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    Woah, nearly forgot to put s few things.

    Slight Advanceshipping
    Slight Ikarishipping

    Rating: M (for laungue later on)



    Before there was chaos and war, two people lives were ruined by a failed experiment. Adding that they had forgotten who they really were or what they did best.

    Their lives were never the same again, even no matter how hard they tried to change it.

    But a young girl who was the same age as the two, somehow was able to enter the two’s lives, Changing their future completely.

    Without knowing it, it had finally come back to haunt them once more.

    The Legendary Guardians 2

    The return of the curse

    Just when they thought it was over it really had only begun

    Chapter one

    Her hair rustled though the leaves. She could only hear her heart heavy beating against her chest. Her legs were building more and more lactic acid the more she ran. She slightly turned her head back.

    She was far from the entrance. There was no turning back.

    She turned back and saw a bright light straight in front of her. She had to do it. It was in pain. As a pokemon trainer she wanted to help it. Her legs were really stressed out. When she reached the injured pokemon she tripped over near it. The pokemon moved its head and saw it was her. It was burned all over its small green body. She looked around herself and saw the forest. It was enraged with flames. It looked like the flames were just eating anything its path. The young girl got onto her knees and grabbed the pokemon and held it in her hands, cuddling near her chest, keeping it safe from any more harm.

    “Don’t worry. I will keep you safe now Celebi.” She muttered before falling into a deep sleep.

    Celebi was touched by the young girl’s words. Soon a burnt tree still burning with flames was about to fall on top of them. Celebi concentrated all of what he had left. Soon both the young girl and Celebi were covered in light and soon the bright white light covered the whole forest. When the light dimmer. The burnt log fell to the ground without crashing into the young girl and Celebi since they disappeared without a trace.


    Meanwhile in a small town with the name of Pallet town stood two trainers. Both went through a hard time in the last year. Were they found out that they were used in a experiment who failed and when they lost their memory and who they were truly was as a person. Both were in the backyard staring at each other while their pokemon Pikachu and Glaceon were watching them from the veranda.

    “Ready May?” Ash asked from the other side of the field.

    “Yeah let’s go.” May replied.

    Soon light covered both of their bodies. Both Pikachu and Glaceon covered their eyes so the light won’t blind them. When the pokemon both opened their eyes once more they saw pokemon in front of them. Both pokemon didn’t know who was who with a confused reaction on their faces. The two pokemon they were looking at were Jolteon and Espeon. The Jolteon made the first strike by running up close to Espeon charging power for the attack but Espeon just jumped into mid air and released a shadow ball attack downwards. Jolteon looked up and quickly move backwards to dodge the ghost type attack.

    Espeon fell on the floor but landed on four feet without taking any damage. Jolteon was staring at Espeon and Espeon was doing the same. Both didn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. Then a huge bright light covered the middle of the fear. All the pokemon were surprised. They didn’t know what was happening. When the light subsided they all saw a young girl unconscious in the middle of the field.

    Jolteon and Espeon turned back into human. Even Pikachu and Glaceon came up and ran to see what was happening.

    “She looks like she’s hurt.” May said as she touched the young girl’s forehead and feeling heat on her head. “And she has a fever too.” May added.

    “Let’s put her inside and let mom look after her. When she wakes up we can ask where she came from.” Ash replied.

    “Good idea.” May replied to her boyfriend.

    Ash knelt down and carried the young girl in his arms and took her inside the house with May and their pokemon tagging along.

    End of chapter


    To understand this fic i suggest you guys read the first on here is the link

    The Lengendary Guardians

    Sorry for the short chapter. i will try to make the next one a little more longer. ^^
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    Chapter two


    Her eyes started to flicker. Soon when her eyes opened slowly she saw she was inside a building. She felt an object on her forehead. She slowly lifted her arm and touched the object and found it soft and squishy. She grabbed the object and brought it to her face and found it was a hot water bottle. She felt the object she was laying on. She could tell she was laying down on a sofa.

    “What am I doing here?” She asked herself. “And where am I?”

    “Your here in Pallet town.” Ash replied as he entered the room. “Now can you explain how you go here?”

