Thank you for agreeing with me, shadowdeoxys. ^^

And yeah, I can understand why you hate this episode.

The only thing I didn't like is that they didn't focus on the fact that Ash got turned into a Pikachu. If that had been the focus of this episode, it would've made me like it even more. XD

However, instead the writers made the episode focus on Lily, the Pokemon Reading Spell, and Pokemon Magic (in general).

Of course, the very fact that they left all those questions unanswered leaves me to believe that maybe the writers will either:

A) Have an episode where Lily returns

B) Have another episode that's all about Pokemon Magic (Lily doesn't reappear though)

C) Just leave the questions unanswered, and hope that the fans figure it out for themselves (I really hope they don't do this - Pokemon Magic and everything is such an amazing topic, I think it deserves to have another episode)