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Thread: Rivals or Lovers? (Mainly OldRivalShipping, PG-13)

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    Default Rivals or Lovers? (Mainly OldRivalShipping, PG-13)

    Title: Rivals or Lovers?
    Shipping: OldRivalShipping (with a little SpecialShipping and I guess, ChosenShipping?)
    Rating: PG-13

    Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah. I don't own anything (except the story, I guess). The characters are not mine and BlahBlahBlah. Let's get on with it, yeah?

    *Ah. Hi, I'm Punch. This is my first post as well as my first Pokemon fanfic. Be hard on me, be easy on me, I don't care. I don't want to be like those people who asks people to be easy on them. Say what you honestly think of it. I'll understand ;D*

    Chapter 1
    “Blue, wake up!” –TOK-
    “Blue!” –TOK TOK-
    “WAKE UP!”
    “I’M AWAKE!” I yelled.

    The yell frightened the Pidgey outside as I stood up to open the window.
    “What are you looking at?” I mumbled.

    The sun was so bright, but underneath my window I saw a petite girl with long blond hair that shimmered in the wind. I squinted to see Yellow smiling with a pile of rocks next to her.
    She smiled as she shouted, “Hurry, Blue! We’re going to be late!”
    I yelled back, “Hold on! Let me change!”

    Today was Yellow’s birthday and we were meeting up with the others for a daytrip to Cinnabar Island. As I was putting on my light blue top, I heard a recognizable voice intermingling with Yellow’s.

    I could hear Red’s conversation with Yellow through the window, “Are we all set to go?”
    “Nope, not yet; Blue just woke up!” Yellow replied.

    I froze. That voice. Green’s voice… He wasn’t supposed to be here! My mind drifted to last week when Yellow and I planned this whole trip…

    I had told Yellow that we should do something for her birthday and she had suggested a trip.

    “That’s a wonderful idea!” I told her.
    “Hmm… to Cinnabar! It’s been a while since I’ve see Blaine.” Yellow replied.
    “Excellent, who do you want to invite?”
    “Well, Ruby and Sapphire told me earlier this week how they would be going to Hoenn for Ruby’s Pokémon Contests, Crystal’s busy with her work, and Gold and Emerald are out playing pool in Johto… So I guess it will be you, me, Red, and Silver!”
    “What happened to Green” I asked anxiously.
    “He’s back to the gym and catching up on the challenges that piled up when he was gone.”
    “Oh… right.”

    Green, Viridian City’s Gym Leader and the grandson of Professor Samuel Oak. He had saved me once or twice in the past, but we haven’t engaged in a normal conversation. Red would tell me stories about Green’s behavior before he matured. How obnoxious and arrogant he was. And he’s always so serious and awkward! Always calling me a “pesky girl” It’s not like I have anything against him, it’s just that I would NEVER get along with him.

    I snapped out of the memory and went to the window. “Yellow! Can you help me with something?” I hollered.
    “Sure! Wait here guys!”
    I turned from the window when, “Blue?” It was Green.

    He looked up at me with his dark, green eyes. His hands were in his pocket and his necklace gleamed in the sun. “Do you not know how to put on a shirt?”
    I looked down to see that my top had not been pulled down all the way. I could feel myself blush as I quickly shut the window.


    I sighed as I saw Yellow on my bed.
    She smiled. “Hiya!”
    “Yellow… didn’t you tell me that Green was busy with the gym?” I asked, frustrated.
    “Well, yeah! But then he defeated all the challengers within a week and he said he was free today! That’s… not a problem is it?”
    I heard the uneasiness in her voice.
    “No, no problem at all! Okay I’m all set, let’s just get the food and go.”

    Holding a basket of food, I waved to my mom, “Bye mom!”
    “Goodbye honey! Have fun!”
    We were just out the door when Yellow grabbed the basket from my hands and ran to the boys.
    Yellow laughed, “Red! Hold this!”
    “Wha-? Oh sure!” He smiled and blushed.
    They were so cute. It wasn’t hard to imagine them getting together.

    I walked to them as I caught Green’s eyes. He just silently stared back. Holy ****, holy ****, holy ****! I blushed as I turned away from him. Get a hold of yourself, Blue! Ugh.