    “I only remember saving Celebi before fainting in front of him. Next thing I know I wake up here.”

    “So your a pokemon ranger then?” Ash asked.

    “No, I’m just a normal pokemon trainer like my dad.” The young girl replied as she sat up making room for Ash to sit next to her.

    “Anyway what is your name?” Ash asked as he took a seat next to the young girl.

    “Ashlyn.” Ashlyn replied with a smile.

    Ashlyn was the same age as Ash and May. She had thick black hair with back piggy tails with two yellow ribbons to hold them in place. She had a white jacket with a red quarter pokeball in her right corner of her jacket. She also had a sleeveless black dress with a red quarter pokeball as well but it was on the left side of her dress. She also has white socks with polished black shoes. She had chocolate coloured eyes with “z” under her eyes.

    “Well Ashlyn it’s nice to meet you but shouldn’t you go home?” Ash asked.

    “I would if I remembered.” Ashlyn sighed.

    “You don’t remember?” Ash replied in shock.

    “Well I do remember one thing but I need that girl from before here.”

    “You mean May?” Ash asked in confusion. “Okay then. I will get her.” Ash said as he got off the couch and went looking for May.

    Soon Ash had returned with May right behind him. Both stood in front of Ashlyn. Ashlyn was playing with her finger and looked nervous. She looked up at Ash and May who looked confused to why Ashlyn had called Ash’s girlfriend.

    “I come from the future.” Ashlyn started.

    “What?!” Ash and May said at the same time. “But how?”

    “I remember saving Celebi in a forest that was covered in flames. Next thing I know I end up here.” Ashlyn explained further.

    “Do you remember why you came here?” Ash asked.

    “I remember my town in the future was in war and chaos. There were people turning into pokemon and fighting each other. Blood was painted all over the walls. And there were dead crops lying on the ground and...” Ashlyn said as tears started to run down her face. “My parents died that night protecting me.” Ashlyn cried.

    May and Ash had a sad expression on both their faces. May walked closer to Ashlyn and hugged her. Ashlyn stopped crying and blushed to May was hugging her. Soon May broke the hug and knelt in front of her.

    “Don’t cry Ashlyn.” May said as she patted her head softly. “We are here for you.”

    “Thanks May.” Ashlyn replied.

    May got up and looked over her shoulder and saw Ash looking out the window with his arms crossed with a serious reaction on his face. Something May didn’t see him since the time they fought Giovanni.

    “I thought we killed him last time.” Ash said.

    May walked over to Ash and embraced Ash by behind with her hands on his chest.

    “That what i thought as well.” May replied softly.

    “I’m not letting Ashlyn’s future ruined by that ******* Giovanni.” Ash replied.

    “But where could he be?” May asked as she broke the embrace and walked in front of Ash.

    “That won’t be hard May, remember we are the legendary Guardians.” Ash replied sounding confident.

    Ashlyn stood quiet as she let the two talk. She didn’t want to interrupt unless she had something good to say. Sadly she couldn’t since she forgotten where she came from.

    “The Legendary Guardians?” Ashlyn asked herself. “But I thought they were only a myth?” “Can i ask something?” Ashlyn asked as she snapped herself out of her thinking zone.

    “What is it Ashlyn?” May asked.

    “My parent were also Legendary Guardians as well. Could you be...” Ashlyn said as she thought for awhile. “Could you be my parents?”

    End of chapter

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    oooh I was wondering wut happened to this fic. well I guess I finally got an answer. Lol anyway I also see you revamped/ changed it, I like the change.
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    I'm glad you still remembered Demonaruto this fic. xD. i rewrote this since the orignial didn't sound right.

    Anyway here is chapter three. sorry guys if i keep making these chapters short.


    Chapter three


    “Wait.” Ashlyn said before letting Ash and May speak. “It can’t be. Everybody in my time could turn into pokemon.” Ashlyn said. “Sorry about that.” Ashlyn smiled.

    “Umm no problem?” Ash replied in confusion. “So your a pokemon trainer right?” Ash said trying to change the topic.

