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Thread: Looking For A Pokemon Battle Revolution Battle.

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    Default Looking For A Pokemon Battle Revolution Battle.

    Hi guys, it's me again looking for a PBR Battle. If any of you have Pokemon Battle Revolutionm and want to battle me.Just give me a shout, here ae the rules.

    No Ubers
    Species Clause
    No hacks
    No hax items
    6 vs 6 Single or Double
    Don't disconnect when you are losing the match and have fun!

    Friend Code: 5369 8926 3814

    Pokémon X 3DS Friend Code: 4167 - 4477 - 3810
    Pokémon Y 3DS Friend Code: 2079 - 6430 - 3146

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    Outside your window O_O


    Try over here.


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