    “Okay we’re on our way!” Yellow giggled. She took out a Pokéball, “Butterfree!” Her Butterfree flew around our heads, happy to be out of its ball.
    Red smiled as he took out his Aerodactyl. Yellow just grinned as she watched them run around. I just gawked. As Green was petting his Charizard, I realized that Red’s and Yellow’s Pokémon were for solo flights. I looked at Green and it seemed that he had just realized it himself. He glanced at me and sighed.

    ... Awkward.

    “Alright, all set? Blue, you’ll have to ride with Green. Is that okay with you Green?” Yellow asked, “Oops, we’re late! I told Silver that we would meet him at one. Let’s go!”

    I saw Yellow and Red take off. I slowly turned to Green with disbelief.
    “… Pesky girl.” Green sighed. He got on Charizard and asked with impatience, “Are you getting on?”
    Unwillingly, I climbed behind Green when he whispered, “Hold on tight.”
    I barely managed to reply when Charizard suddenly took off. My arms automatically went around his waist. My cheeks were burning and the strong wind made me squint. I put my head on his back and I felt his body turn.

    … Did he just smirk?
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    Rivals or Lovers? (OldRivalShipping)
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    Pokemon: Green x Blue
    Vocaloids: Kagamine Rin x Kagamine Len

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    I'm not very familiar with this shipping but I love your fic. At first I was hesitant and didn’t know how great this was going to be but once I got into it you caught my attention. You might want to add some description to expand the story - though I’m really one to talk. I had the same problem when I first started and I’ve recently been going back to edit all my bad ones. >.< I’d love to be on the PM list if you have one; the banner at the end was really helpful in reminding me who was who. I <3 Green/Gary. ^^ Blue is an amazing match for him. Keep going and great job.

    <3 Drew’sBaby
    PM list for Jaded Envy
    -L0v3 is Evol

    Advanceshipping <3 ^^ + Announcement: Spoilers are now up! Link for list is under banner as Jaded Envy Page
        Spoiler:- [tiny]chapter four:

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    Default Rivals or Lovers? (Mainly OldRivalShipping, PG-13)

    Chapter 2

    I jumped off Green’s Charizard in a hurry. The whole flight made me feel like I would throw up. Why did he have to go so fast? Red and Yellow were still in the air, taking their own sweet time.

    As I started to run, I felt myself tripping and in the air, when all of a sudden, an arm held me from falling. I looked up and saw Green’s face. His hair was messy and all over the place and his eyes penetrated into mine. “Pesky girl… Be careful.” I felt my face grow hot as I pushed him away. My arm felt like it was on fire, a burning flame on open skin. I could hear his low laughter as I scolded myself for allowing him to make fun of me once again.

    Standing near a wall was a red-haired boy with black and red clothing. He had an impatient look to his face and was fiddling with something inside his pocket. “Silver!” I hugged the little red-haired boy who was not so little anymore. He had grown considerably and was an inch or two taller then me. “How have you been?” I asked. “Good, I’ve missed you,” he mumbled. “Aw, my little brother!” I reached out to hug him again, when Yellow came skipping.
    “Come on guys! We have to go see Blaine!” As she hopped to Red’s side, I felt a nudge on my arm.

    “Blue?” “Hey!” I looked at Silver. His hands reached into his red-lined pockets as he took out something shiny. “I found this while I was looking through Gio- I mean, Dad’s things,” he said, blushing. I reached out and took the glimmering chain from his hand. It was a silver necklace, polished and shimmering in the sunlight. Its chain was woven into a vine-like figure. And at the end of it, was a blue diamond. Perfectly angled and reflecting an azure light, it was magnificent. “Silver… thank you. It’s beautiful! Can you help me put it on?” I gave the necklace to him and felt his hands slightly tremble as he brought the two ends together on my neck.

    An abrupt cough came from behind us. “You really shouldn’t stop in the middle of a street.” We both turned to see Green, hands in his pockets and looking bored. He gazed at my face and then looked down at my neck. His eyes stayed there. “Ah, sorry Green. Common Blue, we should keep walking or else we’re going to fall behind.” Silver took my hands and started walking. As I walked, I could feel a piercing stare behind me. My heart skipped a beat.

    I laid down the picnic blanket while Yellow and Blaine were intently talking about Blaine’s new project and I was able to catch some words here and there. “With continuous results, we can…” “But Blaine if you…” Paying my attention back to the table settings, a shadow covered me from the sunlight. I squinted as I looked up to see Green’s face. “Make sure to do it right, we all know how clumsy you can be.” I scoffed, “Well if I’m so clumsy, why won’t you do it yourself!” I stood up and stomped towards the shore.
    __________________________________________________ ________________

    “Wait, Blue!” She ran off towards the ocean in an angry rage. –Sigh- I must have gone too far this time.