    “Yeah I am.” Ashlyn replied.

    “What kind of pokemon do you have?” May asked as she entered the conversation.

    “Maybe if we go outside i can show you guys.” Ashlyn smiled.


    “Time to come out guys!” Ashlyn called out as she threw her pokeballs into the air. The pokeballs opened and white energy burst out and hit the ground forming the shape of Ashlyn’s pokemon.

    The first pokemon out of the six was Typhlosion. It had flames surrounding its neck. The front of Typhlosion had a cream colour while on its back all the way to its tail had a dark green colour. Next came out was Scyther. It had razor sharp blades that shined when focused onto the sun’s light. It had wings on the back but wasn’t strong enough for it to fly. Scyther was covered in a green colour from head to toe with a slight yellow colour on its belly. Next on the list was Ashlyn’s Salamence. When the dragon type pokemon was released from its pokeball it sends out a powerful intimidating roar. It had huge ruby wings with a blue body as its base colour. It also had a ruby colour neck which was only found at the front of its neck and under his long tail.

    The fourth pokemon was the gleam eyes pokemon Luxray. It had a huge black main. At the end of its tail had a shape of a star but with only four points at each end. Luxray had a few parts of its body with a splash of blue and yellow. Next into line was the sun pokemon Espeon. Its whole body was covered in pink and had a ruby gem on its fore head. Its tail was pink and had a ‘V’ looking shape at the end of its tail. Last was an electric pokemon Pichu. It was Ashlyn’s smallest pokemon from the group. It had a small black at the end with pink cheeks. Its ears was yellow but at the edges was splashed with black. It also had a black ‘collar’ around its neck. The tiny mouse pokemon also has a little hair sticking out as its fringe.

    “Wow that Pichu looks really cute.” May said as she went to cuddle Pichu.

    “Wait May...” Ashlyn said but was stopped when Pichu used a thunderbolt attack right at May burning her and turning her skin to black. “About that, Pichu has a problem trusting other people and pokemon. He used to do that to me a few times as well.”

    “Pikachu and I used to have the problem too when I first started out.” Ash laughed. “Right buddy?”

    “Pika.” Pikachu nodded.

    “Anyway...” May stated as she dusted herself. “Do you know where you live or what relatives your parent had?”

    “I don’t remember.” Ashlyn replied disappointedly. “I wish i could remember but after saving Celebi i really did forget.”

    “Well why don’t you come with us?” Ash asked. “I mean you can help us stop Giovanni.”

    “We are stopping Giovanni?!” May said in shock since she didn’t know that she was stopping Giovanni with Ash.

    “Why not May?” Ash said as he turned his attention toward May. “If we don’t stop Giovanni people will be used as experiments and their lives will be ruined forever. Just like ours.” Ash explained.

    “Okay then I will.” Ashlyn replied. “I want to save my parents from dying.”

    “Well we are leaving early tomorrow.” Ash stated. “Ashlyn?” Ash asked as he looked her way.

    “What is it Ash?” the young pokemon trainer asked.

    “Prepare yourself for one adventure you won’t forget.”

    End of chapter

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    Wooo! Your a quick updater lol. Anyway I like where this fic is going. Keep up the good work
    Because your fail rating exceeded the fifth level of coffee grounds, it was forced to reach the second stage of Stapler, as well as passing the fourth pencil extremity. Therefore, due to the eight squared law of the Bobby Philips Continuum, Version 11.5, the rating of epicness was reset, causing your fail rating to only reach the 65.243pi percent level, despite being extremely epic to begin with

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    Chapter four
    Starting point

    “Man,” Ashlyn sighed. “I hope I raised my pokemon strong enough.”
    “By the way you showed Ash and I, I think you raised them more than enough.” May replied as she zipped up her yellow back pack.
    “You guys ready?” Ash asked as pushed the door slightly forward which made a squeaking sound
    “Yeah we are all ready.” May replied as she threw her bag over her shoulders.
    “Wait.” Ashlyn called out to the two. “How are you guys going to find Giovanni and if you do how will you get there?”
    “Easy.” Ash replied. “We just find his smell and we can find him.”
    “But Ash,” May interfered. “I haven’t been able to pick up Giovanni’s smell for some time.”
    “Great.” Ash sighed. “Well we could go to his old base and start there.”
    “No use either, after the fight the police cleaned the whole place up.” May added.
    “Your not really helping May with all the negative information your giving us May.” Ashlyn replied.

