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Thread: Octillery The Outcast! (217)

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    This was an amazing episode! I can't believe some of the people above who hated it so much. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it!

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    It's nice too see Ash and Misty win the Preliminary rounds of the Whirl Cup Tournament, it'd be great to see the second round too ...... but instead this episode was focused on Octillery and Remoraid. I didn't care about them anyway.
    I'm glad Misty defeated Hichiro, it'd be disappointing if she lost.
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    I have to say, Octillery has a weird, yet adorable, voice. Well, at least at this point in the show. Not sure about future episodes it's in (that I remember seeing with it in it).

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    I was glad that Ash and Misty finally got to register for the Whirl Cup tournament here, and seeing Misty battle Marcellus's Remoraid to help it evolve was great; at least she was proactive again. Seeing Octillery being snubbed by those Remoraid made my blood boil tbh, and seeing Ash in his Octillery costume was strange and hilarious.

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