    “You really shouldn’t bug her too much,” Red sighed. On our way to Blue’s house, Red had been giving me advice. “And considering how much you like her…”
    I put my head down. How embarrassing, having your conflicted feelings summarized in one sentence. Ever since the Battle Frontier, we haven’t been exactly on speaking terms. “She can be really sneaky, you know. Don’t just tease her relentlessly. Blue also has a temper, so watch out!” Red advised.

    I look back to his advice and I knew I should have listened to him. I felt like a child pulling the pigtails of the girl he liked. And when Blue wrapped her arms around my waist, I couldn’t help but laugh. She seemed so scared; I guess she was still not used to flying with winged Pok&#233;mon. Her brave bravado is what attracted me to her. Although she could be filled with courage, she still had her little weaknesses that she tried to hide. It made me want to protect her.

    I went after her and saw a glimmering chain bounce off her neck. I knew that Silver and Blue were close and the bond between them could never be broken, but… I still hoped. I still wanted, I still wished. And when I saw Silver put the necklace on for Blue, I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy.

    “Blue! Hold up!” I jogged to lessen the gap between us. As she turned, I froze. A big Tentacruel shadowed over her. “What? Did you come here to apologize?” she asked, “Well tough luck!” She was ready to bombard me with more accusations when the Tentacruel lifted one big tentacle and prepared itself to grab onto Blue. “No!” I ran towards her and pushed her away and I felt myself being carried from my waist. Before the crushing made me fall into unconsciousness I saw Blue’s bright eyes filled with terror. And then, I blacked out.
    __________________________________________________ ________________

    I couldn’t believe Green had pushed me away from the tentacle and sacrificed himself. I stood there, shocked and amazed when I heard voices from behind. “Blue! Hurry! Before Green get’s hurt!” I snapped out of my confusion and grabbed a Pokeball from my waist, “Turtley!” Yellow, Red, Silver, and Blaine all released their Pok&#233;mon as well and besides my Blastoise was Red’s Pika, Yellow’s Chuchu, Silver's Sneasel, and Blaine’s Rapidash. “Turtley! Hydro Pump!” I yelled. The big shelled Pok&#233;mon readied its cannons and powerful jets of water came out from them. The jets of water knocked the Tentacruel down into the water, letting go of Green. I saw his body fall into the water and immediately, I ran towards the water.
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    Rivals or Lovers? (OldRivalShipping)
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    Pokemon: Green x Blue
    Vocaloids: Kagamine Rin x Kagamine Len

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    Wow, great story so far!! I would make a fic, but yours would kick mine's ***. Anyways, I really like how you switched point of view and went to Green's side. Also it's very gripping and actually quite realistic. Continue on!!

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    Default Rivals or Lovers? (Mainly OldRivalShipping, PG-13)

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yes, think whatever you want between other people cause it's probably true.

    Chapter 3

    I dived into the water and swam towards the lifeless body. He looked so peaceful and it scared me. I quickly grabbed his body and went upwards, taking a big breath as I reached the surface.

    Dragging his body towards shore, the others caught up to me. Blaine kneeled besides me, checking Green’s pulse.

    “He needs air, fast! Who knows CPR?” he asked. Red and Yellow both looked panicked and worried. Silver stood as still as a statue, his face emotionless.

    “I’ll do it.” I went closer to Green’s body and quickly put my lips on his. His lips were soft and salty because of the water. As I pushed air into his mouth, I could feel the tears coming. Eventually, I heard myself whispering his name, begging him to wake up. The others stood beside me, distressed and anxious. From the corner of my eye I could see Yellow and Red in an embrace.

    “Wake up, damn it!” I slapped him as hard as I can, all my anger and worry seeping into the hit. Green suddenly sat up and coughed out water, “Ow, what was that for?” he exclaimed. He glared at me with his deep, jade eyes.

    I pulled him in for a hug. “YOU *******! WHY DID YOU SACRIFICE YOURSELF! YOU COULD HAVE DIED!” I could hear myself sobbing as Green awkwardly patted my back. I suddenly pulled away, realizing what I was doing. My cheeks were enflamed and were undoubtedly scarlet.