    As the three sighed and started to think where to find Giovanni Pikachu entered the room holding an newspaper in his mouth. Pikachu walked up to his trainer and tugged his pants. Ash looked down and saw Pikachu tugging his pants to gain his attention.

    “What is it buddy?” Ash asked.

    Pikachu stop tugging Ash’s pants and took the newspaper out of his mouth and held it in his paws and showed the article on the front page. “Pika pi.” Pikachu added. Ash took the newspaper out of Pikachu’s paws and read it. Ashlyn and May crowed around Ash.

    Fire in Eterna Forest

    Last night, Eterna forest was covered in flames which stood out from mile away. People say it was the hugest forest fire they have seen for a long time. Pokemon rangers tried their best but somehow the fire kept coming back, like the water pokemon water attacks had no effect on the fire.

    The Eterna city pokemon centre hasn’t seen a forest fire that huge before and now is jam-packed with injured pokemon.

    Police Jenny has told us that if anybody saw the criminals that started the fire are to contact the police

    “Looks like we somewhere to start.” Ashlyn said. “Where is Eterna city anyway?” She asked.
    “In Sinnoh.” Ash replied as he threw the newspaper over his shoulder without care.
    “Is that the region I went to visit you when I went to compete in the Wallace Cup?” May asked.
    “Yep.” Ash replied. “Hey why don’t we visit Dawn at Twinleaf town? I mean we first have to past Twinleaf town before getting to Eterna city.” Ash explained.
    “Dawn?” Ashlyn asked puzzled.”Who’s Dawn?” Ashlyn repeated in the same manner.
    “We will fill you in as we go along the way Ashlyn.” May giggled.
    “We better go then.” Ash reminded the two. “If we don’t go now we will be flying at night.”

    The group walked out of the room and walked to the door and was about to start on their adventure until Ash’s mother saw them and stopped them in their tracks. Delia was holding a dish which she was drying using a towel in her other hand. She had a lime coloured apron wrapped around her waist.

    “Where are you all going?” She asked.
    “Going to stop Giovanni.” Ash replied as he opened the door then pushed the door his way, ready to walk right through it.
    “Hold it right there young man.” Delia called out in a lecturing manner. “You’re not going to die again like last time.”
    “Never happened mom. I was still alive just brainwashed by that b*****d Giovanni.” Ash replied as he let Ashlyn and May out first.
    “And don’t you use that langue in this house Ash Ketchum!” Delia called out with a higher tone of voice.
    “Mom.” Ash replied with his back facing his mother. “If I don’t do this more lives will be ruined. That’s something nobody should go though just because of somebody’s own desires.” Ash replied as he walked out the down, closing the door slowly behind him.

    Delia just stood there as the words of her only child echo in her ears. “If I don’t do this more lives will be ruined. That’s something nobody should go though just because of somebody’s own desires.”

    Then suddenly the plate in her hands slipped out of her grasp and came crashing to the floor, spreading tiny pieces scattered across the wooden floor. Delia snapped into reality and looked at her feet and saw the plate now smashed into tiny fragments. Delia quickly looked up at the door where her son walked out with his girlfriend and new friend.

    Her expression became a worried one. Her heart raced. She felt it colliding against her chest. Her mouth opened slightly as she slowly lifted her hand to cover her shocked expression.

    It was happening again. It was returning to haunt her once again.

    “No.” She muttered. “Not again. Don’t let it happen again.”

    End of chapter.
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    Sorry for theshort chapter. i swear i will make it longer in the battle. pla forgive me for the short chapter.


    Chapter five


    “Just when I had a pick up on his aura it disappears.” Ash complained and he folded his arms.

    “You weren’t the only one you know.” May added.

