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Thread: Hatching A Plan! (232)

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    Team Rocket annoyed me in this episode, but it was saddening when Phanpy was scared of Ash. But, Ash should have known that it was playing with him at first. He needs to stop losing his temper so fast.

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    Amazing episode! This is why I love the Animé!

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    In this episode, Ash's egg finally hatched into a Phanpy! Phanpy was a little scared of Ash and Pikachu at first, but I liked how it became friends with them later in the episode. It's cool when Ash rescued Pikachu and Phanpy when they're heading towards the waterfall. It's cool when Phanpy used Rollout and knocked out Team Rocket's Pokémon.

    Overall this was a good episode, I'm glad Ash finally got a Ground-type Pokémon. It's a nice addition to his team.
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    Gomazou was cute and I think it will be a powerful partner of Satoshi. One thing that does not make sense is Gomazou took damage from Pikachu's Juuman Boruto/ Thunderbolt since it is a ground type which is immune to electric attacks. This episode was all right but not fantastic in my opinion.

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