    “Thank God! You okay Green?” Red wrapped a blanket around Green as Yellow put one around me. “I read the thoughts of the Tentacruel; apparently the loud noise was angering it. It thought that something had come to endanger its babies.” Yellow explained.

    “What were you two doing to scare a Tentacruel?” Silver asked a look of accusation on his face.

    “Nothing, it doesn’t matter.” As he said those words, Green glanced over at me, he looked tired and weary.

    “Well, we should go back to the food then, eh? Who’s hungry?” Blaine asked. Red’s stomach growled in response. He grinned sheepishly as Yellow giggled beside him.
    The other four walked towards the picnic blanket. As I started to follow them, I heard a cough.

    “Ah, Blue. Can I talk to you?”

    I turned and saw Green staring at me. I would never get used to those eyes. Deep and cold, they looked like green cesspools; never ending.

    “Uh, sure.” I said. I walked back to him, my head down.
    “You kissed me.” I looked up in shock; I didn’t think he would mention it! His fingers went up to his lips and he caressed them. Those soft, smooth lips…

    “It wasn’t a kiss!” I exclaimed, turning red once again.

    “You’re right. It wasn’t just A kiss. It was multiple.” He looked at me and smiled.
    “I was trying to save your life! If I didn’t ki-… if I didn’t…” I stammered, he was right; they were basically kisses.

    “Go on…” he whispered. His face was extremely close to mine. Curious eyes stared right at my embarrassed ones.

    What was he doing to me?! Usually I was the coy, sneaky one. No one was able to shut me up. But this whole day, I’ve been blushing like an idiot and stammering my sentences. It was humiliating.

    “Cat got your tongue? Ah, well let me remind you then.” He brought his face towards mine and held my face in his hand. His lips slowly met with mine. I couldn’t get out of the kiss even if I wanted to. But that was just it; I didn’t want to pull away.

    Instead of resisting, my hands went in his hair. His free hand grasped the small of my back and brought my body closer to his. Our lips molded into each others, they perfectly fit. It was totally different from the other “kisses”. This time, we were both fully aware and wanting.

    He finally pulled away and the monster inside me roared. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to continue and go even further.

    He put his forehead to mine and murmured, “I’ve paid my debt.”

    Green walked away, his hands in his pockets. I slowly followed him, staring at his broad back. I felt devastated. The whole time, I thought… I didn’t know what I thought, but whatever it was, it was real. But apparently, he was just making up for the fact I saved his life. What a fool I was.

    One week later

    “Its day like these that makes me wish time would stop.” I sighed. The sun felt so good on my skin. After spending the past week sulking in my room, it felt good to play in the sun.

    “I agree. If it wasn’t for Gold, I would be spending the day inside the lab like I have been for the past month” Crystal said.

    We were both sun tanning on the beach. Yellow was sleeping on a towel on the sand. What a cutie, I thought. I took my shades off and smiled. Gold, Silver, Red, and Emerald were playing football near the water. I giggled when Silver fell on his face. He was now shouting angrily at Gold, probably for making him fall. I beamed. He was so happy now. I was glad he could now live a normal life with his friends.

    “Well, would you look at that?” Crystal pointed to some rocks where two people were now kissing.

    Ruby and Sapphire pulled away from each other, I could see the red on her face although we were pretty far away. Ruby just smiled and put his arm around her. How cute.

    Crystal sighed, “Those two lovebirds…” From a corner of my eye, I thought I saw her glance at Gold. But it could have been my imagination.

    “Yeah…” I mindlessly looked over to the water to see what looked like a man walking on water. I squinted to only find Green on a surfboard.

    “Constantly isolating himself, eh?” Crystal chirped.

    “I think I’ll go join him” I said, “It’s about time I go into the water anyways.”
    __________________________________________________ ________________

    “Mind if I join?” a voice from nowhere startled me.

    I looked up to see Blue holding a surfboard. My eyes lingered on her body. Her black bikini complimented her every curve and brought out her bright, blue eyes.

    “It’s not like I could stop you.”

    She smirked, “How about a bet then? Who can stay on their board the longest? Loser pays for ice cream. But go easy on me okay? I’m not that good…”

    Without looking at her, I nodded. This would be interesting.
    Rivals or Lovers? (OldRivalShipping)
    Last updated: August 22, 2009
    Continued at:

    Pokemon: Green x Blue
    Vocaloids: Kagamine Rin x Kagamine Len

    Credit for the banner goes to me
    And the pictures I found on Photobucket

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