    “Guys.” Ashlyn interrupted. “I think us fighting up here high above the sky isn’t a good idea.”

    “Man finding Giovanni is harder then I thought.” Ash sighed.


    Sounds of footsteps were filling up the dark dull hallway. Not much light filled the building. The place had many cracked walls and broken overhead lights. The floor was covered with dust and dirt and nearly every corner of the walls had cobwebs hanging. Soon the sounds of the footsteps stopped. Soon a light squeak sound was made when a wooden door was slowly push forward making the door open. Little light spread into the room and showed two young people standing at the door. A man who was taller than most men swinged his chair around with a Persian by his side.

    “You called?” called out one. He seemed to have a sound of a young teenage boy in his voice.

    “I’m still tried boss.” Complained the other who had a voice of a young teenage girl. “It’s like three in the morning.”

    “Stop your whingeing!” The boss replied in anger and he slammed his hands onto the table as he got up and faced the two. “I need you to pay a little visit for me.”

    “Why can’t you do it yourself old man?” the young teenage boy replied with a yawn.

    “Stop saying things that don’t need to be said boy!” the older man replied. “Don’t make a bad start of my day. Come over closer and I will tell you your new assignment.”


    “I think we should have a break now.” May replied as she was ready to float down toward the ground.

    “I think we won’t have time for that.” Ash replied in a serious manner.

    “What do you mean Ash?” Ashlyn asked.

    “I know you can’t feel it Ashlyn but can you feel it May?” Ash asked.

    “I can feel it alright.” May nodded.

    “It’s that time again.” Ash said. “That time where we fight like there’s no tomorrow.”

    Ash and May started to glow bright and soon the light dimmered. All changed in different clothes and both were holding weapons in their hands. May was holding a diamond bow and arrows. May had the power to control light itself. Her diamond arrows would shine bright in the sun’s ray blinding her opponent giving May a second chance to attack. Ash’s dark power could make the opponent freeze in fear giving him time to land another blow.

    Ash had a dark rich black leather coat that reached to his feet. Ash was completely covered in black to camouflage in his dark attacks. Ash had a huge sword with a blade with blood dripping down the sharp end of the blade. May had a sleeveless white top with a black line in the middle. She had white silk ribbons tied in her thick brunette hair. May had a short mini skirt with crystal high heels. She was all white to also camouflage in her light type attacks.

    “Whoa.” Ashlyn jaw dropped. “The Legendary guardians are right in front of me. This is so cool!” Ashlyn squeaked.

    “Quiet Ashlyn.” Ash whispered. “Their coming.”

    End of chapter

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    GIOVANNI! Dun dun duuuuuuuuun!!!!!! Lol anyway I like re-written version. Keep it up ^^
    Because your fail rating exceeded the fifth level of coffee grounds, it was forced to reach the second stage of Stapler, as well as passing the fourth pencil extremity. Therefore, due to the eight squared law of the Bobby Philips Continuum, Version 11.5, the rating of epicness was reset, causing your fail rating to only reach the 65.243pi percent level, despite being extremely epic to begin with

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeM0NaRUt0 View Post
    GIOVANNI! Dun dun duuuuuuuuun!!!!!! Lol anyway I like re-written version. Keep it up ^^
    Im glad you like it. it isn't easy rewritting a fanfic. here's chapter six.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Chapter six


    “Who’s coming?” Ashlyn asked.

    “Hide now Ashlyn.” May replied as she got her bow out and put a diamond arrow into her bow and shot the arrow ahead of them.

    The arrow flew into the mountains. Soon they saw something bright returning their way. Then Ash and May’s eyes widen and quickly dodge May’s diamond arrow she just shot a few minutes ago. Even Ashlyn dodge it just in time.

    “” May said in shock.

    “Looks like we got some competition.” Ash replied confident.

    “Ashlyn.” May said as she looked over her shoulders. Go and hide until Ash and I find out what’s happening right now.”

    “Sure.” Ashlyn nodded and flew down towards the ground and looked for a place to hide.

    When Ashlyn was out of Ash and May’s sight they both got ready for what they were going against.

