heard, that people would like to see there Kamon/Silver, but I don`t agree. Kenta, Marina and Silver are boring hero kids. I preffer cute Juni`chi than a next hero dude.
    Seriously now, what will people think with all this open Gang Glomping?

    They didn't dub it because Ash and Pikachu wern't in it. Which sucks, because all of the characters are cooler than the ones in the normal series. Well, May, Max and TR *do* improve things somewhat, but still. The Raikou Special characters were different.

    'Course, everybody knows I hate 4Kids Morals, so this made my hatred even worse. -_-

    Poor Kamon never gets any love, does he? Damned scriptwriters...
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