    “Where the hell are you?!” Ash yelled. “Show yourself now!”

    “If you incite.” A young male voice as he became visible right in front of Ash and May.

    The young male had a brown hood covering his face and body. The only thing that was exposing was his two swords in both of his hands. Small sparks of electricity was following throughout the blades. He wasn’t standing on anything at all. He was floating on air just like Ash and May.

    “You are the legendary guardians correct?” He asked.

    “Well who else would we be? Dead ghosts flying in the sky?” May replied sarcastically

    “Well you will be after today.” The young man replied as he lifted his blades.

    “You just don’t get it?” Ash replied. “Your messing with the legendary guardians here. We don’t get easily beaten.” Ash replied as he got his blade out.

    “Let’s see Ash.” The young man replied.

    “How do you know my name!?” Ash asked surprised

    “We go a long back Ash. It’s a shame you have already forgotten me.” He replied as his strike Ash with one of his blades but Ash blocked with his. “Impressive.” He added. “But not good enough.” The young man replied as his strike Ash with his other blade.

    “Ash!” May called out but was stopped when she felt a new aura from the ground, from the forest where she told Ashlyn to hide. “This isn’t good.”


    “Thanks Salamence.” Ashlyn told her dragon pokemon. “Time for you to rest.” Ashlyn said as she got out her pokeball and returned Salamence back into his pokeball.

    Suddenly Ashlyn heard a rustle in the bushes behind her. Ashlyn quickly looked behind her and saw a young teenage person behind. This person also had a brown hood to cover her compete body. The only thing that Ashlyn could see clearly was a whip in her right hand. Cold icy smokes seem to be coming out of the whip.

    “He wants me to catch you?” She asked Ashlyn. “You’re not even worth it. Might as well kill you here, right now.” Ashlyn was now panicking. She could tell be the young voice that this was a girl. A girl ready to kill her. She crack her whip a few times to frighten Ashlyn even more. She slowly walked up to Ashlyn while cracking her whip. She pinched Ashlyn at her cheek. “Too bad, you were such a cute girl.” She said as she did another crack but this time she was ready to attack Ashlyn.

    “Holy!” A young voice called from behind.

    Seven diamond arrows were shot from May’s diamond bow and all hit the young girl from behind. This gave Ashlyn a chance to escape even further into the forest. The mysterious young girl looked back and saw May floating in mid air with another arrow already loaded, ready for another attack.

    “Hands off her.” May demanded. “Or else.”

    “Or what else b***h?” the young girl replied. Tempting May to hit her again. “I can’t believe you even don’t remember a friend like me.” She added.

    “I don’t have a friend that it about to kill a young teenage girl which is the same age as you and me.” May replied. “Now die.” May added as she shot her diamond arrow right at the mysterious girl but the girl reflected the attack with her whip.

    “She isn’t a normal person. Nobody could reflect a shot like that at that speed.” May thought. “Who are you really?!” May yelled.

    “Disappointing May.” The young teenage girl replied with a shake from her head. “After what we have been though this is how you treat me?”

    “Keep talking like that and you might say something smart.” May insulted.

    “That’s it.” The young girl replied. “Your going down!” She yelled as she stretched her whip right at May but May dodge the attack by using double team.

    “You have to do better than that to land a hit on me.” May replied. “You don’t know who your messing with girl.”

    “Same here.” She replied as she jumped into mid air ready to fight with May.


    “S**t.” Ash said as he felt blood dripping from his left shoulder.

    “What’s the matter?” the young boy replied. “Did I hurt you?” He teased.

    “Shut up.” Ash replied. “We are just getting started. Heart’s darkness!” Ash yelled as his blade started to glow black and so did he. Soon black aura covered his whole body. Ash pointed his blade right at his opponent and soon black beams hit the boy and make him fly backwards far enough for Ash to gain more strength. When the attack was over the young boy felt his left shoulder and felt blood dripping.

    “Now we are even.”

    End of chapter

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    Sorry for the long delay. school is coming back up. anyway enjoy.

    Chapter seven

    “Stop dodging b***h!” the mysterious woman called out to May as May dodge all of her whip attacks.
    “Is this all you got?” May asked, tempting her opponent again. “Cause I think it’s my turn to play.” May replied as she stopped the whip attack with her left arm. Soon blood start dripping down her arm but May didn’t seem to notice. The girl eyes widen in shock.
    “But how?!” She asked herself. “she blocked my attack without even looking!”
    “Like I told you before, you don’t know who you’re messing with.” May added.
    “Just die!” the young girl replied as she was about to land another attack but May jumped backwards and loaded a diamond into her bow and shot it. “Heaven’s punishment!” May yelled.

    May’s arrow shot right into the young girl’s direction. Soon the arrow started to glow bright that it made the young girl close her eyes. Soon she felt a stinging pain across her back. She fell right onto the floor with a pool of blood surrounding her. She slowly opened her eyes and saw May behind her with a sword in her hands. The blade had blood dripping down and crashing onto the grassy patch of grass.

    “Never mess with me again or with Ash.” May said as she turned her back. Soon she felt something tight wrapped around her waist. May looked over her shoulder and found it was the girl she hit with her blade, her blade that only appeared when she had used Heaven’s punishment. May could see the blood dripping down her legs and stains on her hands. Her brown hood had patches of blood. She lifted her hand and pulled down the hood. May’s eyes widen in shock.
    “Now do you remember me May?”


    “Come and fight like a man!” the young unknown boy replied. “Is this how legendary guardians act?!”
    “I didn’t want to do this but I have no choice.” Ash replied as he drew he blade out and stopped the two blades hitting his face. “Anyway you want to see what I can do? Well I’ll show you, Banishing blade!”

    Soon Ash’s blade started to glow black and symbols in dark ruby glowed onto the blade. Ash swinged his blade and landed a hit on his enemy. Making his opponent crash onto the ground as ash was still floating on the air as she watch his opponent crash into the trees below him.

    “What an idiot.” Ash added and sighed in relief. “Who did he think he could mess with me?” Ash said as he slowly send him towards the ground. When his two feet touched the earth again he saw May covered in blood. She walked up towards Ash and collapsed in his arms.

    “ me Ash. They are harder...then they....look.” May said before fainting in his arms.
    “What did you do to her?!” Ash yelled as he saw a black figure coming out of the trees’ shadows holding a whip in her hands.
    “I just did what I was told.” She replied as her long hair danced with the wind.
    “You weren’t told to do that you know.” Another voiced called above her. Soon a black figure jumped down in front of her. The figure was holding two swords in his hands. “We were told to get her.”
    “Can’t I have some fun?” the young girl complained.
    “Not this time troublesome.” The young man replied as he pulled down his hood.

    Meanwhile Ashlyn was peeking behind an oak tree. She wasn’t far from the scene where Ash and the others were. She felt her fingers trembling in fear. All she could do was watch as Ash was getting beaten up protecting May while the two was just hitting him with attacks he couldn’t longer hold on. Soon Ash and May were going to die. Ashlyn didn’t want that to happen. Ashlyn pulled one leg forward and took another step away from the oak tree. The young girl looked over her shoulder and saw Ashlyn right behind her ready to fall over in fear.

    Ashlyn felt like the time she was running into the forest. The part where her heart beat so hard it could rip out of her chest. She wanted to run like she did before. Ashlyn took a step backwards.

    She wanted to run but when she saw Ash getting beaten up protect May and her wasn’t right. He didn’t even know her very well and he was taking all the hits for her. The young girl turned around and walked towards Ashlyn. By now Ash took one more hit before before getting blow away to collide into a boulder. May was near the boulder but was too weak to help. The young girl put her hand under Ashlyn’s chin when she got up and close with Ashlyn.

    “Aren’t you cute?” she complimented. “You look like those weak legendary guardians over there.”
    “They’re not weak!” Ashlyn suddenly yelled. “They can beat you any day!”
    “Fat chance girl.” She replied. “Look at them.” She pointed. “They are already half dead.”
    “They are not dead!” Ashlyn yelled. “If... they went even more powerful you wouldn’t be standing her alive old hag!” Ashlyn yelled. Ashlyn could feel her blood boil inside of her. She could also feel heat build around her.
    “I’m not old!” the young girl replied. “And you will pay for saying that to me!”
    “Of no you won’t.” Ashlyn replied. “I will be the first one will to payback.” Ashlyn said as small sparks started to show around Ashlyn. Soon more and more sparks builded up and soon a huge flame burst around Ashlyn. The young girl move backwards slowly and even got her partners attention.
    “You just don’t know how not to stay away from trouble do you Hikari?” the young man said as she join side by side to Hikari.
    “Well sorry Shinji.” Hikari replied. “I wasn’t the one killing a dead man.”
    “Shut up hag, like I said before Ash and May are not dead.” Ashlyn replied as she yelled in anger and soon flames covered her up.
    “Now you done it.” Shinji added.

    Ash and May eyes flickered and saw Hikari and Shinji looked at a huge ball of flame. Soon two fireballs came out of the huge flame and hit both Hikari and Shinji and made them both hit into trees. When the flames calm down both Ash and May saw Ashlyn holding two pistols in her hands. Both marked with black and red thunderbolts. The guns had red and black merged together. Smoke was coming out of the rear end of the gun. Ashlyn was wearing a red leather singlet and also wearing dark blue jeans with black runners. Flames were still surrounding her; they showed what Ashlyn was feeling.

    “Time to pay my debts to both of you, Inferno!” Ashlyn yelled as she shot two bullets into the ground and made a fire sphere surround her and started to spread across the ground doing damage to everyone around her. Both Shinji and Hikari caught into the blaze. When the attack was over Ashlyn was back to her normal self and was fainted onto the grass. Hikari and Shinji were bleeding badly.
    “We need to go Hikari.” Shinji told the young bluenette as he was holding the huge wound across his chest. But Hikari couldn’t reply since she was already fainted on the floor. Blood was starting to be seen around her. Shinji concentrated and soon he and Hikari disappeared leaving the three all hurt and weak.


    “Wake up Ashlyn!”
    “Oi, wake up sleepy head.”
    “You okay?”
    “Who’s calling me?”
    “Many people Ashlyn. Open your eyes and you will see.”

    Ashlyn opened her eyes slowly and saw Tracey, Professor Oak, Max and Delia around her. All were glad to see Ashlyn awake. Ashlyn soon realised what happened and tried sat up and looked around for Ash and May. Soon Ashlyn felt pain strike her back which made her lay down on her bed.

    “If you are wondering where Ash and May are they are in another room. Both are healing well.” Professor answered. “But their wounds are deep.”
    “What happened?” Ashlyn asked.
    “Well.” Max paused and soon replied. “Tracey was near were you and Ash and May were found. He called Professor Oak and Delia to help you and the rest to get here.” Max explained.
    “The whole forest was on fire. Delia added. “And I haven’t seen a person hurt so badly.”
    “This.” Ashlyn paused and sadly sighed. “Was my entire fault. They were after me.”
    “People were after you?” Delia asked in a concern manner.
    “I heard them that they weren’t there to fight. They were looking for a girl they were supposed to capture. I’m pretty sure that’s me.” Ashlyn replied.
    “But how did the forest get on fire?” Tracey asked.
    “I think I did that.” Ashlyn replied as she closed her eyes. Soon she opened her eyes and replied. “I remember my blood boiling and I felt anger build in me. Before I knew it I was in different clothes and holding two pistols with flames covering my body. After that I went black.”
    “Interesting.” Professor Oak replied.
    “What do you mean Professor?” Tracey asked.
    “I can’t really explain it. I need further research into it.” Professor replied.
    “Until then you and the rest should get some rest.” Delia added as she tucked Ashlyn in. “Get some rest. I won’t be surprised if I see you out of this bed in a few days.” Delia said as she lead the boys out of the room leaving Ashlyn all alone.

    When she was all alone she lifted her left hand up and looked at it. “I swear I was on fire and holding guns. Where did they go?” Ashlyn asked herself as she looked outside the window. “Who am I really?”

    End of chapter.

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